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#Empire Season 3 Episode 3 Recap and Review

With another episode in on the hit Lyon Drama, Empire, I can't help but feel like the show is slowly winding up to something big... but nonetheless, WOW.

Anika's storming in on Lucious as he watched his poles creep up for Empire Stream.

Anika's storming in on Lucious as he watched his poles creep up for Empire Stream.


The third episode of the season opened up with Anika knocking on Lucious' home office door. When he tells her it's open, she comes in. Lucious is watching as his Empire Stream poles begin to rise. He needs to get to 10,000,000. But suddenly, he starts to act weird and she panics, asking if he needs an ambulance. He puts a finger up before a female head pops up! (Damn, Lucious). He tells the woman that just joined their meeting to say hello to her old employer and says she was just looking for her earring. Yeah. Then, Anika storms out. 

Shorty after that, Andre was seen leaving the police precinct. He was on the phone with Cookie (I'm guessing) when we see a flash and his name being called. Reporters. Momentarily, he freezes but his Lawyer tells him to be cool. As they walk by, one stops him. He was doing well until Rhonda appeared... He froze.

When Andre meets up with Cookie and Lucious, he tells them briefly what happened. Cookie wants to fight the "dirty white cop" that hit Andre. She wants to fight them "Fire with Fire" but he isn't up for that. He storms out then Lucious tells Cookie, "That boy's headed for a world of trouble." 


At Tiana's debut to Empire Stream, Tariq was seen scoping out the building. He had a partner and the partner wants to know what's up because the case against Lucious had been dropped. He tells him that if he knows Lucious the way he does, he'll be able to build a new case against him by the information already known. As Tiana performed, her new boyfriend (I did not catch his name) came on stage. He bashed Hakeem, groped Tiana and they finished off their performance with a kiss. Hakeem was pissed. When he met up with Jamal, he laid out his feelings. Jamal basically told him to suck it up. Lucious walked in and told him that if he wants to get his message out in the clear, let the world hear it. 


Cookie met up with Jamal to surprise him. She managed to set up a performance with big time recording artist, Kitty (Mariah Carrie). He agrees before he knew the full hook but when Cookie explained what it was, he was on the wire. So he pulled her aside and made a deal with her. Later when they met up with Lucious, he tells them both that as long as his Black and White album isn't released, he will do a live stream on Empire Stream with Kitty which would bring in a ton on subscriptions. Lucious agrees it's a great idea and they decide to do that. 


After a rather intense moment between Shine and his sister, Nessa in the booth with Hakeem, he goes and pays his father a visit to inform him of Shine's recent activity. Lucious tells him not to concern himself over his mistake. Lucious asked Hakeem "Where's that monster, that beast of a man?" Hakeem tells his dad "He ain't been gone, just had some bitch tendencies." Then Lucious tells him that's the man he wants to see raise Bella. 


At Andre's preliminary hearing, Jamal and Hakeem show up to support their brother. Because they figured that after the hearing, they were going to taking his "jail bird ass" out to lunch. As Andre and his lawyer had been called for their case, he pleaded not guilty... But that was before the other charges. Criminal battery, felony assault and assault against a cop...

After the hearing, Jamal, Andre and Hakeem met up with they lawyer to discuss said charges. He said that he could get Andre off with a plea deal but Andre is against it. He isn't going to admit to something he did not do. Then, Lucious rolled up. His vehicle of choice was a blacked out limousine bus. The boys got in. He took them to their old neighborhood where he and Cookie started their music. He told them that taking them away from that environment was the worst decision he ever made. After a long, cruel lecture directed to all three of them individually, Andre demanded to be let loose of the van and Jamal followed suit. Lucious asked Hakeem if he was going to follow and he declined, taking a drink and following dad's lead. 


While in the studio with Hakeem, Lucious received a phone call from Leah. He rushed home to find his wife in his home office where she was watching the pole numbers rise to 10,000,000... So we thought. Just as the numbers reached, she shoved away from the desk and a man's head popped up. (Déjà Vu). Lucious chased him out of the room with a gun. When he returns to Anika, he lays out the rules; nobody would lay another finger on her unless it was the coroner carrying her out after his crazy ass momma killed her. Then, she reminded him that she was there because he needed her. But he tells her that she's there because she always wanted the Lyon name, to be Mrs. Lucious Lyon. Anika then tells Lucious that she will do what she wants when she wants...

Jamal pays Freda a visit in jail but as soon as she goes to give him a hug, he has a flashback. Jamal backs away. She apologizes but is happy to see him there. They chat back and forth before she reaches for him again and finally, he pulls away and asks the guards to come get her. Then, he leaves.

Jamal and Kitty record their song on Empire Stream. Lucious notices his son is doped up on pain meds but they record the song. It is beautiful.

Jamal was in a darkened area of Empire watching a video when Cookie arrived. She asked what he was doing but told his mom to just watch. Then, Jamal's album appears... On Empire Stream... She confronts Lucious and he tells her that he removed all the songs that she produced so that its 'something new' and Cookie vows to reign Hell...

In the final scene, Andre was seen walking through the city when Tariq appeared. Andre wants to know why he's there and Tariq says it's not very smart for him to be wondering the streets considering that's how he ended up in jail in the first place. He tells Andre how the charges came about and Andre knows it's all a ploy to get him to spill information on Lucious in exchange for a deal. Andre isn't for it... Tariq walks away...



Tell me what you guys thought of this episode below! 

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