#TheFlash S3 Ep. 3 "Magenta" Recap & Review

This week on the Flash we join Barry and Iris attempting their first date. After two seasons of character development and focus on the plot, the fans finally get to see Barry and Iris attempt a relationship. The date quickly becomes dry and boring, as Iris requested that Barry just is himself and not uses his powers or talk about his work as the Flash. They are interrupted by an emergency at Star Labs.

At Star Labs, Barry finds that a breach has been opened. Cisco claims it wasn’t from their end and they prepare for what could come over. Out of the portal comes Harrison Wells. Though the team is happy to see him, he came for help with something. A speedster comes zooming through the breach and runs around for a moment. Jesse has developed super speed, and Wells needs the team’s help to run tests. 

During this conversation, we learn that Flashpoint didn’t affect Earth 2 and Wells remembers the same timeline that Barry does. Caitlin reveals that they have speed lab now and they go to test Jesse’s speed. She is shown to be already really fast. Everyone on the team seems happy to see Wells and Jesse again. Everyone accept Wally. Wally is jealous that Jesse developed speed and he hasn’t. He leaves the rest of the team monitor’s Jesse. Wells expresses his reservations about Jesse using her speed. He worries that she will be encouraged to try to be a hero.

Wally goes out with Jesse to talk to her. She talks about how she got her speed. On Earth 2, she was nearly hit by a car, which triggered her powers. Wally then proceeds to walk into traffic and is almost hit by a truck. Jesse saves him, which sparks anger in Wally, who thought that he would get speed if he jumpstarted his powers. Barry also lectures Wally about not thinking.

At the CCPD, Barry and Joe discover a young girl, named Frankie Kane, whose foster father was struck with a telephone pole in his living room. Julian confirms that a meta-human was responsible for the attack. Julian unwisely confronts Frankie, who is revealed to have a split personality. Magenta takes over and attacks. Barry manages to save Julian, but the teen escapes. 

Iris visits Frankie’s foster dad in the hospital and discovers that he was abusive to Frankie. She decides to move him to a safe place but is too late. Out of the hospital window, she sees a tanker ship floating toward the hospital. Barry rushes in to try to stop Magenta, but is torn between stopping the ship from crushing the building and helping Frankie. Wells reconciles with Jesse and sends her to help Barry. Jesse uses her speed to hold back the ship, while Barry manages to talk Frankie into taking control. She succeeds and reveals that Alchemy is behind her condition.

In the aftermath of this event, they team finds Frankie a new foster home where she can be safe. Jesse and Wells reconcile and decide to stay on Earth 1 for a while longer. Wells presents Jesse with a modified version of Trajectory’s suit, from S2. The episode ends with Joe, Barry, and Julian watching the murder of Edward Clariss in Iron Heights. They speculate as to who could have done it, but most viewers know that they elusive Savitar is most likely the culprit.

Jesse gets her Superhero costume

Jesse gets her Superhero costume

This episode was a good addition to an already great season. Taking a step back from the main conflict to bring back Wells and Jesse provided a nice break from the intense opening to the season. This episode gave the characters and the audience a moment to take in everything that has happened in the two shot episodes so far. We still got a weekly villain, but for once, she wasn't killed or locked up. Barry was able to help her control her abilities and she was given a fresh start. This is the kind of brightness that we needed this week. Even Jesse, dealing with her speed and conflict with her dad, was given a happy ending.

Next week we'll get to see Jesse Quick, fully suited up and helping the flash take on "the New Rogues". What looks like Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Top, this fresh team of Rogues should be a match for our two speedsters, but we'll have to wait and see. Leave us a comment on how you liked the episode and what you are looking forward to this season. 


-How did you like the episode?

-Will Wally get his speed?

-Who is the mysterious Savitar?