#TheFlash Season 4 Episode 1 "Reborn" Recap & Review

Let's begin....


The episode opens with Wally, Cisco, and Joe fighting Peekaboo. Iris, who is in charge now, figures out Peekaboo’s pattern and stopping her is a team effort.

Iris is a very tough boss, reminding them of their mediocre track record and assigning Wally a heck ton of training. Iris knows how to program now? What?

At the West house, Joe, Iris, and Cecile have a very awkward dinner and Iris eventually leaves, but not before a heart to heart with Joe about Barry. He thinks she hasn’t fully processed and she says she’s just doing what Barry told her to do: keep running.


The setting, rather than Iris’s behavior proves that she hasn’t been doing well. She’s been sleeping on the couch and a picture frame of her and Barry is turned down. We don’t spend a lot of time there because there’s a new emergency.


It’s a futuristic Samurai, who wants the Flash or he’ll destroy the city.

The Flash 401.gif

Cisco wants to bring Barry back. He has been working for the past 6 months on how to do it without ending the world with Harry and Tina and Felicity and Curtis. Iris gets super ticked because he’s been hiding it from them and tells them to focus on the Samurai.


Cisco then goes to a bar where Caitlin is a bartender. What the heck? She’s Caitlin again and she’s working in a bar. We don’t get any explanation of this and now Caitlin dresses like a biker. She agrees to help Cisco get Barry back though.


Iris comes into an empty lab and tracks the S.T.A.R Labs van.

It’s with Wally, Joe, Cisco, and Caitlin at the racetrack from the pilot. Joe completely forgives Caitlin and, a sciency conversation later, they try to get Barry back. It doesn’t appear to work and that’s when Iris walks in. It does work, just not where they planned.

The Flash 401 4.gif

Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Iris is giving everyone crap about doing this behind her back and Cisco’s giving her crap. This is interrupted when Joe gets a phone call from Cecille. They found Barry. The problem is, he’s not right. He’s scribbling random symbols on the walls, a la Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and he’s talking in gibberish.

The Flash 401 3.gif
The FLash 401 2.gif

Caitlin has two theories. One is that he’s suffering from schizophasia: assigning the wrong meanings to words. The other is dementia that this is truly all that’s left of Barry. They have him sedated, and Cisco suggests a Lady Gaga song to wake him up, in, callback to the pilot. 


It doesn’t help. Iris tries to talk to him, but that doesn’t help either. He starts zipping around the lab and they have to put him in the pipeline.

Wally decides to suit up as the Flash and take on the Samurai. It doesn’t go well and Wally gets seriously injured.

The Flash 401 1.jpg

Cisco tries to translate the writing, but that doesn’t go well either. The translation doesn’t make any sense.

Cisco and Caitlin talk. He admits that he just wanted his friend back, he didn’t do it for the city.


Joe shaves Barry and then him and Iris talk. He tells her that isn’t enough just to be strong, you have to have faith. Preach it Joe!


The Police have set up a blockade. Iris shows up and tells the Samurai to take her because she believes that the Flash will save her. THAT IS NOT WHAT JOE MEANT!

Joe begs and pleads with Barry to save Iris, and he does. Barry is magically cured of whatever neurological disorder he has just by hearing that Iris is in danger.


After he saves Iris, we learn that the Samurai is a robot.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, everyone makes up. 


Cisco names the robot Samuroid, and Barry says he doesn’t remember anything about the Speed Force or being Coulson level crazy.


Caitlin goes back to the bar and quits. When the super shady guy we saw earlier won’t let her, she Hulks out on him. He also name drops his boss, Amunet Black, aka The Blacksmith, who is set to be played by Katee Sackhoff.


Caitlin defrosts outside the bar and says, “not again,” implying that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Nothing about Caitlin’s storyline makes sense.

Back at Iris and Barry’s apartment, Barry talks about how great he feels now and thanks Iris for keeping the team together.

Now for the dun dun dun. There’s a woman in an eerie blue lab reading the news that says the Flash is back.


She turns to a guy who looks exactly like Scorpius from Farscape plugged into an electric chair, and they start discussing their evil plan. The last words he says are possibly the cheesiest he could say, given that he’s the Thinker.


The Flash is better than this. 5/10