#TheFlash Season 4 episode 4 "Elongated Journey Into Night" recap and review

There’s a new intro to start the show and we’re all caught up.

The actual episode starts in Cisco’s apartment. He wants to know Gypsy’s name. She won’t tell him. After she leaves, Danny Trejo comes through the portal and attacks Cisco. He’s Gypsy’s father, which she says when she comes back.


The mayor is making a speech at the police department because he used to be a cop. He used to know Joe and mentions him. Joe doesn’t say much and obviously does not like being put on the spot like that. He’s also acting all kinds of jumpy because he hasn’t told anyone about Cecile yet.

Barry’s taken down his mom’s board and replaced it with a bus people board, that currently has Kilgore and Havoc. Finding the other 10 is proving difficult as 900 people rode the bus that day. The bus driver, who might be able to connect them, is dead. He drowned in his own bathtub and they decide to look into it. Barry also thinks Joe is glowing.


They walk out of the S.T.A.R. labs elevator to Danny Trejo, whose name is Breacher. He says that the place isn’t guarded well, which is true. Cisco steps in to make sure no one dies. He’s been giving Breacher a tour and told him that Barry is his personal assistant.


Breacher also mentions that Harry looks like H.R.


Cisco and Harry talk. Harry suggests that Cisco calm down and take him for coffee. They might have more in common than they think. Breacher wants to leave and Cisco leaves with him.

There’s no apparent sign of foul play in the bus driver’s death. What they do find is an IOU card from Ralph Dibney dated from the same day the driver died. Joe and Barry knew him. He was a dirty cop that got kicked off the force.


He’s now the cheesiest private investigator ever. He’s also a jerk, as is written on his door. After he’s through harassing his client, Barry and Joe walk in and question him. It’s super awkward and you can tell that they dislike each other. They ask him if he was on the bus, he says no, and they leave. As they leave, two guys come in and hang him off the roof. He begins to stretch and does so all the way to the ground. Barry and Joe see this and know he was lying.

200w_d (6).gif

They bring him back to S.T.A.R. labs where other parts of him stretch and Joe throws up.


Breacher, Gypsy, and Cisco are out getting coffee, which Breacher doesn’t drink because they no longer have coffee on his Earth. Gypsy goes to get him a tea. Breacher says he’s going to hunt Cisco and Gypsy’s last boyfriend died. Cisco runs.


Barry wants to put Dibney in the pipeline and Caitlin wants to help him. Iris suggests that her and Barry go check out his office to find DNA for Caitlin and Joe do more checking up on him at CCPD.

While in Dibney’s tossed office, Iris asks Barry why he hates Dibney so much. When he was a junior CSI, he worked under Dibney. A woman was stabbed, and her husband was the prime suspect. They didn’t have any evidence until Dibney found a knife. Barry analyzed it and it wasn’t the same blade that killed the wife and it cost Dibney his job. Because of the similarity to his mom’s case, Barry doesn’t like him. Iris finds a hairbrush they can use, but also finds a bomb. He phases them out of the office and then it blows up.


Barry and Caitlin fight again until Joe walks in. There were 15 calls between Dibney and the mayor.


Barry goes to see Dibney, who doesn’t say anything helpful except that Barry seems to have everything going for him.

Harry talks to Cisco, who is crawling around in the vents. He suggests that Cisco set a trap and makes a Machete reference.


Caitlin gives Dibney something and it fixes him. He can now control his shape. He gives himself abs.


The mayor visits Joe and Barry. He cheated on his wife and Dibney blackmailed him.  He also thinks Joe is glowing. Barry promises him that they’ll take care of it. The mayor then talks to the two guys from the roof and tells them to kill them all.


Back at S.T.A.R. labs, Dibney and Barry fight. Barry’s fist gets stuck in Dibney’s face.

200w_d (5).gif

Breacher comes looking for Cisco, finds a hologram, and gets stuck in a power grid. He then proceeds to cut through the power grid. Cisco runs.


Joe comes to talk to Barry. Barry feels guilty because Team Flash bends the rules all the time and he needs Dibney to be a bad guy. Joe reminds him that Dibney broke the law on his own, Barry only caught him. Then two guys dressed as cops show up and try to kill them. They work for the mayor, so Dibney’s next.


While Breacher is looking for Cisco, he sees Dibney on the monitor and thinks he’s a plastoid, the things that destroyed his world, and he wants to kill him. Dang, this dude does not make friends.

Cisco activates Dibney’s tracker. He at city hall. He tries to take his blackmail back, which is really sweet but not how it works. The mayor shoots him, but the bullet comes out Dibney’s nose. Barry shows up to arrest the mayor, but then Breacher shows up and tries to kill Dibney. Cisco shows up and defends him.


Meanwhile, the mayor has kidnapped Joe. Barry gives Dibney a pep talk and reveals his identity. Dibney reaches out and grabs the plane. Barry runs up his arm and into the plane.


Joe chooses that moment to tell Barry that Cecile is pregnant.


Then the most bizarre thing happens. Joe brings in cigars to S.T.A.R. labs and him, Barry, Caitlin, and Iris have a cigar dance party. Somebody, please explain to me?


Cisco talks to Breacher and Gypsy. Breacher still hates Cisco but he respects him. According to Gypsy, this is gushing.


Also, their names are Cynthia and Josh.


Somebody has scratched “We miss you come back soon” into Caitlin’s door.

And now for the dun dun dun. Barry and Dibney talk. Barry offers him a job on Team Flash, which he accepts. Dibney still hates him. Barry drops a Plastic Man reference, which they both mock. Just out of curiosity, Barry asks him how he got onto the mayor in the first place. Dibney says it was a client that he only talked to over the phone and his name was Devoe. This cues flashback time for Barry, as he was namedropped by several villains last season.


I love that Tom Cavanaugh directed this episode. It was slightly bizarre, but Danny Trejo as Gypsy’s father was incredible. 8/10