#iZombie S3 Ep9 "Twenty Sided, Die" Recap & Review

Welcome to the ultimate episode for not only nerds; but Veronica Mars fans too! Yes, Logan has arrived! Well, actually Jason showed up last week as the new head of Fillmore- Graves, but for some reason I didn’t recognize him! Dumb me!

Don't Fear the Reaper!

We pick up where we left off last week with Ravi going undercover at Harley’s anti-zombie meeting. Harley plays the video of Justin in full on zombie mode and explains the danger at hand. Ravi definitely seems concerned! He even outs D.A. Baracus-future zombie mayor. John’s has the security guard; Billy Cook tell what he saw at the Max Rager party again. John’s then starts passing out dossiers on suspected zombies and asks for volunteers to keep an eye on them.

The Scratching Post is under new management and Blaine is falling into his old boss roll just fine. Don E is now his number two!

His goals are simple, keep the money flowing and get his new blue juice biz going. So- he asks Don E to try part of a brain soaked in the juice for twenty days, twice as long as Ravi’s recipe so should make for a hell of a trip. Don E isn’t into it but his weirdo sidekick (whom I am not sure has a name) is very into it! I am pretty sure Curly would be into taking just about ANYTHING!

Back at the meeting, Harley has assigned his zombie trackers. Harley wants his people to capture zombies, starve them and then he can broadcast it on a live stream.


Ravi must stop the madness so he stands up and explains that capturing zombies is a very bad idea-one could get scratched and turned into one and start the Zombie Apocalypse. He covers by saying he is working on a zombie vaccine to stall for time.

Harley agrees to go ahead with the surveillance plan minus the capture! Good save Ravi!

Outside the meeting Ravi meets a cute girl, Rachel, who explains she is not so much a zombie hater-she’s just an artist who would love to photograph one. Then she gives him a ride on her motorcycle! Go Ravi…

Finally, the nerd setup we have been waiting for. A game of D and D is taking place until the dungeon master takes a sip from a chalice and chokes to death. Nerd brains for Liv! Not only that, the strange IT guy from a former episode is BACK! I hope he makes some regular cameos on the show.

On the way to the crime scene Ravi fills in Liv and Clive on the details of the meeting. Clive isn’t quite sure what dungeons and dragons is but seeing the game definitely takes Ravi down memory lane, although he denies is a bit.

“Do I look like a nerd?” -Ravi

Clive is introduced to other players and some happen to work at the station. Since the goth guy is from IT I am going to guess the others are as well.

 I am stereotyping here, I realize but I do know IT guys and the ones I know DO play Magic the Gathering every week.

Back at the lab, Liv cooks up a type of brain stew soufflé of some sort. It actually looks rather good!

After the stew kicks in Liv heads to the station to question the first suspect, Vampire Steve-our goth guy from earlier in the season. She is now starting to speak in story structure and rolling die to make decisions.

Clive explains to Vampire Steve that the victim, Master Dan was found to be into online poker which could be a motive for murder.

 Vamp Steve explains Dan did not talk about his wealth but did just purchase a high-priced nerd item. Join the club Dan! Ostensibly, he owned a rare piece of art but Vamp Steve has not seen it in a while.

Liv discovers the entire group was poisoned in the game last week-ironic since Dan was killed the same way. Liv and Vampire Steve have an off topic back and forth and Clive is noticeably confused and irritated. Sometimes I wonder if Clive feels like dealing with all of Liv’s crazy personalities are worth the trouble. Anyone else?

Suddenly, after rolling her die, Liv gets a vision of the night the group all died in the game and they were all rather distraught by the news. Next suspect to visit-Zoe, the token girl of the group.

Meanwhile, Blaine is reviewing Curly’s notes of his blue juice trip. The brains came from a World War II vet who happened to be a lady’s man so yes, Curly had the trip of his life.

“Boys, we’re gonna be rich!” -Blaine

Obviously, Don E does NOT want to be left out of the fun so he downs a rather generous slice of the blue juice brain while no one is looking.



Over at bro-mance land, Ravi discovers Major has found a giant stack of hate mail that he has been hiding from him back when he was the accused Chaos Killer. He finds him reading them in a depressed state.


“I may never be loved, or have sex again…” -Major (Major have you looked in the mirror lately)?

Ravi tries to get him to stop, but Major finds a letter from a girl named Shawna who supports him explaining she also had been accused of a crime she did not commit. She includes a picture and a phone number, but Major isn’t buying into it.

Over at Peyton’s office, she is still working on the Dom case from a few weeks ago. She is interviewing one of the victim’s psychiatrists who insists there is no way her client would be visiting a dominatrix.


Liv and Clive visit suspect, Zoe’s place of work at a comic book store where Clive reminisces about his comic book reading days. He loved The Flash! Suddenly, they spot the piece of art missing from Master Dan’s house, now for sale at Zoe’s work. The painting triggers a vision of Zoe in an erotic cosplay session with Dan.

Zoe explains the piece isn’t missing, she won it off Dan in a bet. Liv suggests that she possibly won it during the cosplay session. Zoe also informs them that another player, Jimmy had a thing for her and was possibly jealous because of a naughty text he spotted.

Liv and Clive haul in Jimmy who denies the crush at first until Clive brings out his sketchpad complete with naughty heroic sketches of not only him Zoe-but one of Liv too!

Who can blame the guy?

Who can blame the guy?

Clive wonders how far his obsession might take him but Jimmy suggests they take a look at another player, Diego’s back.

Diego gives up the goods but explains he regrets his ink foible and explains he’s actually not the obsessed one either. It’s Vampire Steve whom had the real issue. Evidently, Steve used to be just regular ol’ Steve but because of Zoe’s Twi-Hard status he became who is today-Vampire Steve. The guy we know and love!

So, they haul back in Vampire Steve who explains he did not become V Steve for Zoe. He came to Vampirism of his own accord, he claims, and that despite her tryst with Dan- he believes him and Zoe will be together one day. Clive is frustrated with the dead-end suspects. He suggests they do some more digging.

“On a quest!” -Liv

In order to speed up some visions, Liv hosts her own D and D game, as master of course, and I cannot even write about it. It is seriously one of the funniest scenes I have ever witnessed on this show and possibly even ever on any show. I would absolutely love to see the outtakes from this scene.

Liv is obviously taking the game very seriously, as is Ravi. Major and Peyton are more reluctant along with Clive-well, for a little while anyway-he eventually become a little TOO involved!

I mean, honestly there is nothing I can say-you just have to watch it for the genius of it!

It does, however, spark a vision for Liv where she discovers Master Dan has a secret room so after the all-nighter her and Clive go to check it out.

Clive is pretty proud of himself!

“Hey, maybe we could have a regular game!” -Clive

Liv and Clive find the secret room which turns out to be a computer geeks paradise. Clive makes another white people joke-my favorite thing he does!

Back at the station they bring Zoe in to discuss the secret room and the computer they found in there that had a connection to Russian power plants. But the interview is interrupted by Clive’s boss saying they are shutting down the case and handing it to the feds. Dan was a possible hacker attempting to infiltrate Russian computer systems, so it’s out of their hands now.

Suddenly, his boss mentions the case has gone to Dale Bozzio, Clive’s old flame from Season Two.

If you recall, Clive was never able to explain all the things he had to cover up one he discovered Liv was a zombie so he rushes out to find her. Cue the sad love music.

He does find her! Just in time!

“You were right about Major Lilywhite not being a Mass Murderer, turns out he was just a Mass Kidnapper!” -Dale

She asks him if he wants to communicate anything new to her and although I am sure he wants to, he understandably cannot.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you, I’m absolutely lost without you…” -Clive

He asks her about the latest case and she tells him she can’t trust him. So, sad…


Back at Liv’s, she downs some army brain mush Major brings her to get rid of her personality so she can act normal for Justin at the fundraiser for Baracus.

Justin picks her up (looking pretty nice in a suit)!

Major seems slightly uncomfortable so he takes off home.

Back at The Scratching Post, Don E is having serious consequences to eating the large portion of the super charged brain! He’s trippin’ hard and he hauls ass out of the bar but no one cares enough to go after him. I find this wrong. When your friend is having a bad trip, everyone knows you are supposed to be there for them! Not that I have any personal experience…(clears throat).

Justin and Liv arrive at the Baracus event and Liv finally gets to meet Logan! I mean Chace Graves! The meeting is brief but I am definitely looking forward to more of him.

Peyton shows up explaining she came straight from work.

“Can you least pretend that this takes some effort?” Liv to Peyton.

Peyton grabs her boss, Baracus, to discuss the dom case but he wants, for obvious reasons, to let it go. Liv is there to give her the scoop on the real reason he wants her to let it go.

Meanwhile, at the lab, Ravi is working hard painting his D and D figure, when Harley arrives with an emergency.

He is all excited because he caught himself a real-life zombie! Not only that, the surveillance has led them to the existence of The Scratching Post and they figure Ravi has some tranquilizers to mellow out the captured zombie.

Guess who the zombie is??? His friends SUCK!

Back at Major’s place he is sulking on the couch, obviously depressed because he can’t be at the party protecting people like Justin and also just saw Liv leave with a date. Even “The Love Boat,” theme bums him out.

The Baracus party is still in full swing and Liv and Justin are about discussing going home for some sexy time! She points out Chace Graves to Justin and he confesses about him shooting him because of the missing cans of Max Rager on their wild night out. Liv is pissed and makes her way to confront him when abruptly -a mass shooting breaks out! Baracus freaks out and starts to turn into full on zombie mode but Liv talks him down.

All these big events, the helicopter crash and the shooting, have to be related and far too advanced for the likes of Harley and his inept crew! Does Fillmore Graves have something to do with it?

Back at sad Major-land, he appears to be getting ready for something and gives us this…

Thank you, Robert, director, camera man-whomever!

Of course, the girl from the letter, Shawna shows up and he lets her in.

Finally, Blaine pays a visit to his dad in the well…I was wrong! He did come back to feed him! Well, some scraps anyway! He even reads him the news…so sweet! Father and Son bonding time-iZombie style!

“That’s from an impotent proctologist, by the way…enjoy!” -Blaine          

“Don’t fear the Reaper,” plays as Blaine feels pleased with his new life.

Somewhere else...a car pulls up and guess who is back?

Mr. Boss.

Cannot wait to see how this plays out!

Episode 10/10 Best one of the Season and one of the best overall!

Here are some more pics from this episode-ENJOY!!!