#FreshOffTheBoat S5, Ep. 1 "Fresh Off the RV" Season Premiere Recap/Review

The season premiere of Fresh Off the Boat mainly brought back Flashback Fridays.


After Honey gave birth to a baby girl; Jessica does a book signing at a bookstore. However, it turns into a failure as Harry Potter came out the same day. Louis buys an RV from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; thinking that it would be great to go with Jessica on her press tour as a family. Later Jessica tells Louis about the book; she decides to take the RV with the family with Louis.

Nicole is leaving to New York, and Eddie isn’t quite coming to grips on the news. Thinking that things are going to be fine; it’s not as he’s been going through the moods. Just as Jessica was about to tell the family the news about her book; she decides to use Eddie’s excuse to cancel the trip for his broken heart. Eddie tells Nicole how much he’ll miss her; as to her as well.

“Fresh Off the RV” was a good and solid episode opener. For the kickoff TIGF, it brought back some of the classic shows from the theme to Full House with the Huangs in the RV to Jaleel White (Family Matters) as the car salesman at Kareem’s car lot. What better way to ruin Jessica’s book would have to be the Harry Potter novels. I thought that was just hilarious and yet heartbreaking. Both Constance Wu and Hudson Yang put an outstanding performance.  Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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You can catch Fresh Off the Boat Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.