#GameofThrones Season 7 Epsidoe 3, 'The Queen's Justice' Recap

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones topped off at another high viewing of 10.11 million viewers... and for a good reason. Battle, blood, war, and poison was the focus. And man did it deliver.


Jon Snow has arrived in Dragonstone! He and Devos step foot on the island. He is met by her hand, Tyrion and  her loyal translator, Missandei along with a few surrounding Dothraki. Tyrion greets Jon with a "The bastard of Winterfell," and Jon replies with a, "The Dwarf of Casterly Rock." They both smile. They shake hands, then Devos and Tyrion shake hands. Missandei sends thanks through herself from Daenerys then requests that they surrender their weapons. Jon and Devos comply. They head for the castle. As Tyrion and Jon are walking, one of the dragons flies up, almost hitting Jon in the head. He and Devos got the floor. Missandei smiles. Tyrion helps Jon up and says, "I would tell you you get used to them, but you never really do." Jon and Devos watch for a moment before they move on. The Red Queen is watching from a cliff above. Verys meets up with her. He wonders why she's there when she fought so vigorously for Jon to meet with Daenerys. She admits that the terms she left off with Jon and Devos weren't the best. Veryd advises her not to return to Westeros but she says that she'll return in time. She has to die in this strange place.


As Jon and Devos stand before Daenerys,  Missandei announces her. "You stand in the presence of Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryan, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Rightful Queen of the Andels and the First Men, protector of the 7 Kingdoms, The Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesie of the Great Grasee, The Unburnt, The Breaker of Chains," Devos introduces Jon. "This is Jon Snow; he's the King of the North."  Really Devos?   Daenerys gives an educational update on the Stark-Stormborn history then she asks him if he's there to "bend the knee." "No," he says. She asks if he's going to break faith. Jon laughs at this and tells her what her father did to two of his family members. She admits that her father was an "evil man," but she asks him not to judge her for her father's crimes committed. She explains that when the two Houses had an alliance, the Kingdoms were at the most peace they've been and it lasted for centuries. She vows to place Jon as Warden of the North... if he hands the knee. He tells Daenerys that neither of them is eligible to stay true to their ancestors' pledges. He tells her that need one another's help. No, not with storming King's Landing, with another threat. One that all of them should be waging against; White Walkers. Daenerys tells Jon that Neddark Star's best friend, the Mad King, sent an assassin to kill her as a newborn, that being the reason behind why they left Dragonstone. She elaborates on the pain she's endured, and that faith kept her alive. Not in Gods, nor myths, but faith in herself, Daenerys Stormborn. "I was born to rule the 7 Kingdoms," Jon tells her that she'll be ruling over a graveyard if they don't defeat the Night King. Devos 's to both of their defenses, saying she was the first to bring Dothracki across the sea and he (Jon) was the first to ally Wildlings and Northmen. It wasn't because of a birthright. Tyrion says if Jon joins them, they'll help with the White Walkers after they deal with Cersei but Jon says there isn't time. Jon says that he doesn't mean to disrespect her but his decisions are for the Lords of the North. She tells him that's fair, but it's also fair to point out that she should be the Queen of the 7 Kingdoms. Then, Verys rushed in and whispered something. Daenerys apologized for her behavior and told Jon and Devos that baths and meals would be prepared for them. As she walks away, Jon asks if he's her prisoner. She tells him not yet. When Devos and Jon are gone, Verys tells her about the attack against the Greyjoy-Sand allied ships were attacked in their voyage to Dorne.   Verys told her that most of the ships sunk, some of the forces were captured. Then, she asked "All of them?"

Theon is seen being fished from the sea. Someone comes to Theon, and he tells the man that Euron has Yara. He tells the man that he tried and the man tells Theon that he wouldn't be there if he tried.


Euron arrived in King's Landing! A crowd is lined along the path up to the main Castle of the city. Yara, the Dorne Queen and one of her daughters are being drug through the city, food and garbage being thrown at them. Euron soaks in the victory as he makes his way to Cersei's throne room. He brings Ellaria Sand and her daughter to Cersei's feet. "A gift," he says. "Justice for your murdered daughter," Cersei tells the crowd that Euron has proven to be the best captain on the 14 seas, promising him what ever reward He desires after the war is won.

Later on, Cersei taunts Ellaria and her daughter who are changed within the dungeon. She tells Ellaria of the day her lovers head was crushed by Sir Gregor. Cersei tells her that the cry that came from her was of pure love, and unmistakable. Cersei asks Ellaria how she could take her only daughter from her. Then, she says it doesn't matter anymore. Cersei began to taunt her with the Dorne daughter. Cersei takes hold of Ellaria's daughter and kisses her. She wipes something red from her lips. Come to find out, it's the same poison her daughter was poisoned by. Cersei tells Ellaria that her daughter will rot and she'll watch her do so, they'll keep her alive to make her watch. Cersei drank the anti-poison and leaves.


Back in Dragonstone, Tyrion meets with Jon. Jon is watching over the cliff, a lot weighing on his mind. Tyrion tells Snow that he came to brute a out the Greyjoy attack. Jon says he's a prisoner but Tyrion disagrees. Tyrion tells Jon that he should things about what to do about Tyrion's dead men while Tyrion thinks about Jon's "Walking Dead Men," Tyrion says that he believes Jon. Jon asks Tyrion how he can warn people that he doesn't know about the enemy coming. Tyrion says that the mind's of people aren't meant to comprehend things that size. Then, he admits it's somewhat nice to deal with monsters comparable to size with his sister. Jon says he needs to leave the island so he can warn his people. Tyrion agrees to helping Jon with something within his power.

Dragonglassis Jon's request. Tyrion presents it to the Mother of Dragons. She asks what the need of this particular item is for so Tyrion tells her that Job plans to make weapons from it to fight off the White Walkers. Daenerys doesn't want to comply but Tyrion convinces her to allow him to mine the glass. The camera cuts to the dragons flying high above and it shows Daenerys watch g them, and Jon watching her. He makes his way down to her. "Amazing thing to see," he announces. She tells Jon that she named them after her late brothers. "People thought that dragons were gone forever, but here they are." She tells Jon that she'll allow him to mine the glass and he may use her men as necessary. He asks her if she believes so Daenerys says "you should get to work,"


Sansa and her men are hard gathering supplies and food for the Winter when someone rushes to her, saying she has a visitor. She makes her way to the gate and who may it be? Brandon Stark, her long lost brother. Emotion overcomes her and she jumps up on the cart to hug him. He just looks straight ahead. They go to the Ancient Wise Tree. Sansa tells Bran that she wishes Jon was there. Bran agrees, says that he needs to talk to Jon. Then, Sansa says, "You're father's last living son, You're Lord of Wonterfell now." Bran says he can't be Lord of Wonterfell or anything. He tells her he's the three eyed raven. He begins to explain that he can see everything that's every happened to anyone. He says he's sorry for the pain that she has gone through. Bran describes one of Sansa's worst memories, the day she married Tyrion. He said she was beautiful. She relives the moment as he speaks it then she freaks out and leaves him at the tree.


The Grand Maester is looking over Jorah's now-healed Grey Scale. The Maester asks if he's in pain. Jorah says it's manageable. The Maester released Jorah then requests the presents of Samwell Tarley. Sam asks Jorah where he'll go. Jorah says his place is with Daenerys Stormborn. He owes his life to her...and him (Samwell Tarley). Jorah tells Sam that they'll cross paths again, Sam hoping so. They shake hands. When Sam meets with the Maester, he's prepared for anything. But the Maester shocks him, congratulating him on a procedure that was highly dangerous, highly tricky and highly deadly. But the Maester doesn't reward him as Sam more or less thought. He told him to copy over old scrolls and carry on about his day.


Daenerys wants Euron's fleet sunken. No, not by inter ships. By Drogon, Visarion and Raegal, her three dragons. They advise her against it because not unlike her dragons, she is highly damageable. Verys explains that the men of Casterly Rock know they're coming. Tyrion says Cersei will be ready, explaining no one has ever taken "The Rock". As they speak, Grey Worm and his army take on the Lannister guard. Many will and already have died. But Tyrion tells Daenerys that his father placed him in charge of building an inadequate sewer that led right up to the main guard tower. Then, Tyrion quotes himself, saying "Give me ten men and I'll impregnate the bitch," The Unsullied take over. Tyrion says that the Unsullied fight for the woman who gave them freedom, not fear like the Lannister guards. They had one, it Euron and his fleet came and burned every last ship Grey Worm and his men had.


In the last scene of the episode, Lady Olenna is seen watching the massive Lannister Guard March towards her castle. She's been expecting them. Jamie makes his way up to her. She's sitting at a table. He comes in and closes the door. She notices Joffrey's Blade, the "Widdow's Wail," and says he really was a cunt. She tells Jamie that that things she has done were unspeakable but they were done to protect her family. But Cersei has done things that Olenna couldn't even imagine possible. Jamie comes to Cersei's aid, saying that once the world is hers and the was is won, there will be peace. Olenna calls Cersei a disease and asks him how "it" will happen, meaning her death. Jamie admits that Cersei contemplated many awful things but he advised her against every last one. Instead, poison. He pours it in her wine. Without a seconds hesitation, she drinks it all gone and tells him to tell Cersei that she killed their son. Jamie walks out.

What did you think of Sunday's episode? Will Daenerys truly let Jon free? Who will she call upon for Dragon Riders for the War? Will Jorah make it back to Dragonstone in time? Will Cersei take full advantage and hunt down Daenerys herself? Will she send Euron? Let me know what you think below!

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin