Reigniacs A Ghost Francis? #Reign

I had a conversation today with Facebook friends on one of my Reign fan pages.  In S2, King Henry comes to Catherine as her "imaginary friend."  Our discussion was about Francis as it always is.  Today's discussion was about how much we miss Francis and wish he could somehow come back - perhaps as a ghost.  I submitted that I thought to bring Francis back in that way would be disrespectful to their love story. However, mine was not the popular opinion!  We did come to an agreement, of course and this is what we will recommend to the Reign writers.  The true story of Mary Queen of Scots ends with her death at the hands of Queen Elizabeth.  The series should end that way, as well, and as she closes her eyes, she sees Francis waiting there for her, arms open wide, as she enters the pearly gates!  I know...brilliant, right?