#TheGifted Season 1 Episode 2 "rX" Recap & Review

My first review! I'm nervous and excited as I'm about to get into my review for the recent episode of The Gifted! I'm going off of memory as the episode was this past Monday and I'm writing this on a Saturday! Both things are about beginnings: The Strucker Family and my first review. 

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Caitlin Strucker shined in this episode as a mother's desperation enabled her to do things normally considered beyond her faculties to conceive and achieve. She's the one without the powers but is the one who helps both Eclipse obtain the medical supplies and administers the medicine needed to help Blink overcome her physical damage suffered during the last conflict in the prior episode. This is the first time this refuge force faced such a challenge, and this is the first time Caitlin Strucker has faced such a multifaceted situation in her life. In the end, they survive but are still in some danger.  

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The fast, hectic pacing of the episode is balanced by the slow and agonizing interrogative process Reed Strucker, who was captured in the previous episode, was being taken through by Sentinel Services. The back-and-forth between interrogator and interrogatee is marvelous, and if there were any plot holes, I've yet to notice. If there are any, they are too small to recognize, I'm sure, and the prison scenes with Polaris grips you as you feel for her and fear for the outcome of the baby that is still in her womb - Lorna still in the first part of the first trimester of her pregnancy. Lorna using her powers despite the collar sending electric shocks through her body and slamming a table against the female inmate that instigated the beardown.

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Lorna suffers at the hands of several female inmates, slamming that thug against a fence, is the part where viewers will scream "YES!" and cheer for her while simultaneously realizing that those kicks from that [REDACTED] may have cost Lorna, her baby. The beat down continues by the others before the guards break things up and throw - literally - Lorna into solitary confinement. You feel Lorna's pain for what must be her loss and her desire for freedom; and revenge.  

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The only weakness I can see is Alex Strucker. I've lost interest in this kid because he just seems scared and has nothing else to him signaling resolve, a major quality that must be a part of the foundation of a protagonist. And the end was well done as Sentinel Services may get a card to play as the scientists at the end have found the location of the Mutant Underground - Rio de Janeiro. 

All in all, an excellent episode and program in my opinion and the actress that plays Blink did SUCH an excellent job in every scene as you can't help but feel for her every single moment. Still, we need better Sentinels.