#TheGifted S1 Ep 9 "outfoX" Recap & Review

The episode starts with the Strucker kids having a flashback to one year before. The siblings grab hands and realize they might have powers. Then we return to a family conference where Reed explains to Kate all he learned from his father. He tells her that he to had the mutant dream but his father created a serum that made it dormant in him. He thought he had had Leukemia as a child, but it was his father's experimentation on his mutant gene in reality. 

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We next see the twins discussing their family history and their great grandfather's acts of mutant terrorism with his sister. The Struckers worry that they might be corrupted as well if they have the same gene. They will find out as Kate plans to test the sibling's power.

Meanwhile, the telepath Esme who entered the group last week is attempting to sway the mutants into attacking the Trask lab to free the mutants being held including her family. She claims she found this information when she confronted the dying mutant last week. Polaris is skeptical, but Esme guilts Johnny into support by mentioning what happened to Pulse. Sage locates the lab, and the mutants attempt to devise an attack plan.

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That night Polaris has a nightmare that the group along with her baby are all imprisoned by Trask. She is awakened by Eclipse who was jolted by the metal collapsing in the room. The intensity of the nightmare had caused Polaris's power to disrupt all metal in the room randomly. Strangely Esme was lurking outside the room while this took place. Throughout this episode, she is seen spying on the other mutants. She also seems to have much stronger telepathy than she had told the group. We do not know for sure, but she may have even caused the nightmare. We do see her instantly read Polaris's thoughts later in the episode.

Kate and Reed decide to test the kid's power in a vault in the basement of the base. At first, it appears they are not going to activate their power, but then it starts. The power just like their the twins fuses their power when they hold hands. They say they can see as one and have the ability to bring down the entire base. Reed breaks up the two before disaster strikes.

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The family has a meeting to discuss the power. Reed then insults Andy who had wanted to explore the power by telling him he has failed to control the power he already has. Andy walks out of the meeting, but Lauren goes after him to calm him down. She tells Andy that she wants to test the power again since it was such an intense rush of energy. 

The day after her nightmare Polaris tells Eclipse that they must save the mutants Based on the info provided by Sage Polaris and Dreamer meet the head security guard for the lab at a bar. Polaris clocks him with brass knuckles and Dreamer uses her skills to gain his security codes. Sage then provides the team with info to create a plan. Blink Dreamer and the Struckers will knock out the power plant for the lab to set the attack. Once the power is out Johnny Eclipse Polaris and Esme will strike the lab and save the mutants. Unfortunately, this would have been the perfect time to tell the team about the kids new power. Kate and Reed insist on going to monitor safety for the kids.

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Sentinel meanwhile has been reeling from the losses while attempting to capture Reed at his father's house. Agent Turner predicts the mutant attack at the lab and searches for clues to the mutant attack. He finds the information on the security guard Dreamer and Polaris worked for intel on the power plant and sends troops into a trap. Blink Dreamer and the Struckers are heading straight for a net.

Johnny Eclipse and Esme set up for an assault on the lab once the power goes down. Esme appears very jumpy and drops a detonator, but Polaris catches it with her powers to save the two. Esme then searches Polaris's memories and uses the memory of her capture by Sentinel to make a connection. We see Esme's eyes turn radiant blue as it appears she has intensified her telepathy.It seems she might not be a faithful ally.

The Dreamer team enters the power plant but is confronted by a guard. Dreamer is able to wash his memory, and he allows them to pass. Unfortunately, while Kate is watching via a security camera hack Sentinel agents arrive on the scene. They flood the plant with agents and security robots which have been improved since the last encounter with the Struckers. Kate calls them to run, but it is too late. Blink is captured first the Dreamer who does help the Struckers make it past a security door before she is caught. The kids are all that are left.

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The siblings prepare to make a stand and Lauren tell Andy that if they join hands their power will let them escape. The two start to generate the power as the Sentinel team arrives. Andy then breaks the connection and tells Lauren that everyone in the building would have died had they continued. Sentinel then takes the kids into custody. Reed had to restrain Kate from running into the plant as she witnessed her children being born.

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While this was happening Johnny's team sees a rush of security pour out of the lab.At first, they think they were discovered, but Johnny hears about the power plant team capture. They decide to scrub the mission which causes Esme to break down. Johnny has to subdue her and carry her from the scene as she still wants to attack the lab. Judging her loyalties at this point is difficult. One thing for sure is she is unstable.

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It was a less than par episode for the series. The failure of the Struckers to tell Johnny and the others about their power risked lives and probably led to their capture. Esme conduct is extraordinary although Trask was not expecting an attack until Agent Turner found the plot. He also fails to mention anything about a spy, so maybe Esme is just crazy. I thought the story was a little heavy on the Strucker kids power which they needed but didn't use. Overall I would rate the episode as a 7,5