#Gotham 3rd Season Finale Spoilers, Recap, & Review

It is with a very excited and heavy heart that I write this review of the third season finale of Gotham. So many things were wrapped up nicely, some did not make it out of the finale, while others merely began their next chapter. Well… let’s get to it.

With the first half of the finale, “Destiny Calling”, shows a captured Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) at the GCPD. He is still brainwashed and super pissed at Alfred (Sean Pertwee) for killing his mentor, the Shaman. In several attempts to bring Bruce back, Alfred recalls different memories of Bruce’s family when he was just a baby and a small boy. But as tear-jerking as these memories were, Bruce still seems to be unwavering.

Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), now infected with the Tetch virus, keeps trying to suppress his anger and violent urges; but a voice inside his head keeps telling him that he is a “killer”. However, Jim isn’t the only one dealing with the virus and their side effects; most of the city has been infected. Harvey (Donal Logue) and the rest of the GCPD have their hands full trying to lock up some of the infected.

In the mayhem of the GCPD, Bruce takes advantage of the chaos and quickly escapes in his search for the Demon’s Head. Alfred and Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) are tailing him as best they can.

As Bruce searches through Gotham, he is overwhelmed by the acts of anarchy and he just, well, takes it all in. He finds his destination in a somewhat shady shop, and sees and actual demon’s head statue. A dark corridor is revealed to Bruce and he is greeted by some very tame ninjas. I can only assume that these ninjas are a part of the League of Assassins. Bruce is lead to a room where the first thing of notice is a large container with a strange, greenish liquid….I think it’s also safe to assume that the container was the infamous Lazarus Pit.

A shadowy figure and echoed laughter greet Bruce. He demands to know who or what this figure is. Lo and behold, Bruce has found the Demon’s Head, or more formally, Ra’s Al Ghul (Alexander Siddig); an absolute entity of power, fear, and longevity. He inquires Bruce about his history, about how he has lived much longer than Bruce could ever imagine, and that he has longed to find a suitable heir to his legacy. Bruce, still believing all that mess that the Shaman had taught him, insists that he could be the rightful heir and the destined knight to save the city of Gotham.

Before anyone can make a move, Alfred shows up and threatens Ra’s to hand Bruce over. However, Ra’s sees this as an opportunity to test Bruce’s loyalty. He orders Bruce to kill Alfred and then he will be proven to be his legacy. Alfred, on his knees, gives a very emotional speech about how he met Bruce for the first time when his mother and father brought him home; and that no matter what, he knows that Bruce will do what he thinks he needs to be done. A flurry of doubt, anger, and hesitation sends Bruce into a rage as he drives a sword through Alfred, killing him.

Meanwhile, we see Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong) arrive at the train station, you know, to get the hell out of dodge and away from the infected. His goal was within his grasp until two armed thugs stop him in his tracks and reveal Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) herself. You see, while Strange was working on modifying the Tetch virus, he was also working on a cure. This knowledge could be very useful, so Fish decides to kidnap Strange.

While leaving amongst the hoopla of infected, Fish and company cross paths with Jim and Harvey. They hold Fish up at gunpoint because they heard about how Hugo Strange was developing an antidote until streams of ice and fire block their path. Firefly (Camila Perez) and Victor Freis (Nathan Darrow) had been recruited in Mooney’s army as well as Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor).

A barrier of ice block Harvey and Jim’s path and they have to rely on Jim giving into the virus and using his new super strength to bust out of there.

Bullock and Gordon try to locate Fish and confront her. Oddly enough, the League of Assassin ninjas got there first….. awesome action with guns and swords ensue. In the midst of the action, Jim accidentally stabs Fish and kills her. Oswald is stricken with grief as his newly found partner and mentor die in his arms. And to think, people call the Penguin a monster.

Oswald is arrested and held up in the GCPD. With the antidote being destroyed in the skirmish, Hugo Strange admits that there is only one main ingredient that they need….or rather, one person.

On that note, somehow hearing of the Tetch antidote and Fish Mooney’s death, Barbara (Erin Richards) and the Riddler (Corey Michael Smith) intercept the staff of Arkham Asylum and kidnap that very someone who can help save the majority of Gotham City: Jervis Tetch (Benedict Samuel).

The last episode of the third season, “Heavydirtysoul”, picks up where we left Alfred Pennywoth. Where was that again? Oh yeah, DEAD! Bruce realizes just what he has done and tries to stop the bleeding, but it’s pretty late for that. Ra’s Al Ghul is very pleased with Bruce and he truly believes that Bruce is his heir…whether he wants to or not. In a fit of rage, Bruce tries to fight Ra’s to no avail; he has merged himself among the shadows with one last piece of advice: to use the water on Alfred to save him.

Now, we all know that Alfred has to live, but by means of the Lazarus Pit? I guess the only thing to do is wait and see if any side effects will occur in our favorite butler…

Jim and Harvey receive word that Nygma had kidnapped Jervis Tetch from Barbara, Butch (Drew Powell), and Tabitha (Jessica Lucas), who originally kidnapped Tetch to hold the antidote hostage for a bunch of money. Edward is offering Jervis in exchange for Oswald since there whole business is far from done.

Jim is starting to feel the virus taking hold so he has no time to waste. Before any exchange could be made, Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch come busting in on Nygma and start shooting. Oswald manages to knock out Edward and put him in a police car and drive off with a smirk-ish goodbye.

Jim and Harvey quickly take Jervis, who is having much delight in the skirmish and the fact that Jim is infected and fighting the virus, and try to hide in a nearby warehouse with Babs, Tabs, and Butch on their tail. Jim, being completely annoyed at Tetch’s antics, realizes that they don’t technically need just Jervis. Jim punctures him in the throat and takes a small jar of his blood before mounting Jervis on a dolly with duct tape fastened around his neck.

With the cure in development at the GCPD, Jim is becoming more enraged and more impatient because Lee (Morena Baccarin) has propositioned him into meeting her at the train station to leave Gotham together. Only one batch of the cure is made, which kind of looks like Arctic Blue Gatorade, and Jim can’t apparently wait for another hour or so and he takes the antidote for Lee….yeah, so….that didn’t work out at all and now Jimbo has given over to the virus…saw that coming.

Harvey tracks Jim and Lee down at the station. Lee chooses to wait for Jim on the train while he fights his partner. Harvey does manage to get a few punches in, but Gordon clearly has the upper hand. In one last attempt to save himself and his friend, Harvey pulls out the badge of the Gotham City Police Department, saying that he is the best cop he’s ever seen and the best friend he could have. Jim takes the badge and gives one final roar before leaving Bullock and meeting with Lee.

As the guy who checks for tickets come by and as Lee presents the tickets, Jim discovers that Harvey had placed two vials of the cure on the back of the badge. In one last embrace and ‘I love you’, Jim stabs Lee and gives her the cure. As she slowly passes out, Jim holds her hand and gives himself the antidote. The two remain hand in hand as they drift off to sleep.

With Barbara’s constant abusive treatment of Tabitha and Butch, they hatch a plan to finally get rid of her. Since Barbara’s not a complete idiot, she corners Butch in an alley. He claims that Tabitha had nothing to do with any plan to get rid of her. He finally lets Barbara have it until she shoots him right between the eyes.

When Tabitha is confronted by Barbara, she asks if she killed Butch. When she admits it, a fight between Babs and Tabs commences. Barbara seems to be the victor when Tabitha pulls a nearby lamp with her whip down onto the floor, electrocuting and killing Barbara Kean.

We see a comatose Butch being treated by two medical staff, we are informed that Butch Gilzean isn’t even his real name. His real name is Cyrus Gold…..let that sit for a while.


While Edward managed to escape from Oswald’s handcuffs, Oz does succeed in bringing them both to the docks where their conflict began and will end. Standing at the end of the dock, Oswald faces down the barrel of Edward’s gun. He offers Oswald a chance at last words, he politely declines and waits his turn. This confuses Nygma and he pulls the trigger…but no bullets. Oswald reveals all the bullets in his pocket and tells him that he emptied the gun while he was unconscious and he also called for some backup. Ivy (Maggie Geha) and Mr. Freeze to be exactly. Oswald suspected and played on Edward’s need for absolute closure, but he had no idea that he would get the chance to knock him out like he did. Edward charges for Penguin as Freis completely freezes him solid as both a reminder for Oswald of his strength and as a somewhat inspiration for his new club: The Iceberg Lounge.

While waiting for Alfred’s results, Bruce waits anxiously in the hall of the hospital. Surprisingly enough, Selina (Camren Bicondova) shows up to check on him. Understandably, Bruce lashes out at Selina on why she is even there since she doesn’t even care about him or Alfred. Selina quickly comes back with the knowledge of the fact that she at least knows who she is, unlike Bruce, and she leaves.

As Alfred wakes up, Bruce rushes to his side to apologize. They both are informed of the state of the city; over 90% of the infected had been cured and things seem to be dying down. With he and Alfred reconciled, he encourages Bruce to make his own decisions in his own life.

Selina stops by the Siren’s Club and Tabitha appears to take her under her wing when Selina shows her mad skills with a whip.

As the chaos in Gotham dies down, we see a man, a woman, and their kid being held up by a gunman in an alleyway. Before he can shoot the father, a dark figure comes up from behind the gunman and beats the absolute crap out of him. Before the family can look their hero in the face, he was gone. On the rooftop of a nearby building, we see the hero unmask himself and it’s none other than Bruce Wayne, dabbling in a little bit of vigilantism.

With the virus not much of an issue, Jim receives a letter from Lee telling him that she is leaving Gotham; and that she doesn’t think that Gotham should be saved, but if it can be saved it will be saved by him.

I am at an incredible loss for words on how spectacular the season finale was. So many things got wrapped up nicely and many more things began. I will sorely miss Gotham during the summer break, but I will have peace in knowing that the people working on and off camera will bring us their best which is probably best described as, well, magic. I know for sure that the next season of Gotham will be worth the wait.


I’ll see you in the Fall, Gothamites; and as always: Stay Weird.