#Gotham: Mad City S3 ep3 Catch Up - "Look into my Eyes"

This episode is where we start seeing why this season of Gotham is called Mad City.

Note: This covers the various story lines based on the characters involved. Some of these events overlap.

Jervis Tetch: New Man in Town

Jervis Tetch a.k.a. the Mad Hatter

Jervis Tetch a.k.a. the Mad Hatter

Barbara and Tabitha booked a new act for The Sirens—Jervis Tetch (Benedict Samuel), a hypnotist. Before concluding his act, he picks a man from a rich couple in the audience to assist in his next demonstration. He makes him perform a trick that defied physics and tells the audience that anything is possible. Before he lifts the hypnotic state, he whispers something in the man’s ear.

Lock sense away,
Awaken the rascal.
When I say it is so,
Your home is my castle

Barbara wants to know if he can make someone do anything, with the power of hypnotism. He explains that he can, so long as it’s something the person subconsciously wants.

That night he goes to home of the couple and calls the house phone. When the husband answers, Jervis puts him back in a hypnotic state again with the rhyme. He has him kill his wife and then himself, leaving the house to him for the time being.

It’s now that he pulls out a photo of a girl whom he calls, “Dear sister, Alice.”

We’re in full blown Alice in Wonderland, folks, and Jervis is the Mad Hatter. You’ll notice the theme get stronger as we see upcoming episode titles and learn more about Jervis Tetch and his sister, Alice.

Alice in Gotham-land

When we first see Alice, she’s having problems with her landlord because she can’t pay her rent. He propositions her and tries to force himself on her. She defends herself, but he hits her, breaking her lip and getting some of her blood on his hand. He reacts as if poisoned and falls over.

Jervis enlists Jim the bounty hunter

Jervis tracks down Jim Gordon and hires him to help find Alice, whom he says was ill and taken from him by Strange, whom he thought could help them. He says that he came to Gotham after learning that the patients had escaped Arkham and Indian Hill.

On a tip from Selina, Jim goes to The Narrows bar where Alice worked. He runs into a pissed off owner and learns that Alice started the fire that burned down the bar after she’d cut herself and gotten blood on the counter. Jim gets into an altercation with the bar owner and gets his head busted.

He goes to hospital where he’s stitched up by none other than Lee’s fiancé, Mario.

Jim Gordan getting stitched up at Gotham General.

Jim Gordan getting stitched up at Gotham General.

The Hunt for Alice Continues

Jim finds Alice’s apartment and is attacked by the landlord. Alice shoots him and makes sure none of his blood got on Jim. She then sets the man on fire and runs when she finds out that her brother is looking for her, saying, “He can’t find me.”

Jim confronts Jervis about why Alice wants nothing to do with her and threatens to take him to the GCPD. Jervis tricks Jim and pulls him into a hypnotic state. He knows that Jim has had a hard few years and that he’s isolated and alone. He tells him to kill himself by stepping off the ledge of the roof.

Remember, Jervis previously told Barbara that he could only make people do something they already wanted to do. This gives us a real look into just how much Jim has been struggling with between the loss of Lee and the baby and his career as a cop.

Alice intervenes before Jervis can prompt Jim to step off the ledge. Alice shoots Jervis, wounding him, and breaking Jim from his trance. Jim slips but grabs hold and Alice helps him up after Jervis escapes. Jim then handcuffs Alice and takes her to the station to get answers.

Bruce 2.0

Bruce 2.0 tells Bruce that he was called Five at Indian Hill. Really it was 514A, though.

He doesn’t remember anything before Indian Hill, just waking up in the lab over a year ago and having tests run constantly. Like the other Indian Hill residents, he escaped when Fish broke them out.

After Bruce and Alfred leave the room, in his haste to grab some more food, Bruce 2.0 burns himself on a candle but doesn’t feel pain. Aside from the fact that he’s basically a Bruce clone, this is the first time we see something noticeably odd about him.

The next day, he sees Alfred training Bruce in fighting. He takes a turn and gets in a power-packed blow to Alfred’s head. Alfred goes after him more intensely, and Bruce 2.0 easily dodges the blows. When Alfred does land a solid punch, Bruce 2.0 feels no pain and doesn’t notice that his nose is bleeding. We also see a scar running the back of his neck as Bruce asks what they did to him at Indian Hill.

Selina needs help

Selina goes to Bruce for help finding Ivy.  She explains what happened when Ivy disappeared, and asks him to help drive her around to look. He says it’s not a good time for and Selina gets angry and leaves as Bruce apologizes.

In the hallway, Bruce 2.0 practices saying “I’m sorry” a couple times until he sounds like Bruce. Later that night, we find him standing over Bruce’s bed, studying him, before he finds a mirror and cuts his hair to look more like Bruce.

Bruce 2.0 then tracks down Selina, pretending to be Bruce. He apologizes and offers to take her to eat. Selina accepts.

Penguin joins the Race for Mayor

Aubrey steps up to fill the position of Mayor after the fiasco with Theo Galavan. Penguin protests and decries the corruption of the current government, particularly Aubrey James. Then, amid many cheers, he throws his name in for Mayor and demands an emergency election.

Oswald Cobblepot campaign poster.

Oswald Cobblepot campaign poster.

But the Campaign is Missing Something…

Penguin visits Arkham Asylum where he promises to give the head of the asylum any position he wants. In exchange, he will release Edward Nygma and declare him sane. If he doesn’t agree, Penguin would make sure he remains at Arkham for the rest of his career.

Caving to pressure, the warden releases Nygma and declares him sane. He even gives him a certificate of sanity.

Edward Nygma is declared sane and released from Arkham Asylum.

Edward Nygma is declared sane and released from Arkham Asylum.

Lee rejoins the GCPD

Capt. Barnes welcomes Lee back to GCPD. Jim comes to collect his bounty and runs into Lee and learns that she’s moving back to Gotham—with her fiancé, a doctor who transferred to Gotham General Hospital. It’s apparent that there’s a lot left unsaid between the two.

Mario who?

Mario and Lee meet for dinner and are joined by Carmine Falcone. We learn that Carmine is Mario’s father, but that Falcone promised his wife that Mario would be able to live a good, honest life, so Mario was not using the Falcone name.