Gotham: Mad City S3 ep4 – “New Day Rising”

Previously on Gotham

Jervis Tetch, the Mad Hatter, is searching for his sister Alice. At first he enlisted the help of Jim Gordon, but Jim became suspicious after Alice claimed she wanted nothing to do with her brother. When confronted, Tetch hypnotized Jim and tried to get him to step off the ledge of the roof at The Sirens. Alice saved him by shooting and wounding her brother, who then escaped. Jim slapped cuffs on Alice and took her into custody.

Penguin announced his candidacy for mayor and secured Edward Nygma’s release from Arkham Asylum.

Bruce and Alfred learned about Bruce’s doppelganger, Five a.k.a. 514A (Bruce 2.0), who has since cut his hair to look more like Bruce. Bruce 2.0 went to find Selina to help her look for Ivy—in theory.

Election Day

Oswald and Aubrey James were running toe to toe, the election was close.

Nygma believes Arkham made both him and Oswald stronger. Penguin had their release certificates framed.

Nygma started to dig into Butch’s business, wanting to know what he was doing and who he was speaking to.

Edward Nygma at Penguin's campaign headquarters.

Edward Nygma at Penguin's campaign headquarters.

In a charismatic speech, Penguin promised that together they will “Make Gotham Safe Again.”

Confirming that Butch was paying off officials to secure the election for Penguin, Nygma starts plotting. He didn’t think Penguin needed to buy the election. He believes the people actually want him as mayor.

He tried to make a point to Penguin about what it means to buy the election. He has a little girl thank penguin for getting rid of the monsters and it touches Pengiun’s heart. Then Nygma reveals he paid the little girl. Penguin is angry, but Nygma, in true style, has a riddle for him:

I can’t be bought,
But I can be stolen with a glance.
I’m worthless to one,
But priceless to two.
What am I?

Penguin feels betrayed and doesn’t want his riddles. He warns Nygma to back off. He wants the election more than anything and he’ll have it.

Soon, though, Butch finds out that Nygma asked for all the payoffs back. He goes after Nygma in front of Penguin and tells him that Nygma requested all the money back because he claimed Penguin wanted to run a clean election. These are the final moments of the election. It’s too late to fix things. Miraculously Oswald wins and the announcement is broadcast right as Butch is about to shoot Nygma. He won in a fair fight and realized that the people actually voted for him. They chose him to be mayor.

He immediately understands Nygma’s earlier riddle. Love. The people love him. He never would have known if he’d bought the election. Nygma tells Penguin that he believes in himeven when he doesn’t believe in himself. Penguin turns on Butch, accusing him of not believing in him and thinking he couldn’t win on his own.

And so, the bromance begins.

Penguin accepts his election win. He makes Nygma his Chief of Staff, leaving Butch hurt and angry in the background.

Lee talks to Alice

At GCPD, Lee draws Alice’s blood. Alice says she’s had the blood condition since birth. Contact with her blood changes people and affects people differently. Jervis believes it brings out a person’s true nature. He’s not infected with her blood, but he believes they’re connected—two sides of the same coin. Her way is the blood and his is the mind. But his goes beyond hypnosis. He preys on anger, fear, and regret. And if he gets in your mind, you’re doomed.

Jervis Tetch and the Terrible Tweeds

Jervis kills an amusement park owner and takes control of the old, creepy park. It’s a part of his plan to get his sister back. Before he killed the park owner, he explained that Alice loved amusement parks and that this was for her.

Afterward, he “hires” (hypnotizes) a family of luchadores called the Terrible Tweeds—Deever, Dumfree, and their three brothers. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, anyone?

Deever and Dumfree of the Terrible Tweeds

Deever and Dumfree of the Terrible Tweeds

Jervis doesn’t waste time before taking them to storm the GCPD so he can get Alice back.

Back at GCPD

During an interrogation, Alice tells Det. Harvey Bullock that her brother held her prisoner. She escaped and came to Gotham where Strange found her and locked her in Indian Hill. Jim watches through the two way mirror. She alludes that “it’s not over—for either of us,” which makes us wonder about Jim Gordon and the effects of Tetch’s hypnotism.

Inside Jim’s Head

Jim Gordon his the cross walk signal and it starts its rhythmic ticking, which triggers Jim. He slips back into a partial hypnotic state and hears Tetch’s commands once again in his head. He starts to walk into traffic in front of a speeding big rig truck, but a random man stops him just in time.

He goes to The Sirens to talk to Barbara. He wants her help to find Tetch. She taunts him but eventually tells him that Tetch wanted to hire some muscle with flair.

Jim goes back to GCPD and asks Barnes to let him talk to Alice. He explains about his run-in with Tetch and that he did something to him—that he’s been having some bad thoughts. Barnes gives him 5 minutes with Alice.

Alice tells him that the trance should have broken when he stepped back down from the ledge, but Jervis tapped into something Jim was struggling with. Anything resembling the ticking of Jervis’s watch will trigger the impulse.

Jervis played with her mind when they were kids. He did it to control her, to keep her with him. But then started putting other thoughts in her head, thoughts a brother should never have. She won’t ever go back to him.

Jervis and the Terrible Tweeds perform at GCPD

Jervis and the Terrible Tweeds show up at GCPD. Alice is in a panic and Jim tries to get her out.

The Tweeds start knocking cops out cold. Jervis confronts Alice and Jim—Jim pulls a gun. Jervis counters that Jim can’t kill him until he removes the impulse to kill himself. He brings out his watch and Jim starts to turn the gun on himself. He tries to resist and tells Alice to run, though she’s quickly grabbed by the Tweeds.

Jim Gordon fighting the impulse Jervis Tetch implanted.

Jim Gordon fighting the impulse Jervis Tetch implanted.

Barnes knocks Gordon out to keep him from shooting himself.

The Aftermath

Jim cuffed to a table, under Lee’s supervision—suicide watch. She doesn’t know what she’d do if anything happened to him. He says she’ll be fine—she’s moved on ok. Lee gets defensive. She went through the worst part of her life alone, without him. And he never came. Mario was there when she needed someone, while she put herself back together. Jim says the past is the past.

Lee says she hopes that anger and regret isn’t all that’s left of them, because there’s a difference between moving on and letting go.

Harvey Interrogates the Tweed

The GCPD managed to capture one of the Tweeds and Harvey pushes him for information on Jervis Tetch. He lost two brothers and Jervis gained a sister. Is that fair? He says he’s a fan of luchadores, and knows that most want to be buried in their masks. He threatens to burn his brothers’ masks. The Tweed caves in.

Jervis Throws a Tea Party for Alice

We come back to Jervis who has dressed Alice like Alice in Wonderland. He even set up a tea party where he tied her to a chair to keep her there. He forgives her for leaving, but wants her to understand the consequences of leaving him so she never does it again. He draws several vials of her blood.

When she asks what he’s going to do, he says he may mix it into a drinking fountain and create some monsters. That is, if she tries to leave him again. He says the connection to her keeps him sane.

The Showdown with Tetch

Jim and Harvey arrive. After a verbal exchange, Tetch has one of the Tweeds start a metronome and Jim struggles with the impulse to kill himself. Harvey attacks the Tweeds, shooting.

While Tetch tries to push Jim over the edge, talking about his pain, Jim sees flashes of his discovery of Lee having moved on and their recent conversation. He doesn’t want to die anymore. He breaks the trance and joins the fight against the Tweeds.

Alice fights Jervis when he tries to flee with her, and goes through a brittle wooden railing. She lands on the end of a pipe and it runs her through.

Later during the crime scene investigation, a drop of her Blood falls in Capt. Barnes’ eye.

Jim and Lee Make Nice

Jim goes back to GCPD and thanks Lee for telling Bullock where to find him. Lee wants to know if he’s alright. He assures her that whatever Jervis did is over, but also that he’s happy for her and Mario—or trying to be.

The Adventures of Selina and Bruce 2.0

Selina takes Bruce to the Bang Bang Room  so she can rob it. It has a betting parlor in back which should have a stash of cash. Selina tries to rob it but is caught in the act. The men who catch her intend to cut off her finger(s) to send a message to other potential theives, but Bruce 2.0 saves her. The no-pain feeling double takes out the men, releases Selina, and they run.

Selina’s amazed that Bruce 2.0 was able to take those guys out. She sees he’s wounded but also sees other scars and realizes he’s not actually Bruce.

Selina stitches Bruce 2.0 up while he tells her his story. She wants to know why he ran off and pretended to be Bruce. He did it because he wanted someone to look at him the way she looked at Bruce. He’s never had a friend before. She tells him a bit of her story and tells him he’s more normal than he thinks. He kisses her.

Bruce confronts Bruce 2.0

Bruce and Alfred were at Wayne manor, discussing where Bruce 2.0 may have gone and why. They learn that the Rolls Royce was found in The Narrows, near Selina’s apartment, so they head out to find him.

Bruce and Alfred find Bruce 2.0 and confront him. Bruce 2.0 assures them Selina is alright and wants to know if Bruce is upset because he pretended to be Bruce or because he spent time with Selina. He says his goodbyes and decides that it’s time to leave Gotham. He asks Bruce to say goodbye to Selina for him and to thank her for the kiss.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t make it out of the city. Kathryn and the shadow organization abduct him.

Did he really kiss her?

Bruce seems focused on whether Selina really kissed him Bruce 2.0 or not, and seems pleased with himself when he makes the assumption, “I bet she thought it was me.”