#Gotham: Mad City S3ep10: Time Bomb review and recap

It’s assassination (attempt) day

The assassination attempt

It’s two days until Lee and Mario’s wedding. Carmine Falcone took them both to a restaurant where the rehearsal dinner will be held. They enjoy the expected small talk about the wedding, the food, the upcoming honeymoon.

Carmine brings up Captain Barnes and Lee explains that it was the virus in the blood that made him do what he did. She explains that the scariest part is that no one knew—no one saw it. Looking back there were signs, but nothing that couldn’t be hidden or explained away. However, the lab has created a test to tell if someone has been infected—one step closer to a cure.

When they’re leaving, the valet runs off to get Don Falcone’s car. Suddenly there’s an explosion as the car goes up in a fireball.

On the scene with Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon arrives on the scene and Carmine pulls him aside. He believes that it’s one of his enemies and that they’re using the wedding as a way to settle an old score. He says he’s not coming out of retirement, but he won’t let this stand. Jim gives his word that he’ll figure this out, and Carmine gives him one day before he takes things into his own hands.

Back at GCPD, Lucius informs Jim and Harvey that it was a mercury switch and military grade plastic in the car bomb. It was also laced with a chemical to make the explosion burn much hotter. Harvey thinks that an ex-military nut-job named Fuse is involved.

They find Fuse dead in his apartment. He was still warm, so was killed recently. Jim notices part of the sheet on the bed wasn’t tucked in like the rest. He finds a folder with surveillance and other information. Carmine wasn’t the target—Mario is.

The assassins keep coming

At the hospital, Mario is walking out on a break when he’s attacked by a motorcycle with two riders, one wielding a sword. Jim shows up in time to get off a few shots and scare them away.

Jim tries to convince Mario to lay low while he investigates the case, but Mario refuses. Jim puts Harvey on babysitting duty so he can go let Carmine know what they’ve discovered.

Jim explains that Mario is the target and that this isn’t a mob grudge. He needs to know if Mario is mixed up in something. Carmine insists that Mario is decent and cannot be mixed up in anything. Right then, Jim gets a call from Harvey telling him that Mario took off and intended to handle the situation himself.


Jim tracks Mario down at the jeweler where he’s picking up the rings. He tries to convince him not to use himself as bait, but sees the bike and realizes it’s too late. They assassins are back and they attack. Mario and Jim fight back and Mario stabs one of the attackers in the eye with a brooch. He tells him that he could have killed Lee, and demands to know why they’re attacking him.

The man says that Mario knows why. Mario, in a fit of rage chokes him harder, but finally regains control and releases him. Jim makes the arrests.

Carmine joins the interrogation

Back at GCPD they get a call that the prisoner is being transferred. They determine that someone doesn’t want them to have him.

When no one is paying attention, Carmine steps into the interrogation room. He knows who sent the assassin, but wants to confirm it even though he knows the man won’t talk.

He uses his pocketknife to extract one of the man’s teeth. When he pulls it out, there is a an owl engraved on the gold-plated tooth.

Kathryn returns

Carmine confronts Kathryn and wants to know why they’re after his son when he’s done all that they’ve asked of him. Kathryn alludes to the fact that Mario is involved in something that Carmine is not privy to.

He threatens to burn the city down if they hurt Mario.

Lee says goodbye to Jim

On the way to the rehearsal dinner, Lee makes a stop at Jim’s apartment. She knows Jim has something to tell her and asks him to just tell her. He says he missed his chance to make her happy, but he wants that for her. Lee muses that they’re always saying goodbye and that it’s because they haven’t done it properly yet.

She kisses him and tells him goodbye.


Mario sees Lee exit Jim’s house and get into her cab. Some punks try to mug him, and Mario starts hearing voices saying “She loves him.”
He attacks one of the muggers and lifts him up by the neck and breaks the other’s hand. He screams, “She loves me, and I won’t let her go. She loves me!”

Mario in a blood virus induced rage at the thought of losing Lee.

Mario in a blood virus induced rage at the thought of losing Lee.

Mario is infected with Alice Tetch’s blood.

The curious case of the missing Butch and Tabi

Where are they, Penguin?

Penguin holds a meeting with some of the founding families and announces a plan for a 50% increase in protection fees. Barbara walks in and pulls a fun on Penguin. Tabitha and Butch are missing and she wants to know where they are. When Olga (Penguin’s maid) comes in, Barbara gets and idea and decides to de-escalate the situation and puts her fun away.

Penguin calls Edward Nygma and in a bit of a panic asks if he’s done yet. Nygma says he needs to work through his grief his own way, and Penguin pushes him to work faster.

Tabitha and Butch are both tied to chairs and gagged. Nygma fits an electroshock headpiece on Butch. Butch takes the ball gag out and they start trading jabs. Butch calls Penguin a coward for not killing him himself. Nygma says it has nothing to do with Penguin and asserts that Butch is the coward for killing an unarmed woman (Isabella). Of course, Butch doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Nygma tells Butch he's a coward for killing an unarmed woman.

Nygma tells Butch he's a coward for killing an unarmed woman.

Nygma believes Butch is just playing dumb and sends an electric shock through him.

Just a little girl talk

Barbara visits Olga to try and get some information. Either Penguin did send her to ESL lessons, or she’s been hiding the fact that she understands English. She eyes Barbara’s ring, and Barbara gives it to her. She leaks the news about how Penguin is in love with Mr. Edward Nygma. She likes Penguin, but not Nygma, and thinks Mr. Penguin can do better. She also lets Barbara know about a special delivery, but nothing came to the house but a bill from Stocks and Bondage.

The interrogation

Nygma tortures Butch with electric shocks, and then goes to turn his attention to Tabitha. Butch lashes out, insulting Penguin and saying Isabella was likely another Arkham looney, to try and take his attention back and spare Tabi.

Nygma finally removes Tabitha's gag and she demands to know what he wants. He states that he’ll just take a hand.

Stocks and Bondage

Barbara shows up and pretends to check the status of her order under the name of “Nygma.” The clerk confirms that it was delivered—so now she knows that Nygma is holed up somewhere and that that’s likely where she’ll find Butch and Tabitha.

She charms the clerk into demonstrating some stocks for her and traps him in them. She gets him to tell her the combination to the safe so she can find out what he bought and get the delivery address.

The show continues

Nygma shows off a mini guillotine that he designed himself. It’s on a timer that will release the blade. Tabitha can stop the blade by clicking a button on a controller she’ll be holding, but if she does, it sends a fatal jolt of electricity through Butch. She has a choice. Kill Butch to save her hand, or sacrifice her hand.

Butch pleads with Nygma to not do this to Tabi, and he points out that Butch should be pleading with Tabi.

She seriously contemplates hitting the button to save her hand. She likes Butch, but she’s not in a “love place.”

Butch tells her how much she means to him and that she’s the best thing to happen to him. He seems to make peace that she doesn’t love him. He loves her and that’s all that matters.

He turns to Nygma and confesses to killing Isabella by putting a bullet in her brain. He rants, trying to hurt Nygma as much as he can. A look of doubt and then realization comes over Nygma’s face. Butch didn’t kill Isabella—but it’s too late.

Tabitha drops the controller and sacrifices her hand.

Butch pleads to get Tabitha to a hospital and Nygma goes to get ice for Tabi’s hand right as Barbara storms in.

At the hospital

Barbara and Butch take Tabi and her hand to the hospital. While Tabi is taken away to surgery, Barbara tries to figure out who would have killed Isabella, if it wasn’t Butch. Someone cutting the breaks indicates it’s someone who knew the victim—and it hits her. It’s someone who is in love with Nygma and doesn’t want to share him.

She tells Butch they can have it all. They can take over and they don’t need to fight. They just need to start a war.

The Court of Owls

At Wayne Manor, Selina is going stir crazy being cooped up while Bruce tries to find any information he can on the key they found in Ivy’s stolen necklace.

Meanwhile, Ivy uses her plant ‘expertise’ to bespell Alfred so he tells her how to disable the alarm so she can leave the manor.

Selina puts the key into a solution of vinegar and baking soda to remove the tarnish so they can see if the key has any clues. When she removes it, they find an engraving of an owl.

The owl key from Ivy's stolen necklace.

The owl key from Ivy's stolen necklace.

He remembers Kathryn, the woman in the owl mask, and calls Alfred to tell him of the discovery. In a panic, he wants to contact them to return the key and assure her that their deal still stands.

They receive a call and find out that the people pursuing them have Ivy.

Ivy's been abducted by the crew that was pursuing her and the necklace.

Ivy's been abducted by the crew that was pursuing her and the necklace.

The meeting in the underground lair

Alfred, Bruce, and Selina arrive at a manhole they were instructed to enter. They go down and come upon the basement of a warehouse. Bruce demands to speak to Kathryn because he needs reassurances that his friends are not in any danger. The leader of the group tells him that any promises from Kathryn and her people are lies. Those people have no honor.

He explains that his group is working to destroy them and that they call themselves the Court of Owls.

The man identifies his group as the Whisper Gang, Gotham’s most notorious smugglers. Business was good until the Court offered them a partnership and then betrayed them. They’ve been working to avenge themselves ever since.

The key opens a safe that holds a device that can destroy the Court of Owls. They don’t know what it is—only that the Court fears it falling into the hand of their enemies.

Bruce explains that the Court killed his parents and that he stood down to keep his friends safe. However, if what they say is true, and the Court can be destroyed, then he’s willing to fight back.

The ambush

The Whisper Gang walks across a rooftop, talking about Bruce and their new alliance, but they have a visitor. The same man who kidnapped Bruce for the Court jumps them and kills them both. He’s looking for the key.