#Gotham: Mad City S3 ep11: Beware The Green-Eyed Monster Recap & Review

The Green-Eyed Monster

There’s a test for the virus, eh?

Mario knows he’s infected with the blood virus. After hearing about the test for the virus, he tracks down one of the lab employees, kills him, and steals his badge.

The next morning, Jim and Harvey are on the scene of the murder. Jim notes the strength needed to crush the victim’s head and confides that his first thought was Barnes, but he’s in Arkham. Harvey thinks Jim is grasping to link it back to Tetch, until Jim mentions that the victim worked for the lab where Alice’s blood was undergoing testing.

The trail to Arkham

Jim goes to the lab and learns that the victim’s badge was used 20 minutes earlier and it hadn’t checked out yet. He rushes to the lab and Mario ambushes him, knocking him out. Before he leaves, Mario tells an unconscious Jim that he isn’t going to kill him yet—Lee needs to hate him first.

When Jim comes to, he finds the word, “Arkham,” written on his hand. He decides to visit Tetch to find out who he infected. Tetch refuses to tell him, but can’t seem to control himself and blurts out several of his rhymes.

In case you missed the episode, or just want a refresher, I have to share the conversation:

And I know of whom you speak—
Oh yes, indeed!
I stabbed him, and pricked him,
And caused him to bleed!
But nothing you can say,
No words you might possess,
Can pry from me the smallest guess.
This game is MY game.
I say when it is done.
And right now I’m having too much fun.
— Jervis Tetch
Whoever you infected
Has some sort of plan.
I want you to tell me
The name of this man.
*Jervis starts to interrupt*
Two are dead.
More may die soon.
This isn’t a game.
Give me his name.
— Jim Gordon
You’ll only know his name when it’s too late—
When the one you love has been murdered by hate!
— Jervis Tetch
Give me his name, Tetch,
Give me his name,
Or you share the blame!
— Jim Gordon
Nothing, nothing, I’ll tell you not!
His name shall be neither spoken nor taught.
He’ll cut, and he’ll crush, and the blood will run thick,
Though from healer to killer is no easy trick!
— Jervis Tetch

The blood virus test

Jim has Mario brought in to be tested for the virus. While they wait, Jim tells Harvey that he must have been infected the same night Tetch drugged him [Jim] at the hospital.

Lucius reports that Mario doesn’t have the virus. He ran three tests and all came back negative.

Jim accuses Mario of beating the test—that’s why he broke into the lab. He wanted to know how to beat it. And it seems he did.

Mario has a friend

Jim rushes to find Lee to warn her, only to find Mario at their house. Mario baits him about whether he does or doesn’t have the virus. He asks what the virus would bring out of him [Mario]. Jealousy.

Mario goads him that the woman he [Jim] loves would be marrying someone who would do anything to keep her. He essentially admits to having the virus without using those words, continuing to bait Jim. He tells him he doesn’t care that Jim still loves Lee. What kills him is wondering if she still cares about Jim.

Jim wants them both to go find Lee right then, but instead, Mario calls out Victor Zsasz, hitman of the mob, then takes his leave. After a while, Victor lets him go. Those were his orders—just stall Jim. He takes Jim’s gun magazine, and Jim knocks him out to get it back.

At the church

Jim tries to tell Lee what he knows, but Mario has already told her his own story. She believes Mario. She thinks Jim is just obsessed with her and can’t let go. Jim realizes that he was set up. Mario wanted him to catch on to him and then pursue it so he would push Lee away.

Desperate, he confesses that he still loves her. He tells her how he was ashamed when he first got out of prison, and how he finally did go to see her only to find her happy with Mario.

She tells him that after the wedding, they’re leaving Gotham. She breaks down in anger and tears that Jim would do this to her on the day of her wedding.

Carmine’s goons escort Jim out but he resists. As Lee and Mario take their vows, Jim is being beaten to a pulp.


Lucius finds Harvey and informs him that Mario’s blood was off the charts for a chemical that would successfully mask the virus. This doesn’t prove he had it and killed those men, but it gives them a reason to investigate and get a warrant.

Executing a warrant

The GCPD crawls all over Mario, and Lee’s home and Lucius find the bottle of chemical that masked the virus. While there, they get news that Lee and Mario already left the reception.

Jim confronts Carmine and demands to know where they are. Carmine finally relents (after Jim shoots his men in the kneecaps) and tells him, but only if he promises to bring Mario back alive.

The honeymoon

Mario and Lee escaped to Carmine’s cabin on the lake for a quiet get-away. He asks Lee once more, promising not ever to ask again if there’s any part of her that still has feelings for Jim.

Lee admits that a part of her will always care for Jim, but assures him that she loves him [Mario] and married him.

He seems to be relieved.

As Lee is setting the table, Mario hears the voices again, “She loves him. She LOVES him.” He picks up a knife and starts to walk towards her.

At the same time Jim pulls up and rushes from the car. He calls out to Lee and sees Mario come out with the knife held high. He shoots.

Mario falls. The knife falls over the deck onto the rocks, where the water pulls it into the lake. Lee stands by, horrified, just after her ex shot her new husband.

Edward Nygma

Barbara spills Penguin’s secret

Barbara visits Nygma and goads him about not looking for Isabella’s killer. When he reveals his belief that it’s one of Penguin’s enemies trying to distract him, Barbara can’t resist telling him that Penguin was the one responsible. The motive? Love.

Rich men want it.
Wise men know it.
The poor all need it.
— Barbara Kean

Edward refuses to believe it at first, but Barbara convinces him that he owes it to Isabella to find out for certain.

Ngyma does some sleuthing

Edward is a little awkward as he deals with Penguin and turns in his resignation. Since he doesn’t believe Penguin is behind Isabella’s death, we can assume this is just a ploy to see how Oswald reacts. Oswald becomes nearly desperate and insists that Edward can’t leave. Then he recovers a bit and plays it off that leaving is not in Edward’s best interest because he needs work to take his mind off Isabella.

Edward takes the leap to bait Oswald now. He asks if they’re friends and then implies he wants more—however, he’s very deliberate with his words. He wants to be “more than employer/employee. More than friends.”

Oswald falls for the tactic and confesses that he feels the same and that he cannot deny love.

Edward is shocked and shaken and pulls back. He was truly not expecting this to play out like it did—or at least he was desperately hoping it wouldn’t. He says he meant he hoped they would be business partners, and as Penguin stumbles with his words, Nygma rushes out to mull over his new-found knowledge. Oswald, his best friend, killed Isabella.

Awkward encounter

At an awards ceremony, Nygma imagines stabbing Penguin in front of the whole crowd.

Afterwards, Oswald stops him from leaving and tells him that he misunderstood and doesn’t want to him. Edward is his best friend.

Edward turns and pulls him into a tight hug. “You’re my best friend, as well, Oswald. Remember that.” He breaks away and leaves.

An unlikely alliance

Nygma shows up at The Sirens where he finds Barbara, Tabitha, and Butch. He says he doesn’t want to kill Penguin. He wants to destroy him—to take away everything and make him suffer. Butch and Tabitha don’t understand what he’s talking about, and Barbara fills them in.

All she wants, to help Edward, is to rule the underworld, with Edward as an ally.

But first, she makes him apologize to Tabitha for cutting off her hand.


The Court of Owls

Planning a break-in

The head of the Whisper Gang lets Bruce and Alfred know that they were compromised and ambushed by the Court’s assassin. Along with Selina, they 4 go to surveil the Court’s vault and plan break in. They leave for a while before finally returning to perform the heist.

Selina insists on being the one to perform the tightrope feat since she’s more skilled and Bruce is fairly useless at it. Earlier she mentioned feeling like they were being watched, and as they walk off to break in, a black figure looms on a nearby rooftop.

The heist

Alfred distracts guards at the front of the building while Selina and Bruce break in through a skylight in the attic. They quickly find the vault and Alfred go to check the rest of the house. Bruce manages to hold the rope steady long enough for Selina to get through the room to the vault and grab the owl statue she finds there, but when the assassin shows up, he loses his grip and Selina drops, triggering the alarm.

Long story short, Bruce, Selina, and Alfred all take turns almost getting killed, being saved by the others, as well as saving the others. Suddenly the figure that was watching them rushes in and takes the assassin by surprise, allowing Alfred the chance to kill him.

Who is this mystery, person?

It’s Selina’s mother.