#Gotham Mad City S3ep9 – “The Executioner” recap and review

Ivy in trouble

Remember when Selina saw Ivy (though she didn’t realize it) at the Penguin’s Mayoral celebration at The Sirens? She was hanging with a relatively wealthy looking man. Well, that’s how she’s been spending her time. She’s learning that she can use her looks to get what wants. And she’s interested in jewelry and other items she can sell or keep for herself.

But remember, she’s still a young teen inside. She’s not willing to hop into bed for a pretty necklace—though there’s nothing wrong with a romp, she’s just not emotionally mature enough for that. However, she used her skill with plants to create a perfume that she can use to temporarily control men into giving her what she wants. But this time, it backfires. She steals an emerald necklace from a vault, but as she tries to leave, the man has snapped out of his haze and attacks her.

Ivy steals a rather valuable necklace.

Ivy steals a rather valuable necklace.

Enlisting Selina (and Bruce)

Ivy is worried for her safety, so she goes to Selina’s place. That’s where Selina finds her—immediately before calling Bruce. She explains what happened to her and Selina believes her. She remembers that one man’s ability to age a person, and also recalls how Ivy liked to eat all of her (Selina’s) food.

Some men in masks arrive, carrying crossbows. Ivy believes they’re working for the man she robbed. They attack the teens, but Selina knows her apartment building and gets them out. When they think they’re safe enough, they stop running. Bruce and Ivy negotiate, and he agrees to pay her $5000 for the necklace, which he plans to return to its owner so he can call his goons off.

When they arrive at his place, they find him dead with a crossbow through the eye. The goons weren’t his. After throwing the necklace to the ground, they find that it concealed a key. To what? We don’t know yet.

Nygma mourns

While Nygma is fretting over not getting calls back from Isabella, he gets a call to come down to the GCPD. Once there, he’s informed about Isabella’s accident and asked to identify the body. Even though they’d only been together about a week, he is devastated at the loss. He was told she fell asleep at the wheel and blasted through the tracks when a train came.

Back at the Mayor’s mansion he sulks, curled up in a chair with a blanket.

Penguin is getting his mayoral portrait done but pauses to try and talk Nygma out of his funk. He partially succeeds and Nygma decides to visit the place of the accident so he can get some sort of closure.

When he arrives at the tracks he becomes suspicious. They’re only 4 blocks from the apartment, so why would she fall asleep?

A blind homeless man asks for some change, and Nygma asks if he was there the night of the accident. He says he was—it was terrible. She was screaming for help and then the crash occurred. But why would she have been screaming if she had fallen asleep? Why not just hit the brakes if she’d woken up?

He goes to take a look at her car and finds that the brake lines were cut. Even the most inept copy would have found that. He knows that someone had to have paid them all off—and she knows who.

Back at the Mayor’s mansion he confronts Penguin with the news that Isabella was murdered and that he knows who. Penguin is obviously in shock, and a bit worried, but his worries are assuaged when Nygma states that he believes it was Butch who did it. Butch was angry that Nygma “outed him” as the leader of the Red Hoods, and he wanted revenge. Penguin pledges to help him avenge Isabella.

Barnes goes bad

Jim is investigating the death of Dr. Simon. Remember, the doctor identified Barnes as his killer just before he passed. Jim knows he needs help so he enlists Harvey to help—Harvey only agrees because he wants to prove that the Captain is innocent. They both hope Jim is wrong, but Jim is certain he’s not.

Barnes has given in his inner desires for justice. He’s been going around the city executing criminals he deems guilty. As he strings up three and prepares to hang them, he speaks to them—to himself—about how he feels and the effects of the blood. He tells them how he kept files for them on years, unable to get the proof needed to lock them up. But now he won’t wait. He judges them, sentences them to death, and kicks the chairs out from under them.

Barnes suspects that Jim knows it was him. Barnes says he has some intel on where to find a mid-level enforcer who did the killing. He asks Jim to go with him to pick up the enforcer. He prevents Jim from telling Harvey that they’re leaving, but he gives Jim a false address (he swapped the streets) and the opportunity to call Harvey while he’s grabbing a gun from the trunk. Harvey won’t be able to meet Jim at the right place. Barnes even plays with Jim, forcing him to question him about the night of the murder since he was there and everyone there a suspect.

He tests the water to see if Jim would be open to “his way” of dealing justice. Jim tries to use Barnes’ own logic against him, about the law showing you the line you can and can’t cross. Barnes laughs it off and basically gives Jim a choice that sounds vaguely like an ultimatum.

They confront the enforcer, and even though Barnes confirms his innocence, he shoots him anyway and then turns on Jim. He confesses to what he did and gives Jim the chance to join him. Jim refuses.

Jim runs when some of the enforcer’s cronies show up and distracts Barnes. The GCPD mobiles to capture Jim Gordon—Barnes told them he went crazy and was killing criminals. Jim calls Harvey and tells him what happened, Barnes on his tail.

Harvey gets Dr. Lee Tompkins to falsify a report that proves Barnes was infected with Tetch’s blood (it’s true, but they had no evidence) in order to convince the GCPD that Barnes was the danger, not Jim. They show up right as Barnes corners Jim, but Barnes believes they’re coming to his aid, not coming to arrest him.

We end with Barnes at Arkham, in a straight-jacket, yelling, “GUILTY!”

Barnes gets locked up in Arkham.

Barnes gets locked up in Arkham.