#Gotham S 3 Ep 20 "Pretty Hate Machine" Spoilers, Recap, and Review

Woah, this episode had a lot going on and it left us on a cliffhanger! Just to be expected before the two hour premiere of the third season finale of Gotham.

Well, I don’t want to take up the time with pleasantries, so let’s dive right into it.

Now the last thing we saw in the previous episode was Lee (Morena Baccarin) inject herself with the Tetch virus because Jervis Tetch revealed that even though he and Jim were involved in her husband’s death, it was actually all her fault, and boy, oh boy, does she put the virus to good use right away.

You know how the Tetch virus brings out the darkest part of a person? Like how it brought out Marco’s jealousy and Barnes’ need for absolute justice? Apparently, the virus brought out her sick love for Jim….as well as her desire for some heavy eye makeup. So Jim (Ben McKenzie) realizing that Lee stole the virus, he confronts her about it at her home and, well…..with the super strength that comes with the virus, a scuffle quickly occurs and Lee manages to knock out Jim.

At the GCPD, Harvey (Donal Logue) and super stressed out over Bruce, Alfred (Sean Pertwee), are quickly crossing off every marked spot on the crystal owl map. Unfortunately, the reason they’re going through them so quickly is because no matter which spot they arrive at, it’s the same thing: dead members of the Court of Owls. What in the world happened to them, you ask? Um, well…with Bruce (David Mazouz) under the Shaman’s (Raymond J. Barry) control, they’re going from location to location taking out each Court member until it’s time to detonate the weapon. Oh yeah, and it’s totally confirmed that the Shaman is the freaking LEADER!!!!!!!

In a, I guess, unconventional way, Alfred gets some stress out when the GCPD arrests Dr. Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong) and Harvey give the O.K. to get information out of him about the Court and Bruce as well as he can. Needless to say, seeing Alfred Pennyworth dangle Strange of the side of a building by just his tie was an awesome thing would witness.

Anyways, while Bullock and Alfred are in a tizzy about what to do next, Lee thinks it’s a good time to come on in and inform the GCPD that she had buried Jim in a coffin. So, it’s kind of another day in Gotham I suppose. Don’t worry; she didn’t kill Jim. She buried him alive with a CB radio and a sample of the Tetch virus for Jim to take and escape with. So now we have Alfred worried sick about Bruce, and Harvey worried sick about his partner Jim. Those poor guys. They, of course, lock up Lee and her caked on makeup in a cell.

With a little detective work, Jim figures out that the radio he and Harvey now have, has about a mile radius on them and they quickly discover the general location where he’s buried.

While searching for Jim, the time and location of the bomb are then revealed: at Union Station at twelve o’ clock, which does not give Harvey enough time to find Jim and the bomb before it goes off. Running very low on oxygen, Jim reluctantly takes the virus and breaks free of the coffin.

With the members of the Court gone, the Shaman and Bruce have only one thing left to do: detonate the bomb. Shaman gives that responsibility to Bruce because he is entirely convinced that it is his destiny to destroy Gotham and make it rise from the ashes of insanity. They are quickly stopped by Alfred who threatens to shoot the Shaman. Bruce hesitates only for a moment when he arrives. You can see the absolute torment

Alfred is going through seeing Bruce under the control of the Shaman and the whole crazy, destiny talk. Alfred begs Bruce to step out of the way and drop the detonator. The Shaman furiously steps in front of Bruce and sets off the bomb himself, Alfred shooting him in the process. In Bruce’s anguish, the Shaman has one last message for Bruce: to seek out the Demon’s Head. In a grief stricken fury, Bruce tries to attack Alfred, but then arrested by the GCPD.

Now we see Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) stress out about his lack of a freak army to Ivy (Maggie Geha) in a safe house *emphasis on safe*. He inquires Selina (Camren Bicondova) to go and find Firefly since she knows her. The Riddle (Corey Michael Smith) and Butch (Drew Powell) quickly barge in to capture Penguin and Ivy. Selina manages to get herself out of there, only to get knocked out by Tabitha (Jessica Lucas). But it turns out, when Oswald called it a safe house, he wasn’t kidding. Armored plates and lights are activated and provide a much needed escape for him and Ivy.

At the Siren’s Club, in exchange for Ivy’s safety and money, Barbara (Erin Richards), Edward, Butch and Tabitha make a deal with Selina to help them find out where Oswald is hiding. We also get a little snit between Babs and Tabs because of the whole betrayal thing with Mayor James.

Unknowingly, Ivy reveals that she and Oswald are hiding in her greenhouse. With Riddler’s posse accompanying him, they quickly hold Oz at gunpoint. Edward has full intention to shoot Penguin, but only until he calls him “The Riddler”. Scoffing at his stupid request, Oswald declines a quick death and would prefer a slow and painful one compared to calling Edward by that ridiculous title.

Sounds of people are heard outside the greenhouse. It’s strange because, we seem to have everyone involved in Oswald and Edward’s war in the same room…..until FISH MOONEY (Jada Pinkett Smith) APPEARS WITH ARMED GOONS, BITCHES!!!!!!

Needless to say, everyone, especially Oswald, is stunned to see her. Well, I guess Butch is more amused than surprised, but whatever. The only thing Fish came for was Oswald. In a surprising turn, she takes Penguin for herself and leaves everyone else in an opened mouth stupor.

Meanwhile, even with the virus in his system, Jim couldn’t make it in time to stop or turn off the bomb. Apparently Lee had escaped police custody and smacked Jim around a bit before the counter hit zero. The bomb goes off and a rush of red madness affects thousands of people, leaving so many innocent people to fall deep into insanity.

Wow, wow, wow! A lot of awesome stuff happened in this episode. A lot of things got resolved, leaving with even more questions and new problems in the episode’s wake. Even though Lee was in the episode, I still liked it.

8 out of 10 for me.

The title of the episode is “Pretty Hate Machine”, which is also the name of a Nine Inch Nails album. I have no idea of connection between the two, or even if there are any. If anyone can think of one, let me know in the comments section.

I would state now the things I liked and did not like about the episode, but I enjoyed watching the whole episode. Is every episode of Gotham or any television series a ten out of ten? Absolutely not. But nonetheless, I had a great time watching and experiencing this episode and I can’t wait for the two hour season premiere of the season finale. It’s going to be hard not seeing Gotham and waiting for the next season, but I am grateful as hell that there is going to BE a next season and I know that the season finale will leave us all emotionally scared and wanting more.

And as always, stay weird. Til next time.