#Gotham S3 Ep 13 & 14 "Smile Like you mean it " The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" Recap.

With the return of Gotham looming what better time to recap the events of the previous two episodes that saw the return of Jerome.   


When Dwight, a crazy follower of the deceased Jerome steals his body and experiments on it to bring him back, he thinks his attempts have failed. Crazed and clearly unhinged he removes Jerome face to wear it as his own and take charge of Jerome's followers. Unfortunately for Dwight Jerome finally wakes and is none too happy to be faceless. 

Hunting down Dwight and taking his face and his crown back from the wannabe leader of the J-Gang Jerome now sets his sights on Bruce Wayne to finish what he started before he was killed. 


The show has taken several ideas from the comics to make this character and storyline with the faceless joker appearing in DC's new 52.  

The similarities between comics and TV don't stop there as the episode continues Jerome staples his face back on mimicking that of the books Joker.  


When Jerome kidnaps Bruce and takes him to the circus he hunts him through a hall of mirrors that In itself mirrors the screen from the Dark Knight storyline  


Bruce faces down Jerome and stands his ground showing the kind of men they will both become and what will be the first of many battles between the two.


Selina's reunion with her mother is tainted when she tries to con Bruce out of thousands of dollars, not caring about the money Bruce is willing to pay if it means getting this woman out of Selina's life but Selina takes exception to ripping off her friend and ends her already tenuous relationship with her mother. This shows just how much Bruce means to Salina. 


The Court of Owls looks set to make their move as they have taken the young Bruce Wayne look-alike under their wing and seem set to make a switch with the real Bruce. This plan will only work if the Court remove Alfred and Selina as the two know Bruce far too well to be fooled. 


Edward finally confronts Oswald with the trust about what happened to miss Cringle... I mean Isabella and the car crash. With a trap worthy of Adam West's Riddler Edward leaves Oswald to die. Narrowly escaping with his life he heads to the only place he thinks to be safe the Sirens bar and Barbara who turns him over to Edward to finish him once and for all in a manner far too well known to Oswald as he is shot and thrown into the sea not unlike what he did to Fish Moony. Is this the last we will see if Oswald? Fingers crossed it is not.  

 These episodes were some of my favorites of the entire show and got a solid Grade 10.