#Gotham Season 4 Episode 2 "The Fear Reaper" Rate, Review, Spoilers

Alrighty then, Gothamites. It’s the second episode of the fourth season of Gotham.

Let’s summarize, shall we?


At the Crane house, we see that the GCPD have already begun their investigation. We also get another Bullocks from Harvey Bullock himself (Donal Logue).

Upon further investigating, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey discover that Grady (Michael Maize) had been tied up and propped in the front yard. Grady’s position becomes more and more apropos when he yells that “The Scarecrow is coming!”

Back at the GCPD, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is released from prison by Alfred (Sean Pertwee). Jim is surprised seeing Bruce in captivity to which Bruce responds that he was looking for Selina Kyle and he stumbled upon a robbery in progress, and the window had broken under his weight. Gordon still has his suspicions but lets Bruce go.

 Not completely buying the whole “Selina Kyle” or another “rock-climbing” story, Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) keeps Bruce under suspicion as well.


We then go to good old Arkham Asylum to see Warden Reed (Damian Young) destroy evidence against him in a fire until he is visited by a very pissed off patient, Jonathan Crane (Charlie Tahan). Or, as he prefers to be called now, the Scarecrow.

            With his new suit and attachments, Scarecrow douses Warden in fear toxin, causing him to see frantic clowns everywhere. Reed tries to run away from his fear. More and more clowns seem to come after him in his path. Reed shoots any clown he sees as he tries to get away. In reality, those “clowns” were actually Arkham staff.

            Scarecrow comes across a room where his crazy ass brothers and sisters are strapped to beds. He sprays fear toxin on each and every one of them to create his own army.


Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) arrives at the GCPD to confront Jim Gordon about finding and arresting Jonathan Crane. Harvey Bullock offers up some shots at Penguin’s expense about his club’s opening. In a major spectacle of speech, Cobblepot exclaims that joining him and his new system of unionized crime will leave people much safer than leaving things up to the GCPD.

            Of course, Jim is not going to take these insults sitting down. He and Oswald come to an “agreement” in which Gordon only has 24 hours to catch Jonathan Crane. If he can't-do that, then the GCPD will leave Penguin to do things his way.


Elsewhere, we see our favorite female felines, Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), and Tabitha Galavan (Jessica Lucas), in front of this kinda creepy but kinda cool looking building. As surprised as they were to see each other there, they were even more surprised to learn that they both received the same invitation that reads

An Opportunity Awaits           

            To add even more surprise and shock, the person who sent them the invitations, the person awaiting them inside is DUN DUN DUUUUNN!


Barbara Kean!

(Okay yeah, I know. Stuff like this isn’t that weird in Gotham….but still)

Barbara (Erin Richards) has been alive and well (as well as she can be) and has been pretty busy from the looks of her new “gallery”. Panels and racks of various types of firearms are lined quite literally wall-to-wall in Barbara’s new headquarters. Her plan to “make it back to the top” is to sell weapons to criminals for the new licensed system, but she needs some help in order to get the ball rolling.


            Of course, Selina is all for this, but Tabitha is completely against this. Not only did Barbara mistreat her during their relationship, but oh yeah…SHE FREAKING KILLED BUTCH!

            Barbara tells Tabitha that she’s sorry and that she would do anything to gain Tabitha’s trust back. Tabitha gets the awesome idea of cutting off Barbara’s hand because both she and Butch got their hands cut off.

            But as usual, Tabitha doesn’t follow through on things THAT SHE SHOULD and she leaves in a huff.


            Back to the GCPD, Jim Gordon decides to go to Arkham and find Jonathan Crane, but everyone in the precinct, even his partner Harvey, don’t follow.

            All alone in Arkham, Jim immediately gets attacked by Scarecrow’s army. But don’t worry, our Jimbo deals with them like a boss. However, on the security monitors, Scarecrow sees Jim and remembers him from that night three years ago.


            Scarecrow confronts Gordon and decides to get revenge on Jim for his father and he sprays him with the fear toxin to see what exactly the great Jim Gordon is afraid of.


            In his toxin induced hallucination, Jim sees Lee (Morena Baccarin) in a bathtub full of her own blood coming from her slit wrists. Jim tries to save her, but Lee refuses help and wants to be free from this life. And free from Jim. With Scarecrow behind him, he taunts Jim into joining Lee. Until finally, Jim realizes that Lee would never want this because she loves him and he snaps out of the hallucination.


            Back in Barbara’s lair, Oswald, Ivy (Maggie Geha), and Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan) politely inform Barbara that in order to sell weapons, Barbara needs to get permission from Penguin himself and that asking for a partnership from Selina and Tabitha isn’t a wise idea. Ivy chimes in saying that she could possibly persuade them into at least thinking about joining Barbara. As a retort, Penguin roars at Ivy that she could only come if she kept her mouth shut. Ivy leaves in a huff. Penguin leaves with a question in the air: Who funded Barbara’s new “hobby”.

            Victor just leaves with a new toy.

            After Jim resists the fear toxin, he quickly learned that water can dissolve the gas and its effects. He activates the overhead sprinklers on the inmates, but amongst the commotion, Scarecrow manages to get away.


        On the streets of Gotham, Bruce follows this gang with matching hats into a building. Since he isn’t completely ready to be awesome like the Dark Knight, Bruce gets caught and is attacked. But Bruce does use his skills to kick some butt and get the heck out of there. During his escape, Bruce is confronted by the leader of the gang. Before anything else gets messy, Alfred knocks the leader out.


            At Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred argue like a parent argues with a rebellious teenager until their fight is interrupted by a guest. Lucius Fox shows up at their door with a case of stuff that he had been working on for Bruce and his, uh, “rock climbing” activities. He presents a military grade, bulletproof, and lighter weight suit for Bruce to wear, as well as a mask……contain your excitement, folks.


            Jim arrives back at the GCPD with no Jonathan Crane in hand. Penguin confronts and berates Jim as well as the GCPD for their incompetence in the past and as well in the present. He urges cops to follow his lead.


              Being shot down by Tabitha and Selina, and from being constantly yelled at by Penguin, Ivy decides to take matters into her own hands. She visits a medicine man who she influences to show her where he keeps all of his most powerful “potions”. Ivy chugs down all of them, and her physical appearance slowly changes in color and in shape.

            Jim confronts Bullock about not having his back or at least not encouraging the rest of the force to help fight against the new system. Harvey says that if he did back Jim up, the GCPD would have hated him and have more reason to go with Penguin. And they need an army in order to fight against him and against Scarecrow.


I give this episode a solid 8 out of 10

As always, stay weird. Till next time.