#GreatNews S2, Ep. 1 "Boardroom Bitch" Season Premiere Recap/Review


In the season premiere of Great News, a new boss takes over The Breakdown of some changes.

After pulling off a fake new stunt, The Breakdown gets a new boss, Diana St. Tropez, who makes a splashing first appearance as the station's janitor. With Diana making some changes, Katie, who's a huge fan of her's, asked if she could be her mentor but declined. But gets one advice from her to freeze her eggs to put her career first over family.

Meanwhile, Diana makes some changes to the format of The Breakdown, taking the format of cable news with shouting about topics that turn up to be a rating winner. Chuck, who doesn't like the new format, tries to do his best to one up on the panel but fail until Portia gives him a helping hand and gets Chuck speaking his mind on why change is bad.

Carol learns of what Katie is doing and takes matters into her own hands with Diana. After a couple of smart and hilarious moments with one another, Diana decides to take the challenge of mentoring Katie, like running a marathon on a full bladder. But later Carol and Katie come to an understanding, and Carol learns from Katie and her and Greg kissed.

"Boardroom Bitch" is an excellent episode that brought many laughs and memorable scenes from the cast and that includes Tina Fey as Diana. I think that Diana St. Tropez might be one of the best bosses that I've seen since Michael Scott. The writing of this episode was so fantastic and had some good character growth. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

You can catch Great News Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.