#Grimm S6, Ep. 11 "Where The Wild Things Are" Recap/Review

Let the games begin! 

"Where the Wild Things Are" picks up minutes after the previous episode where Monroe and Rosalee finds the mirror uncover and a hexinbeist book opening figuring out that Eve has gone through and calling Nick and Adalind to figure something out how to get Eve out. With Nick not allowing Adalind to go in there, he goes using the stick, but when he goes through it stays with Adalind and Monroe. 

When Nick goes though he awakens to a different world of Wesen and humans seeing blutbads attacking other wesen and humans. Eve finds Nick and the two tries to find their way around looking for the black skull that they learn is called Zerstorer. 

Meanwhile, with no other solution on getting Nick and Eve out, Adalind and the gang calls on Renard to tell them what he knows about these signs, but also give him the rundown of what has been happening. After he calls on his friend that he's asked about the symbols  and soon get word that this has to do with a Shaphat, or devil and is looking for it's bride.....Diana. After telling Adalind and the gang what his friend said, they go out to get everything they need to figure out what to do. 

Meanwhile, Nick and Eve meets a group of humans after being chased by blutbads, and after killing a couple of them in front of them, they were accepted. Nick asked the leader of the group about what they're looking for and drew the face of it on a rock. After eating a piece of cooked but bad, don't tell Monroe about this, the leader takes them to it, but gets the freak out when Eve starts woging slowly. 

There's a moment when Nick and Eve are at the rock that she tells Nick and Juliette are gone and that being happy only gets in the way of things. I feel that watching that scene really made me change the way Eve/Juliette has been over the years. Also gives a bit of closure as well. The two faces with the Zerstorer and for which left us with an on the edge cliffhanger. 

This episode felt like a beginning of a feature film. The settings were fantastic, mostly the circle rock. I loved how everyone played a great role in this episode. Beastie Tulloch was at her best in this episode with such great dialogue with David Giuntoli. There were many humorist moments from the gang meeting with Renard to even Wu making a joke about how this feels like how Alice falling through the looking glass. The writing was so good. Overall I give this episode a 9/10.

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