#Grimm S6, Ep. 12 "Zerstorer Shrugged" Recap/Review

Okay. Okay. After waiting more than a couple of hours and eating the rest of my birthday cake (2/3) to process last night's second to the last episode of Grimm. All I have to say is that my emotional meter went haywire. I hope everyone is okay after this episode. 

Picking up from where we left off, Nick and Eve tries to battle the Zerstorer, but nothing was effecting him. On the other side, Monroe, Adalind, and Renard try to figure out who's going to go in and get them out, and one option is using Diana just to open it. 

Meanwhile, at the spice shop, Hank, Wu, and Rosalee try to search for anything that they can find in the books. Hank found a page where the skull creator image shows with two different circles, by which it says that to come through the mirror, it needs Nick so it can come through. Rosalee tries calling Monroe about it, but it was too late as Diana opened a portal using the stick and Nick and Eve got out and the Zerstorer too, but it didn't come along with them as it landed in a gas station bathroom.

After Nick and Eve returns, Eve isn't a hexenbiest anymore that her powers or spirit was left back on the other side as Diana tells her. Diana senses that the Zerstorer is coming and so Nick has the idea to use the cabin where he caught his first Wesen criminal and hided both Renard, Adalind and the kids there til everything blows over or the beast is dead.  But they place a potion that will protect Diana from the beast so he has not clue where she is at. 

As Nick, Adalind and Renard get to the cabin, some flashbacks from memory lane comes as not only was it the place that Nick caught his first Wesen but also where he and Renard battled it out, and he gives Nick and the first key. After settling in and given Adalind a hug, she rushes out to Nick and tells him to be careful, and from that moment he kisses her for a hot couple of seconds and tells her that he loves her and that she too loves him. It's one of those heartwarming moments that I just need a tissue to cry my eye out. 

Nick meets with Hank and Wu at a crime scene where two dead bodies were found at a gas station, the same gas station that the beast came out from in the bathroom. They see what the beast looked like and he turns up looking like a steroid-buff Bobby Flay. Soon they get another of a homeless guy that was attacked by the same man but with a snake. 

As they got there Nick gets a call from Eve telling him that he needs to get to the spice shop. As he gets there, he sees that Trubel has returns and told him that Black Claw is all gone. We learn that the stick that he and Monroe found is apart from the beast's stick so this turns into a keep away from him not only Diana, Kelly but also the stick (Kelly too because Diana had a bad dream of the beast coming to get her and him).

As Nick meets with Hank and Wu at the precinct, Trubel calls him that the beast is on his way towards them as they get ready with machine guns. Quickly the beast is in the building and takes out everyone and almost the entire place, but Nick and the guys comes in with guns blazing but doesn't hurt it at all and wipes them back with its stick power. 

Wu woges and attacks it but suddenly gets killed by the stick as it stabs him in the stomach shocking Nick and Hank. Hank goes all Scarface and goes after him but he too gets killed by the stick to the throat and right then and there my heart sinks to the floor and probably all the way through the earth to China I assume. But also the moment comes when Nick is very pissed and goes after the Zerstorer with all he has but it uses it's stick and pushes Nick all the way to the wall as it's unlike he has ever seen or battled before and after there we wait to next week.

This was definitely the episode no one should have missed. This was a very, very good episode as it felt so much like a feature movie. As I said before I emotionally meter going bonkers from when Nick and Adalind's "I love you" moment to the return of Trubel and even the last scene of Wu/Hank death and not to mention watching Nick fly through the air like that really sank my heart. Everyone played so good in this episode but give a lot of credit to Hannah R. Loyd gave a real amazing and chilling performance. It seems that Nick will have to give all his all in the final hour. The promo very much scares me trying to guess what's gonna happen. The writing was outstanding and so memorable (but for me it'll take some time til I rewatch this again but I will rewatch it again).

Overall, I give this episode 9.5/10.

What do you think of last night's episode? What do you think will go down in next week's series finale? Tell us by leaving a comment. 

You can catch the series finale of Grimm this Friday at 8/7c on NBC.