#Grimm S6, Ep. 13 "The End" Series Finale Recap/Review (Spoilers!)

Everything comes down to this, will Nick defeat his greatest enemy? 

Let me just start out by saying that this was really a roller coaster ride that had so many ups and downs that my heart just felt the need to sink down to the ground (once again). Beware there are spoilers here!

The episode picks up right after the last episode, Nick wakes up and finds both Hank and Wu dead and tries to use the stick to bring them back, but nothing seems to work. Trubel comes and agree to use their old weapons against the Zerstorer. After talking with Adalind and Renard on the phone, Nick tells Trubel to head over where Adalind and Renard are at while he goes over to the Spice Shop.

As Nick gets to the Spice Shop, Rosalee, Monroe and Eve might have the portion to end the beast, and that has to do with a blood of both a Wesen, Hexenbiest and a Grimm. After Nick hears about it, Rosalee and Monroe head over to the cabin, but when Nick and Eve were about to head out and talked about no regrets, the beast shows up. Eve tries to attack the beast but fails and is forced to stab herself and Nick rushes to her aid but dies just before saying "No Regrets." And as soon as he places her on the bed at the spice shop, he goes all mad and uses the ax to trash the spice shop.  

As the Rosalee and Monroe get to the Cabin, they told Adalind what they have a plan, and they set everything up. Nick gets there, and they start the process of potion. As the potion is ready, Diana wakes up and tells Renard that she isn't tired and scared because the Zerstorer is coming because it followed Nick because of that stick. 

As the beast walks away with Diana, Renard goes out and tries to stop him, after a couple of hits and punches, Renard gets stabbed by the beast's stick and dies. Nick, Adalind, Rosalee and Monroe go out and tries to battle him together, even splashing the potion onto it's face. It looked like it was working til it stopped Nick from slicing his head with the ax. Adalind yells to Trubel to get out of here with Kelly but too late as they were locked in for good. 

This were things get very intense as they battle the beast, nothing was stopping him. And not even with in a two minute mark, it killed both Adalind, Monroe and Rosalee. Emotions run very high, as Nick hears noises in the cabin he rushes in and sees that the beast also kills Trubel too. Nick tells the beast that he will not let him have his son and the beast tells him that it doesn't have to come to that and the one thing he wants is the stick. For the stick, the beast can make everything back to normal friends/family alive and brings Trubel to prove it. After looking at Kelly, he offers to give the stick, but Trubel stops him and asked why does he want him to hand it to him, why couldn't he just take it.

As Nick was about to hand over the stick, Trubel fights him and runs with it through the woods. Soon they both fight for it and as Nick stops, he walks back but is stopped by both his mother and aunt Marie, who tell him that he needs to find his strengthen within. After learning abut the meaning of the stick, they both walk towards the beast and soon battles him along with Trubel too. After stabbing and slicing his arm, Nick finishes the beast off by stabbing him with his own stick to the heart killing it. 

Nick and Trubel look around and he runs to Adalind's side and takes off the ring. After Diana shows up and Nick was about to use the stick on Adalind the beast suddenly turns to dust and transformers into a portal where it was pulling Nick and the stick. As he couldn't stop it, Nick is pulled through and we see that it pulls him back to where he and Eve make it back. Apparently, he was still in the bad place after all and when Nick realizes that he sees everyone alive and Diana tells him that the Zerstorer didn't come through the portal, Nick gets emotional and very much like Dorothy and George Bailey type and tells everyone how he thought he lost everyone he loved and soon everyone comes in for a big Grimm family hug but Monroe spots the giant stick and asked Nick why and how this got here. 

That'st where we hear a voice over and move ahead 20 years later to a trailer in the woods and Kelly writing the story about how his father, Nick, got the strength from his family's blood of Aunt Marie, Mother and second cousin Trubel battling the beast. Soon Diana comes in and tells him to come that their parents are taking down a Wesen and also the twins are going to come along. As soon as Kelly is done, he takes the stick and leaves but Diana turns and used her powers to close the Grimm book and the screen goes black with the caption "The End"in all different languages.

This was hands down one of the best series finales I've seen in recent years.This really played with so many emotions: watching the everyone dying really put a lot of heartache and stress to my heart. But when the twist that Nick was still in that different world. I agree that it had that Wizard of Oz montage, but it also had that It's a Wonderful Life too with Nick telling Trubel that he wants everyone to live again. I thought that when Nick and his mother and aunt came back was amazing and uplifting as they try given him the strength and battle the Zerstorer and the scene where they slow-walked were so kick ass, and so was the battle. 

When Nick got back to the real world, it was just heartwarming and tearful. It's just amazing that after six seasons that this show still has kept, it's actors and hasn't really left the show. There were so many memorable moments. I'm very satisfied with the ending, glad that Nick and Adalind are together and have a family know to battle the weeks with their little family Grimm detective agency. The writing was so so damn good. The cast was outstanding and played so well to each other and their strengths. Overall, I give this final episode a 10/10. Also,  I give this season a 9.5/10. 

What did you think of last night's series finale? Was it satisfying? Did it not? Leave a comment!

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