#Grimm S6, Ep. 3 "Oh Captain, My Captain" Recap/Review

HOLY CRAP!!!! I think that's probably what I could describe this week's episode of Grimm.

"Oh, Captain My Captain" had everything that we probably wanted and then some. I think when it's all said and done that this episode would have to be on my top ten list of favorite episodes. 

With Nick still on the run, he comes up with a plan to get back at Renard, being Renard himself. By that he'll have to use the same trick that Adalind and Eve had pulled off, or as I love to call it the hat trick. 

But for it to work, they'll need some of Renard's hair, and that left it up to Adalind and Monroe. The scene when Adalind gives Monroe Renard's hair and clothes, and soon Renard shows up to change his shirt. Adalind puts him in the closet for a bit to get Renard out of the room. That scene was one of many humorist moments of the episode

As soon as Monroe brings in a hair sample, Nick beings to breath in from the hat. Not doing anything for a couple of seconds but soon works and transformers into a creepy, woged and sweaty Renard. Nick freaks out because he's still in woged mode, but Rosalee calms him down. Another funny scene comes when Hank gets to the shop, and as he comes in, Nick yells at him about his resignation papers and gets Hank pissed off until Eve asked him if that was good. Hank looks were just too funny. 

Nick's plan was to go on live TV and announce that Renard will be stepping down as the new Mayor. Of course, the real Renard hears about it as Adalind tries to keep him in the house til the live announcement. Renard leaves with frustration and heads over to the station. 

Nick and Hank get in the Captain's office and cleans up the place: taking laptop and papers. That until Renard's new replacement captain comes in and wants to talk to Renard about the news. Pissed off because Renard gave him a deal, kill Rachel Wood's partner and he'll get the job. But Nick tells him that he won't get it due to blood on the shirt and the guy woged and soon leaves. 

Nick starts to feel something painful but moves on and tries to get out of there, but the press comes in asking questions. As leaves them, he bumps into Renard at the parking lot, and he and Nick face off but only for a little bit til the press got there. 

Hank, Nick, and Wu get back with what they've gotten but there came a sight problem, Nick can't change back. Well, his body tired at the time when he was in Renard's office. So when Renard called, they agreed to meet, at Nick's loft on the rooftop. 

As the two meet up, they exchanged a couple of funny lines, one of them if Nick shoots Renard would that consider suicide. The two finally battle it out until they couldn't really take either one of them down. But they made a truce to go back to the way things were and that Nick will raise his son and Adalind will come with him, but Diana will have to be shared with Adalind and Renard. 

Nick gets back to the shop as Renard; no one can't find a way to help change back. But then Monroe wonders if Nick is really Nick that could be just the real Renard. But Eve figures they should ask Nick a question that only Nick know. Adalind ask the first question about where they had their first kiss, he replies that it was at the table in their loft or in the woods that took her powers (yes I still consider that a kiss). And Adalind relaxes and tells everyone that it's Nick and also that the kiss that took her powers wasn't a kiss. (yes it was!!).

With no idea how to change Nick back, soon Diana wakes up and greets her daddy. Nick turns around and she asked him what had happen, but tells her that things are fine. She puts her hand on his chest and her eyes changed and told him that he wasn't her daddy and pushed him with full force across the shop. But that kind of helped Nick change back to himself and Adalind rushes to his side and hugs each other but as he looks at Diana and she looks at him, I'm not sure things are good. That's the same look that she gave Rachael Wood before she killed her.

As Renard gets to his home, he hears someone in the dark across the room. The guy says that he's still on the wrong side and who pops up, Meisner! Could Renard's conscience be catching up too him? 

This was hands down one the best episodes so far. It had thrills, laughs and excitement! Already since it aired, I've watched it more times than the previous episodes. The writing was really good. I thought that Claire and Silas did a fine job in that scene of picking clothes and hiding from Renard. Russell and Sasha heated exchange after Nick turned into Renard.

Give props to Sasha too for doing double duty along with stunt doubles too. Probably one of his best work so far. As a Nadalind fan, I loved that scene when Adalind and Nick hugged each other after Nick turned back. I think we could have all used a #NadalindHug after this episode.

And what can I say about David Giuntoil's television directorial debut? It was amazing!! Loved the camera work during the fight scene and that scene when Nick was breathing in the smoke from the hat. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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