#Grimm S6, Ep. 4 "El Cuegle" Recap/Review

When you hear the word baby snatcher you would kind of thinking of one of those that...well...takes and eats them but not this kind. This one monster of the week has a real different side to him. 

I would have to say that I'm pretty excited to get back to the monster of the week episode now and "El Cugele" happens to be a memorable one. Let this be a lesson to new parents, who are expecting or had a baby, that taking too many photos can be a bad thing. 

When a man, known as the "El Cuegle" looks for a baby, he searches from the internet, mostly social media websites, and hunts them and takes them away. This brings Nick, Hank and Wu to investigate and after hunting him down and taking him to the station, the guy tells them that he's only doing what's good. 

See when the guy wogens, he has a three eyes (that one sees past, the other the future and the other the purpose). He explains that the reason why he's doing this is that he's trying to prevent those babies from doing someone dangerous in the future (like he tells them about the baby will kill both his parents when 18 years from now). Creepy right?  What would you do, let him go and do what he's suppose to do or lock him up and let what the future lays for that baby? A real Sophia's choice. 

The El Cuegle escapes and rushes to the baby again, but Nick and Hank stops them in a real go old fashion buddy butt kicking mode and kills him after falling from the second floor of the house. But before dying he mentions about "the bears." Now unless he's telling us about the Chicago Bears winning the Super Bowl next year I would think he was just talking crazy but in fact he was talking about the blanket that the baby has been wrapped in that was also seen in the future when the older version of the baby shoots his parents. 

First of all, I could see why he would want to shoot his parents (mostly his dad for being a total dick to his mother and not believing in her). But this was really an interesting case to watch. 

Other things in this episode, the scene with both Nick, Hank, Wu talking with Renard was a golden scene. One of the funniest moments in the episode (wait, it's the funniest in the episode). The second would be Monroe telling Diana how Nick looked liked Renard. The other funniest scene was Renard and Meisner at the station continuing their conversation from the previous night. 


Another thing: Diana telling Rosalee and Monroe that there's more than one baby or something that she couldn't even tell. But there are more babies. Which lead to what I think it's to say that the most remembered moment out of this episode (besides Nadalind) was Monrosalee scene. Rosealee and Monroe talking about trying to step back from what they've been doing. What Monroe tells her was simply beautiful and heartwarming too. I think we want nothing but happiness with their soon to be big family. 

Third thing: I don't know about all of the Nadalind fans out there, but I loved that scene when they got to be back in the loft (I perfer Fome). We got a nice scene with Adalind and Nick together in their Fome Sweet Fome! Yes, I'm going to say it. 

Final thing: Even Eve ease drop on Nick and Adalind on their conversation in the underground.. She seems to be feeling more and more and I think that Juliette is popping in and out. She seems to lose her woging powers like when Adalind lost hers in Season 4. But while under the tunnel, she seems to get the urge and grab that stick and got burned on her hand of a symbol and soon draws on the wall. I think we might see her art in the next episode. 

This was a really good episode that a lot of good, some creepy and funny moments. The writing was fantastic as well as the actors, even the one playing El Cuegle was very good and believable as well. I really didn't lose interest throughout the story and left a really creepy ending as well. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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