#Grimm S6, Ep. 7 "Blind Love" Recap/Review

Love is sick, love is kind and put it together in this week's episode of Grimm and you have one hell of a memorable episode.

"Blind Love" stands out on its own as not just a montage of the six seasons this show has been on but just that it's one hour of can't stop laughing to OMG moments. This might have to be one of my favorite all time episodes. 

It's Monroe's birthday and Rosealee plans a getaway trip along with the gang to celebrate, but when they get there someone who recognizes Nick seeks revenge to what he did to his daddy seven years ago (before Nick knew he was a Grimm). 

Randy sets out to put a spell on Nick and others by putting it in their champagne, expect for Rosealee. The next day, Cupid's magic strikes Monroe to fall in love with Eve, Nick with Rosealee, Adalind with Monroe, Wu with the waitress Holly (who I think should be together) and probably the best couple's match up would have to go to Hank for loving Hank. 


Literally, the best scenes came when Russell Hornsby just goes at it with so much feeling along with Marvin Gay playing in the background, just hilarious. 

As everyone's about to kill each other, Rosalee knew what was happening and finds Randy. The two talked and then had to chase til he grabs Holly as a hostage, but Wu, who was about to jump off a cliff for his love to Holly, sees her in trouble and woges and pushes Randy off the cliff, killing off the spell. 

After going at it, the rest of the gang seemed to back to normal and learned what had happened to each other. Later that night, the cake is lighted up, and everyone sings happy birthday to Monroe and after the waitress brings out champagne that's in the house....yeah I think I'll just stick with Diet Coke for now on. 

Also, Lt. Grossante  kidnaps Diana from Renard's place because of their deal that broke. At first, Renard is worried, but what the hell, it's Diana, he'll figure her out soon. And he did very, very painfully as those two had so much fun playing together, mostly Diana. 

I literally loved this episode as it's by far one of the best that can really stand out. We saw just a little of that magic cloth business with a visit from a black skull in the bathroom mirror at Nick's loft (home) that both Eve and Nick saw. And Renard has seen Diana's drawings but hasn't told him what they were. 

Other than that, I thought the writing was great. The cast was good, but Hornsby really stole this episode by far. Loved the flashback of when Nick and Monroe first met or Monroe and Rosalee fist love at first sight and their first kiss. Maybe god, Monroe hasn't aged a bit in the six years. Yes, there was some Nadalind moments that probably scored a lot of points. Even some Eve/Juliette/Nick moments too. This is an episode I would rewatch over and over again.  Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

You can catch Grimm Friday nights at 8/7c on NBC.