#Grimm S6, Ep. 8 "The Son Also Rises" Recap/Review

Talk about a mixture of many wesen into one. WOW!

"The Son Also Rises" may not stand as it's the best episode, but it had some great moments and also learned about the mysterious calendar as well.

Let's start with Eve and Nick, as Eve decides not to stay with Nick and Adalind, so she takes her to stay at the spice shop. When she looks into a mirror, she soon spots that dark skull figure that she met in the previous episode. Soon it's hand grabs Eve by the neck, but she woges and bites him. She soon loses balances and is knocked out. Monroe and Rosalee find her and calls Nick, and they meet at the hospital. From there on, Nick stays with Eve (even though he did call her Juliette) until she wakes up.

Meanwhile, an attack gets Hank and Wu to investigate a weird case that involves a Frankenstein version of a wesen. We finally learn that one of the scientists decides to bring his son back to life by using other body parts from the cemetery, it turned into a Frankenstein from hell mostly. But as all monsters, they have to be killed and his father does that.

We get information about the mysterious calendar thanks to Renard. He messages a friend back at his home country for help and tells her about how Diana has been drawing this but won't say anything else. She informs him that what it could be is something that might has to do with Diana if she saw those signs, but wouldn't it be more also with Eve as well.

I enjoyed this episode; it may not be one of the best episodes overall. There are memorable moments from Hank and Wu working together just down right fun to watch ( I feel like for the ending both Hank and Wu become partners and solving the crime with Nick and Adalind far away from the mess along with Rosalee and Monroe). Nick and Eve as it just felt like deja vu all over again. Also, the most memorable moment comes when Monroe has a nightmare of Rosalee going into labor and having not three but what seems to be more than a dozen and counting. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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