#Grimm S6, Ep. 10 "Blood Magic" Recap/Review

When a wesen attacks two people, Nick and the gang gets an unexpected turn when they find out who and why these attacks have happened. Plus Eve has become the bookworm this week.

There have been a couple of attacks happening around Portland and when Nick, Hank and Wu get the call they try their best to capture the wesen. But with only little footage from a couple of places doesn't quite help until word of a home care aide murdering a home care patient.

When Nick and Hank meet up with the suspect, he tells them that the patient, a 91 year old lady, turned into a monster and attacked him. He said he was trying to defend himself until she turned back and his boss came in seeing him choking her. 

But the autopsy comes in and there was bug saliva inside the 91 year old woman. Nick and Hank talked to Monroe and Rosalee about it and they know what it is that killed her but they suggest that Nick leaves it well alone. They tell Nick that she was killed by "The Godfather of Death" who comes to wesen that suffers from severe Alzheimer's and dementia and puts them out to that goodnight sleep. 

Nick wants to meet with this Godfather and they do, as he's the doctor at the home care. After another freak out of him being a Grimm (I do love it), they talk about how he put her to sleep and that he was too late by the time she was woge

Soon he gets a call from a lady that her husband, who has attacked her and suffers from Alzheimer's, it out of the house and is scared. It turns out that this was the lady that was at the Spice Shop buying a lot of sleeping meds. Rosalee comes to find out that it was for her husband and by all willing the attacks turns out to be coming from that lady's husband. 

And by the time Nick, Hank and Monroe finds and brings the husband back to the house, you could just sense that things were going to get pretty emotional. After Nick compares the canes from the video and his, he let the doctor do his thing and put the man into that long goodnight. 

Meanwhile, Eve has been the very definition of being hyper on finding a way into that world through the mirrors. She asked for Adalind's help and gets her mother's books for Eve to search around. Nick tells her to wait and let them do it together, but you know she wan't gonna listen to him. As soon as she found the chapter on "Blood Magic" she tries looking for Rosalee but no one was home and she pulls off of smearing blood in the mirror, which opened up and of course she goes in. 

"Blood Magic" could only be described heartbreaking with a 75 percent chance of going for the tissues after the episode. For me as a home care aide, who hasn't taken care of someone who's suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia but has seen and heard through others about it, this really got me emotionally sad. That second to last scene when they brought the husband and watching him and his wife have one last moment and Nick allowing the doctor to do his thing was simply overwhelming. 

There were some non emotional moments, like when Rosalee gets the call from the Godfather of Death and telling him that her husband is in a serve stage of dementia because they were trying to get him to meet with Nick. Also the interaction with Adalind and Eve was pretty good as well that last phone call was like something out of high school or college. Plus the Adalind and Nick scene was pretty good, not as long but memorable for #Nadalind fans. Oh and I can't forget Renard and Nick moment that as I kept saying to the television set, "Your move Sean. It's all on you. Nick doesn't have to do anything." The writing was outstanding. It was literally I thought a good ensemble performance all around. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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