#Grimm S6, Ep. 9 "Tree People" Recap/Review

If a tree kills someone does it make a sound? Yeah I know that's probably a stupid question to ask but that's the one thing I could come up with for this episode of Grimm.

"Tree People" not only brought some memorable humor but also a great PSA on how we should protect out environment. 

Let's get to the calendar meaning, as everyone seems to be on mirror buddy watch for now til they figure out what the hell that black skull guy is. With Diana given that it wasn't a dream but  it's something that's real soon and that it's gonna take place through the mirror. So I guess bucket up. I don't know but with words describing the finale, I feel that everything comes down to Nick and Eve. 

The case of the week might be someone we would love to be the head of our EPA in this country. Talk about a tree warrior who punishes those that harm mother nature. After a couple of killings, one killing a deer and another dropping toxic waste in the woods. 

Nick, Hank and Wu do some dirty up too and meets a Kinoshimobe after it was chasing Rosalee. When Nick confronts the Kinoshimobe, he slashes it with his ax and kills it. But the tree that he's protecting, also feeds on dead humans, is pulled and used for that tree's source of food. 

The episode was excellent with some memorable humorist moments from Wu telling Monroe how much he'll sleep the night peacefully after killing the kinoshimobe and grabs the big sword showing him how with that. Also, Monroe and Rosalee going to bed and seeing a face like an image in their ceiling and decides to paint it. Also watching Nick and Adalind checking for monsters in the mirror as Nick shaves but then they both decide that Nick is better off with an unshaven face (I think we all do, right?).

I believed that they hit the nail on the head on how much our environment and the woods is important to us catching some lovely images of animals playing and exploring. The monster of the week was pretty fresh and not much of a monster but one of those good monsters that you would love to have around. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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