#Grimm S6, Ep.2 "Trust Me Knot" Recap/Review

Trying to escape, making a bloody deal and a fun way of babysitting, this week's episode of Grimm might has been addicting just like Nick and his stick. 

"Trust Me Knot" picks off where we left in the previous episode, Renard has his squad (cops) moving towards Bud's shop, while Nick sees them coming he pushes everyone back to the shop. And just before that all happens with a nervous Monroe, he tells everyone Rosealee's pregnant. 

Just as that happens, Hank and Wu arrested Renard for the murder of Rachel Wood. Of course, he had no choice and it just seem so good to watch him being take down, even if it was for that minute.

Moments later the squad breaks in and grabs Nick. As they search him, one officer finds the stick and with a second later the stick just so happens to blow the squad out, out cold. Something really tells me that this isn't just a healing stick after all. That gave Nick time to dress up and divert the others out as they think that Nick got away. That gave them enough time to take the SWAT truck and drive off to some place safe, this time the underground where Monroe tells Nick there's another way in. 

I don't know about you, but when Hank and Wu walked Renard in the station to the interrogation room, I just got the chills from that scene. I think watching them interview him about the murder and given his alibi, for which he tells them Bonaparte (but they didn't know that he's dead til Nick told them later). 

Renard calls for a layer, Adalind, for help. She asked Rosealee and Monroe to look after the kids. Monroe worried about Diana and who wouldn't, right? But I think that babysitting Diana would be a pretty cool time, consider what she has done while Uncle Monroe was watching her. She levitated a lot jars at the spice shop making a really pretty scene. 

Meanwhile, Adalind gets meeting with Renard and he asked her to help get him out. But she doesn't want to lie and get in trouble too so she turned him down (thinking of her children first). But when Nick calls her he asked for a favor about making a deal with someone who hates him. He tells her to meet him at the place where she told him she loved him (the loft or from). 

As Hank and Wu bring Renard to the loft, there Nick tells him that he know where he was the night of Rachel's murder. There he tells him in order to keep that from leaking, he'll make a deal for his release and not come after him and that would be Adalind testifies where he was. With this deal there has to be common ground agreement and nothing says that like a Trust Me Knot, which is an oath that both keep their side of the deal: Adalind testifies for Renard and Nick can be free. 

While back at the shop, nothing seems to work on that cloth. But when Diana comes down, she can see everything on it and draws it on paper. To them it's something that none of them: Rosealee, Monroe and Adalind has ever seen. Seems like we got ourselves a mystery here.  But while figuring that out, Trubel gets a call from HW and requested her to come. She has to leave but she wants Nick to come too as they're calling for Grimms. Nick tells her that he can't (after looking at Adalind). 

But moments later when Hank called that Renard's trial was happening now, but that deal that they made turn out different when the Judge called for a mistrial and Renard went free, which means that the deal has been broken like it never happened. That means that Nick is back on the hiding and Adalind (even though she doesn't like it) has to go back living with Renard (for which I wouldn't agree because of Renard's meeting with the Judge and ADA about killing Nick and his friends). Renard calls one of his officers and told them to get Nick and walks out smiling. 

This was a really good episode, from beginning to the end. There were some intense moments like from the beginning. There were humorist moments like Uncle Monroe babysitting Diana and Bud calling Renard "a dick." There was a lot that filled up and satisfied and also worried towards the next installment. I thought that Sarah Roz was amazing along with David Giuntoli, mostly during the can't resist holding the stick. And not to mention, Hannah Loyd as Diana. She's really stealing some great scenes. The writing was excellent. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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