#Grimm S6, Ep.5 "The Seven Year Itch" Recap/Review

Well, this episode will probably make you bug out one way or another. 

"The Seven Year Itch" may not have enough story development for one thing but it was entertaining anyway. 

The monster of the week happens to be one mother of a bug, that calls itself that party monster. This wesen happens to come out every seven years and goes out to hunt for a plus-size female to take with him to feed while underground, nothing wrong there, right? 

It just so happens to be one of the founders of the park over 150 years ago. The story plot was fine for this; it develops well until the end, when Hank, Nick, and Wu were battling it in the park and all of the sudden the victim that the Wesen was taken happen to be a Wesen that look like a Rhino. I find it too quick but yet one of the most WTF moments of the episode. 

Other moments during the episode: One we all waited for Monrosalee baby, what are they gonna have? Well, it turns out that they're going to have triplets. I think I called that in the preview (just because triplets are a hit on NBC (This Is Us)). I enjoyed that moment the most. 

Adalind and Eve: That would probably be the nerve wracking moment. Just seeing those two together after all of this mess. Diana tells Adalind that Eve was in the wall and is sick, Adalind helps her up and tries to nurse her but Diana goes in the tunnel and sees Eve's art work of what she saw. Adalind tells Eve she apologizes  and just as she does Nick comes and talks to Eve. Nothing else happens after that, even though Eve thinks she doesn't belong there, you think?! 

Probably the one thing that could probably develop more was Renard's story line wit Meisner. After a long night, Renard goes to a pawnshop for help to get rid of the evil spirit from his body. Doing so with a giant toy box shape, Renard gets in (and once again gets naked), and the spirit comes out but does so attacks the shop owner and changes to Meisner. 

Meisner then turns the machine on high, and it seemed to burn Renard til we see him fully clothed and in the shop with everything all gone. I really couldn't tell if Renard was in another world or Meisner was back in the real world. I would love to see more in this episode. 

I enjoyed this episode with the writing to be good, but not as it was in the previous episodes. I think the one thing I'll remember from this episode would happen to be the bug Wesen, Monroe and Rosalee and even the Adalind/Eve moment. Heck Nick's nightmares should be at least a little address a little bit more, only given Nadalind fans a short couple of moments. But I will say this that Renard and Meisner do have another humorist moment during the first scene together. Plus Nick, Wu, and Hank at the park investigating the crime scene of a dead body at the park that happens to be naked. Overall, I give it a 7.5/10. 

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