#Grimm (S6, Ep.6) "Bed and Breakfast" Recap & Review

"Sleep is good, death is better; but of course, the best thing would to have never been born at all."

This week's episode of Grimm had that Bates Motel feels to it with a good amount of fear and some memorable, hilarious moments. 

"Bed and Breakfast" may not be to anyone's like but it sure did play to mine. It served a really good monster of the week of an Alpe, a wesen who can't sleep goes around a hotel and sucks the melatonin off of their victims so they can sleep. 

For Nick and Hank to capture this Alpe, they're going to need bate and who wouldn't be perfect for that, Monroe! Bring in Monroe was the highlight of the episode that just brought that Nick and Monroe bromance that we all love through the past five seasons. 

As Monroe gets set, he goes to be and as Nick and Hank watch from outside with a camera in the room, they see the camera moving, Nick and Hank get in there just in time before that Alpe sucked Monroe's head but didn't get there in time when it paralyzed him with it's breathe. 

As Hank and Nick get in there, it was gone but found a hidden passage way and followed it, leaving Monroe still paralyzed and him yelling for Nick to help him. Hank and Nick chase it to another room and ran after who apparently was the manager, who happen to be a wesen but the wrong one they're looking for. When Monroe was finally fit to walk and talk he meets them and then went back into another tunnel and chased it to another room a different room.

With suspects going from the manager to the old man who probably lives in that hallway, it really kept me guessing until it was finally....the hotel owner.

After a nice chat of options to give her, she tries to attack Nick but stumbles and falls on the edge of the table dead from head injury. 

Meanwhile, Nick takes a closer look into those symbols that Eve drew in the tunnel. With Rosalee and Monroe looking up what they all mean, they went with what they knew of the seven circle figures. With Monroe and Nick gone to do their thing, Rosalee and Eve went on and figure out what this calendar could mean with a program that Rosalee had. 

Trying to line the planets up with the calendar, there seemed to be nothing in the past that matched it but when it went into the future say March 24, 2016, all planets lined up. Mark your calendars Grimmsters! 

Grimm 606 5.gif

Other note: Sean gets a visit from Black Claw demading to still go with the plan, but he refused and ordered him out. Sean meets with Meisner again but this time, Meisner warned him about Black Claw attacking him. With a little help, Renard kills both that guy he met and the officer that was with him. The one thing we heard from Meisner after that was that was on the right side and then left.

This was a very good monster of the week episode. I'd enjoyed it like it. Like I said, it had fear and plenty of humor to go around. I couldn't get enough of the scenes with Monroe where he's in his room, where he meets with the Alpe, when Nick tells the paralyzed Monroe that he has to go after it. I literally couldn't stop laughing. And I'm pretty happy that we finally got to learn what those symbols mean now and it finally played off knowing the date of it too. Didn't have much Renard/Meisner time or Nick/Adalind time either, which happens to upset Nadalind fans. I might have been disappointed but it would have been too much. And besides, next week's episode will be something to tune in for anyway. 

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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