#GRIMM Season 5: Summing It Up

Well, here we are.  Season 6, the final season, is about to start in less than 2 weeks.  So that we do not get lost, I have created a different kind of summary.  I have come up with some key plots/ points from last season.  Truly, in order for me to write a proper summary of an entire 22 episode season, it would be so long, it would get boring.  Right? *grin*

Last season was for sure the toughest season yet for our little Scooby Gang.  Season 4 ended with a huge cliffhanger and gets picked up within seconds of that ending.  Truly heartbreaking is Nick, holding Juliette's body in his arms.  She was going to kill him, but instead got killed by Trubel herself.  However, before Trubel can say anything to Nick, the house is invaded by masked men with guns.  They drug and render Nick unconscious and take Trubel, Juliette's body and Nick's mom's decapitated head away.  He wakes up later still in grief and now with more questions and a temper than before.  With this, we will begin the summary of Season 5.


Nick heads off in an attempt to find out where Trubel is.  Also, who would take Juliette's dead body and a decapitated head?  He enlists the help of his other friends and discover a recurring mark at scenes of Wesen related deaths and crimes.  After some research, Monroe and Rosalee can't believe what they are seeing.  Black Claw has risen again.  The last time, they tell Nick, is World War II.  Hitler (who was a Wesen....which explains alot) was placed in power in an attempt to take over the world.  Black Claw wants a Wesen ruled world.  As this is not a good thing for many, Rosalee puts a call in to the Wesen council and warns them of what they have found.  What they do find out is that Chavez who kidnapped Trubel in Season 4, is part of that group and they want a Grimm on their side.  Black Claw and their means of attaining their goal becomes a huge thorn in the gang's side and the main focus of the entire season.


This becomes a very good question in this season.  Of all the places in the world to start a Wesen revolution like what Black Claw wants to do with the outcome of world domination.....why the heck Portland, Oregon?  The gang finds out that Black Claw has been holding secret "town meetings" for Wesen to try to recruit .  Monroe attends one of these meetings "under cover" and sees that it a mob rule mentality and a dangerous situation.  The main theme is that humans have ruled for way too long and it is past time for Wesen to seize control of this world and show the lowly humans what it feels like to have to hide.  The plan seems to be to start with local government and work their way through the ranks to world leaders.  There is only one thing.  Black Claw will kill any human or Wesen who stand in their way.  In this case, it is Nick and the gang, along with a resistance group, Hadrian's Wall (run by Renard's old buddy Meisner who saved Diana and Adalind).  Of course, that can't be a good thing.


We get a big surprise.  Juliette is not dead.  Well, her body is alive, but the Juliette part has been subdued and replaced and a new alter ego named Eve emerges.  We wonder for a bit, who Meisner is keeping in a cell in the compound.  Turns out it is Juliette.  They had recruited Trubel and most likely told her where and how to "kill" Juliette so that they could capture her, heal her, and break her.  They teach her how to use that Hexenbiest anger for a much better purpose and how not to show or give in to emotions.  That last part confuses Nick as he meets with her one evening for dinner and she refuses to discuss their past nor show any remorse, love, sadness, etc.  Instead, she locks on to why she is truly at that restaurant and kills off a couple of key Black Claw figures.  Personally, I like Eve.  Juliette was losing purpose and seemed weak most of the time.  Eve is like a Grimm version of Black Widow, but with magical powers!  Someone awesome to have on the side of good for our heroes!

Oh, yes, Adalind returns.  Of course, we know from the previous season, she is pregnant with Nick's child as a result of her "dressing up" like Juliette and sleeping with him.  She stays at MonRosalee's for awhile and after the baby is born, she moves in to a new place above a warehouse with Nick.  However, those powers of hers can return at anytime and they do.  She attempts to keep it quiet, but when visiting Rosalee at the spice shop, the truth comes out.  Rosalee's violent ex-boyfriend has been trying to reach her and finally just shows up.  When he becomes threatening, Adalind steps in and her powers defend her by bending back all fingers of one of his hands without touching him.  Rosalee now knows and threatens to tell Nick if Adalind fails to do so.  Adalind swears she will tell him, but it goes out a few weeks.  Well, it turns out that Eve is psychically linked to Adalind and finds out telepathically about the return of Adalind's powers.  She confronts Adalind and threatens her life if she hurts Nick (a little Juliette coming out there).  Eve doesn't give Adalind the chance to tell Nick, she goes right to him and warns him.  Oh, and to make it a little more interesting, Adalind returns to the creepy law firm (that reminds me of Angel for some reason) and starts to look into finding her long lost daughter, Diana, again.


Wu pursues a murder suspect and ends up with quite a scratch.  He begins to have realistic terrifying dreams where he hunts animals in the woods and tears them apart.  Upon waking, there is sometimes a little evidence that this may not have been a dream.  Sometimes he would have mud on his bare feet and on the floor of his apartment.  One time he is brushing his teeth and begins to hack and cough and ends up pulling out a disgusting looking chuck of fur and flesh from his throat.  What the hell is going on?  He begins to think he is losing his mind but says nothing to no one.  Black Claw knows that he is associated and works closely to the Grimm, so they send one of their guys to watch Wu's place.  Wu spots him and corners him.  When the man gets threatened he Woges out and this sets off Wu who turns into what looks like a werewolf and kills him, unable to control it.  When a video tape shows up with evidence of how this man died, Hank and Nick confront Wu.  The good thing is that he isn't going nuts, but what the heck is going on and how can it be fixed.  They head to the spice shop and learns that he has contracted the virus Lycanthropia, the basis for the werewolf stories as humans can contract it.  Rosalee and Monroe work on a possible cure and in the meantime, Wu learns to control it.


The gang finally gets 5 out of 7 of the mysterious Crusade Knight keys in their possession. They decide to see if the 5 keys can get them any closer to finding the "treasure" as they are a map when placed together.  There is still a small chunk missing, but Monroe and Nick decide to fly to the Black Forest and see if they can find it.  With Black Claw working overtime to gain power, they need all the help they can muster.  They think that it must be in a church, as there are crosses on the maps marking churches.  They come to the town and find that the buildings there, even the churches are not old enough and they are not as welcome as they think.  They regroup and look at the map again and with a little bit of local information, they head off into the Black Forest in search of a much older church, or what is left of it.  They find evidence and an opening that leads them underground and finally to a very old chest that has 7 key holes.  They rejoice that they found it and come back to the surface only to find that some of the locals are out to get them.  They fight their way free and head back to America.  Monroe is injured in the fight on his arm which rapidly becomes infected.  Back at the "headquarters" in the basement of the Spice Shop, the gang finds that they can pick the other 2 locks as well as break the seal with Nick's Grimm blood.  Inside they find a very old cloth with very faded old language and symbols.  Inside the cloth is a .......wait for it......a stick.  What??  While studying the stick, trying to figure out the significance, Monroe walks across the room and collapses.  The infection is now in his blood stream.  Nick rushes to his side while still holding the stick unconsciously and touches his friend's arm.  Miraculously, Monroe's infection and wound are healed.  The gang reassess the magic stick and decided that it will be only a few of them that will know. It is too valuable and in the wrong hands deadly.

They eventually find out that some of the language and symbols that can still be read on the cloth speak of miracles, yet extreme danger.  At the end of the season, we are still not 100% clear on that meaning.  But when Eve gets mortally wounded by Bonaparte in a fight in the finale, she is touched by the stick, and convulses and wakes up more like Juliette.  Hoping this isn't true....like I said I liked kick ass Eve, but we will have to wait and see.


It is election time in Portland and the race for mayor is on.  Captain Renard is helping an old friend run for mayor.  However, Black Claw has other plans.  Since the human candidate, Renard's friend, is winning overwhelmingly, they decide to have Renard standing near the man when he is assasinated.  This makes Renard look good and Black Claw uses Rachel (the other man's campaign manager) to convince Renard to run for mayor and gets him on their side.   Once he agrees and likes what Black Claw has to say, they decide that a proper mayor needs a nice looking family.  Conrad Bonaparte, is one of the higher ups in Black Claw and he comes to Portland.  He pays Adalind a visit at work and threatens her and Kelly, her newborn.  He also has Diana found and brought to Portland as yet another incentive to bring Adalind to the fold. Adalind is brought to Renard's new house and Diana is there to visit her.  Diana isn't happy that her mommy and daddy are not living together and starts to have a temper tantrum and a few things fly.  Adalind is the only one to quiet her and tells her that they will be together soon.  Diana continues to torture her mother, but haunting her dreams using her powers.  Between this and hearing Diana calling for her and Bonaparte threatening those she loves, Adalind decides to leave Nick a note and go be Renard's "perfect" little family with Kelly in tow.  Nick gets the note in time to see Adalind take her place next to Renard onstage for his acceptance speech.  This just ticks Nick off even more.  

Bonaparte wants more than just a show from Adalind.  He wants her to do her duties as wife and to make sure she complies and doesn't try to make outside contact or run away, he puts a cursed engagement ring on her finger.  She takes it off, she will die (and I am sure more than just that).    Diana is one creepy child this season.  She wants her parents together and uses two creepy Tim Burtonesque dolls to force them to kiss and attempt to do more. However, Adalind is onto her.  She tries to tell Renard this, but he is either totally stupid thinking his daughter can't be that powerful, or he is just a horndog and hopes to get some with Adalind and doesn't care.  He gets thrown out of Adalind's room and I had to laugh.  Oh, let's not forget that Diana magically appeared in Rachel's room prior to Adalind moving in and kills her with her own sheets without touching her.  Awesome.


Black Claw, desperate now to be rid of Nick and his friends, as well as Hadrian's Wall, vamps up their efforts.  They recruit an ex-girlfriend of Hank's and has her rekindle the flame there.  Hank is a little smarter than that and discovers that she is on the wrong side and confronts her.  The next thing he knows is that he gets a call to come to his own house.  Two bodies that Nick killed earlier (Black Claw operatives) are found in Hank's house and he is arrested by 2 cops from another precinct. However, instead of taking him to jail, they take him to a "safehouse" instead and tie him up.  Of course Nick, Trubel and the others are all being closely watched and they unknowingly lead Black Claw right to the location of Hadrian's Wall.  Black Claw gets in and proceeds to kill everyone there.....of course, everyone we hold dear, but Miesner are not there at the moment.  Renard shows up with Bonaparte and they confront Meisner.  Bonaparte loves killing slowly and proceeds to start to scramble Miesner's insides mentally.  Renard stands there with no emotion and watches his good friend dying slowly.  Suddenly a shot rings out and Renard has shot Miesner and put him out of his misery.  Still no remorse.  I officially hate Renard now.

Nick and a few of the others arrive to find carnage at the Wall.  Trubel is the first to find Miesner and gets very upset.  Nick gets ticked off too.  This is the last straw as they find out that it was Renard who shot him in the head.  Nick storms the precinct and charges Renard's office and they fight.  Nick gets arrested and placed in a cell there.  Of course, Black Claw wants Nick, so they send over their cops.  They are from some other precinct....the same one that took Hank.  Wu warns Trubel and the others of this and that they are on their way and he tries to stall them.  However, they get Nick and take him to their precinct which we know by this time is nothing but Wesen.  They hold him captive in the back and Bonaparte arrives and makes Nick hallucinate of bad things happening to him or those he loves as a means of torture when he refuses to join the Black Claw cause and he wants to know where the Grimm ancestry book is which would give him access to every single Grimm family on Earth.  Nick tells him to go to hell.  Of course just then they are attacked by Eve and others.  They manage to get Nick free and fight and kill the Black Claw operatives there.  Bonaparte tries to make a run for it and Eve and he get in quite the battle.  It looks good for Eve, but then Bonaparte blows apart a window and sends all shards at Eve.  She gets stabbed in the stomach by a shard and is mortally wounded.  The gang takes her back to Nick’s apartment and tries to regroup.  This is where Eve is touched by the stick and we are left wondering if she is a Hexenbiest anymore and is once again Juliette.

Back at Renard’s house, Bonaparte is totally pissed off now.  He confronts Adalind as she is coming down the stairs and starts to choke her.  He demands to know where the Grimm’s hideout is.  It doesn’t take as much as I had hoped and she gives him the information.  Black Claw soldiers are sent out to the address and Bonaparte and Renard are in the rear.  Monroe is lookout as they know it is only time before Black Claw shows up.  He sees men coming and shouts a warning.  As Black Claw is making their way through his security downstairs, Nick tells Monroe to take the others and go down into the tunnel and go down through that door that they managed to open.  They finally agree and leave Nick to try to fight off all those men alone.  He just about manages, but the last man standing, gets a shot out and Nick falls to the ground.  Renard and Bonaparte come iintogloat.  Suddenly, Nick is standing and kills the last guy.  Bonaparte totally stunned but as Nick advances towards him, he is about to use his powers when he gets a stunned surprised look on his face as he is stabbed and killed by Renard.  Renard is suddenly surprised by what he did and we viewers get to see that it was Adalind with Diana made him do it.  I have a feeling that Renard would have happily watched Nick die just like his other friend.


Okay, so it looks like Black Claw might have failed and are done.  That is a good thing, but for how long and what kind of influence did they have on all those Wesen?  While down in the tunnels, Rosalee finally gets a chance to tell Monroe some news she has been trying for a while to tell him.  She is pregnant.  However, she brings up a good point.  What kind of life will this child have in this kind of world?  The future is uncertain.


The bad news is that Renard was MADE to kill Bonaparte, so I don’t see how Nick or anyone could ever trust that SOB again.  He is still in power and what is to stop him from continuing the work of Black Claw?  What is up with Eve/ Juliette?  Is she still a Hexenbiest?  Is she Eve or Juliette?  If Juliette is back, what of Nick and Adalind’s newfound love/relationship?  Will Kelly, Nick and Adalind’s son, ever show powers? Will he have powers like a Hexenbiest or will he be just like his father, a Grimm?  So many questions to be answered in only 13 episodes for the final season!  The final Season of Grimm airs on January 6 @ 8PM!  Join me on Twitter that night!

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