#Grimm Season 6, Episode 1 "Fugitive" Season Premiere Recap/Review

I know it's been a week since the season premiere of Grimm, but I wanted to take my time by re-watching it over and over to get a feel of it and let me just say: I still got the same feelings when I watched it the first time.

"Fugitive" is really a roller-coaster ride of an episode as it starts from where they left off when Nick and Renard are in a stand still after Renard killed Bonaparte. From then on it was off to the races with the team Grimm underneath the loft trying to find a way out but when they went back to check on Nick, he comes by almost getting his neck cut from Trubel.

Soon as Renard gets back to his place, he tells Adalind that Bonaparte is dead and tells her that he did it but don't remember how. But it gives him a good guess that Diana was the one that did it. As soon he gets his stuff he tells Adalind that she shouldn't have fell in love with him and that she'll pay the hard way.

Renard puts an APB out on Nick dead or alive for the acts that he has caused. Wu and Hank get back to the station to check things out, while Monroe and Rosealee decides not to tell anyone about the pregnancy (because who knows what will happen next, right?).

Nick gets a call from Adalind to see if he's okay and ask him to come over. He gets there and it's one of those calm moments of the episode that we'll get and (for Nadalind fans) the best scenes when they kiss and were together with Kelly.

When Rosalee Monroe, Eve and Trubel get to the spice shop, Eve and Monroe picks up one of the dead bodies and the hand of the dead  body grabs on. Eve is in a trans and sees the guy pulling her as this is what Rosealee calls it a death grip and stopped it by chopping off it's hand. It seems that the stick is more powerful than we all think and maybe not keep it for a while, but for Nick I don't think he'll let it go.

Nick gets word about the APB out on him and hides at Bud's shop. He gets the gang back to see what he can do next. The best part would be to leave but soon Renard gets Bud's place on surveillance,

While Renard has officers looking for Nick, as he starts to see blood on his hands but than disappears and when one of the officers starts to come in, he sees blood coming off his eyes and mouth. Could Renard be feeling guilty of something, maybe being guilt by Meisner? 

Meanwhile when Hank and Wu got back they get test results on Rachel Wood and finds that Renard's fingerprints were all over. Seems they have an upper hand to stop Renard, but he and every cop, SWAT team known to man surrounds the shop and leaves us with a cliffhanger that probably having us wish that this was a two hour premiere (I know I would).

This was a great kick off to the season premiere in a way of riding a train at 1,000 miles per hour!!! I loved it, I enjoyed it, as it ended I wanted more of it. Loved the Nick/Adalind and Monroe/Rosealee scenes as they provided us with calmness before the rush of intense comes through. The writing was good and even the actors were amazing as well. Overall, I give it a 9/10.

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