#Guilt episode 3 "Exit Wounds" Recap & Review

Guilt episode 3 review
Throughout this episode Grace was being cyber bullied and some of those comments were pretty nasty. Cyber bullying is real, and have been a victim of it it sucks. Grace finally gets the sleep she needs, but she got help and graces sister Natalie gave her some sleeping pills so she could finally rest since being up for 36 hours. She took too much and was rushed to the hospital. While in the hospital graces sister Natalie talks to someone whom she thought was an attending student or someone that worked in the hospital but was actually a reporter. 
Molly's brother is on the run and is a suspect of the professor's murder but is his wife that actually shot and killed him. She shot Molly's brother too and was questioned by police too. She was released only minutes before the police figured out that she really killed her husband. We find the professor's wife at the hospital where her husband was getting help for that shot she put in him. She visited him and took something that he needed to survive and killed him, she then went into Graces room and almost killed Grace. While at the hospital Grace got ahold of a phone and simply put out a video plea that she has been a subject of cyber bullying and states that she didn't kill Molly and that she was her friend. 
Roz seems to be in the middle of a scheme and protecting her girlfriend who we suspect is involved with Molly Ryan's murder. Roz has Molly's phone and knows that people are highly suspicious cause they can't find the one piece of evidence that could tie in to the mystery of who killed Molly Ryan. 
Im sorry this review wasn't up earlier, but it's up now. Cyber bullying hurts anyone period. When people write or make assumptions about what is false or you don't know what to believe and you say the wrong things. It hurts and those words can lead to depression anxiety or worse death, by suicide. Watch what you say. Be kind to one another and if you get any information and you don't know the truth talk to the person don't ho making up rumours about them.