#GUILT Episode 4 "Blood Ties" Recap & Review

#GUILT episode 4 "blood ties"
This episode starts off with grace and Natalie going for a morning jog. They run to Luc's, where Natalie sees a photographer and winds up assaulting him. He turns out to be a policeman and Natalie gets arrested but later charges dropped. We then jump to the evidence locker where a dirty cop is replacing evidence so no one finds out about the princes little secret meetings with Molly Ryan. The dirty cop leaves and goes and meets with the princes handler who just gave the cop a task to find the suspect before the press gets wind of the princes affairs with the dead girl. 
Grace is with Luc at the art gallery getting ready for his show, Luc lies to Grace she walks out and not sure if she's going to the art show or not. The police that
are investigating this case has a team of detectives following Grace around. 
We jump to the club where Molly's roommate works and we run into Molly's brother, who asks for information regarding the night she was killed but Roz has no more info. He meets Roz's friend who she's covering the something up for when the bouncer swiftly comes and escorts her out of the club. The prosecutor gave graces sister a deal, so she gets info from grace, she will let Natalie take her sister back home to the states. Molly's brother tracks down the female he met the night prior and asks again for some answers and the female tells him about the secret club that Molly was involved with. He doesn't believe her and walks out. 
Grace is now talking with Gwendolyn and is telling her side of what happened that night. There is evidence that her blood is underneath mollie's fingernail, and the reason that they found blood underneath the fingernail is because Molly pierced graces bellybutton. 
We are at Luc's art show now, we just heard Molly say something that made me question Grace's involvement
into Molly's murder. Luc gets set up and arrested selling illegal drugs and then the episode ends. My thoughts on this episode is that honestly no one can be trusted and there is more to the story than it seems. Someone's not who they say they are. A lot more happened the night that Molly Ryan died that the show hasn't given us yet.