The Haves and the Have Nots ~ S5 Ep7: Every Six Months ~Recap&Review~ #HAHN

Episode Rating Scale: (8) Enjoyable

Every show has that one season where it's just a good season. This season of The Haves and the Have Nots has been that for me. However, Melissa and Veronica's scenes have given me great laughter. Still haven't given an episode of this season, a (10) rating. Interesting!! Let's recap and discuss.

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The episode started with Quita and Candace still fighting in the cell. Quita is so hard, but she can not fight at all. Candace is all smiled after the cat fight. The guards pull them apart. George visits Candace. George has two cases he will not win a conviction. Candace is handling George very well. George tries to put Candace is trick bags and scare tactics. He tries to use Jeffrey testifying against to make her talk. Unfortunately for George, Candace isn't as dumb as the stupid and careless things she does. George tells Candace she can leave. The charges have been. But before Candace is release, George tries one more thing to break her. George is no Jennifer Sallison. He can't win. In my opinion, George doesn't have much venom in him. He is going by to lose convicting Candace, the Cryers, and the Harringtons. 


George leaves out the interrogation room. Then in walks Jeffrey. Jeffrey is sick of Candace and he been sick of his mom. Knowing cameras are all around, Candace tries to keep Jeffrey from talking. He realizes Candace is trying to control him and the situation. Jeffrey isn't innocent. He did stab Quincy. Sadly, he doesn't know Quincy wasn't dead when he took off. He should have moved the car and went back into the house. Candace let Quincy die.

Candace gets release and is approached by David. David is trying to talk Candace into confessing. Unfortunately, Candace reminds David of what he did to her. David doesn't understand. Candace has a revenge list. That list includes David.


Landon and his friend discuss the love he has for Charles. Landon is in denial.  Charles loves women, and he wants Candace. He has no chance for love with the future President. He needs to listen to his friend.

Derrick and Hanna continue getting to know each other over tea. Hanna has been through a lot the last few seasons. It will be lovely to see her having some fun and falling in love. I pray Tyler Perry continues with this love story. They dead Michael and that cop real quick in other seasons. Katheryn does nosey and eases dropping. She is happy about Hanna going on a date. Katheryn offers to get Hanna a makeover for her date. Hanna tells her no, but we know Katheryn not going to listen. 


Oscar bills Quita out of jail. Quita gives Oscar more information about Wyatt's account. He was close to getting Wyatt's account information, but Wyatt has changed the pin number. Wyatt isn't as clueless after all.

David calls Veronica again. He tries to get her to help get Jeffrey out of jail. Veronica feels Jeffrey is where he belongs. Veronica doesn't care about Jeffrey. Instead, she wants to know was getting behind her car accident. I guess she didn't see Justin after all. Maybe she did but just can't remember right now. 

Wyatt calls Oscar. Wyatt thinks he is calling his bank. Quita took $3700 out of his account. Wyatt needs a police report. Oscar has to make moves to get back to the precinct. Oscar is good at recovery. In a few more episodes, he is going to retrieve all of Wyatt's money. Just in time for Jim to live off his son inheritance. 


Benny and Mitch visit his uncle. Benny is getting in too deep at this point. I rather he uses Veronica than to get in the pockets of the mob. But, I like that Mitch was honest with Benny. I just hope this doesn't go left for Benny. Mitch's uncle gave Benny $45,000. That's a lot of money. Hopefully, this tow truck is the answer to Benny's prayer. I liked when Benny and Mitch had their own business. It was a good partnership. Don't know where Mitch stands now. It seems like his direction has changed after involving himself with his family. I mean War was an issue, but Mitch was trying to do differently in his life. However, I like this season. We see more of Mitch and Benny's friendship. I just hope this loan doesn't put Mitch is a bad situation. 


Benny gets a call from Veronica. Benny problems just got worst. David knows about his involvement with Quincy's murder. Jeffrey told his father everything. Benny and David already have tension between them. This information being in David's hands just isn't good.

Candace show's up at David's house. Erica is scared out her mind. At this point, Erica is getting on my nerves. Stop being scared of Candace. Candace needs you right now. When is Erica going to get that? All Candace is going to do is use Erica, get what she wants and then throw Erica under the bus. I rather have it all than nothing at all. Candace isn't going to share the wealth with Erica.  David isn't going to forgive Erica. And, Veronica has her agenda with all three of them. Erica been is this game, what has she learned? Candace no longer wants the $100,000. She now wants all of David's financial information. Jeffrey being locked up is a big distraction for David. How is this mark going to end for all these players in the game?


Landon needs to get it together. He is so in love with Charles. Landon tries to take off his shoes, but Charles stops that. Charles is not interested romantically in Landon. When will Charles pick up on Landon's feelings? 


Wyatt shows up at the precinct. Oscar paid the police officer to get his phone. Oscar is almost at the finish line to getting Wyatt's inheritance back into Jim's control. Sarah brings Jim all the evidence on his case. The only thing she can't erase is Wyatt's testimony. Oscar better gets that money fast. That's the only control Jim will have over Wyatt.

Benny shows up at Veronica's house. Melissa and Veronica just so into him. He had both. Veronica takes Benny's upstairs. A 5 sec conversation about his role in Quincy's murder leads to sex. Benny is sleeping with Veronica again. This is interesting. This triangle is bad timing with Jeffrey and a bad divorce caught in the middle. David will destroy Benny to save Jeffrey. Can Veronica save Benny from David's wrath?  Melissa knew what she was doing. She purposely took David upstairs. David got a front row seat to Veronica's love affair this time. This battle of the Harringtons just got explosive. David may not want Veronica, but Benny is a casualty of war.  Let's see how this ends. Stay tuned now. 


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Author: Lattice Johnson