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Few freshmen TV shows are comprised of the charm, wit, intelligence, and musicality that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend delivered for 18 wonderful episodes. Crazy embraces it's second season on the same high that carried season one.  We pick up right where we left off Rebecca has just confessed that she moved to West Covina to be with Josh, and now their love story can officially start...Except Josh doesn't look too psyched about that, in fact, he looks a bit terrified.  Becca notices the familiar look of panic and quick talks Josh into thinking he's the one moving too fast, "hey just take me home I'm cold" she exclaims. Jump three weeks ahead and Josh has moved in with Becca after giving his apartment up to Valencia, he may be crashing with Becs, but he isn't sharing her bed overnight opting to move to the couch after their nightly romp.  Rebecca is wearing Josh down though as she finally got him to accept a drawer.  Paula is trying to take a step back from the Rebecca relationship drama, and as much as it pains her to point it out Paula doesn't think Josh is as into Rebecca as she is him.  "WHAT!??! Paula nooo WhaaaaAAaat??!?" Josh loves her he just shows it differently....he gives her "love kernels" Segway into season 2's first musical number a tribute to Beyonce's Lemonade.  "Love Kernels" is great and it has been stuck in my head for a couple of days now but is it as great as "West Convina", "Heavy Boobs", or my favorite Santino Fontana's "What'll be?"...meh

Josh can't take sleeping with Rebecca...at least till they tell Greg.  Which leads Rebecca on a crazy man hunt to find the absentee Greg.  She hits up his rag tag group of ride or die friends, this includes the always welcome appearances of Chris, Kevin and the fantastic Heather.  They don't know where Greg is but they wouldn't say if they did.  As a last resort, Becca goes to see Greg's dad, but he's not budging on Greg's whereabouts either. Paula to the rescue, she helps Rebecca find Greg, they find out Gregs been in town all this time and he's been going to the same address everyday.  Turns out our Greg was arrested for drunk driving, he was still drunk from the night before and it was time Greg admitted he had a drinking problem.  Fontana was equal parts heartbreaking and funny when he spoke about his drinking and how he use to be so angry at everyone especially himself.  He explained that drinking to him felt like a glitter bomb exploding inside himself (a nice call back to the pilot episode this is exactly how Josh makes Becca feel)

This is a show about addiction, Greg has faced his addiction and I'm excited to see how he adjust to not drinking and working as a bartender and interacting with Rebecca.  Something tells me he's going to really want a stiff drink when finally does talk to Rebecca again.  Watching Greg talk about his addiction Paula realizes that glitter feeling she has it every time she helps Rebecca with her crazy love life.  Paula just can't feed her addiction anymore, she's instead going to channel that energy into her other addiction legal work.  Paula's going back to school y'all!! Can you say character development?  While Paula is growing it seems Rebecca and Josh are going backwards in the second song of the night "We should defiantly not have sex right now" they fail miserably...twice and Josh finally sleeps the night in Becca's bed.  Greg already forgotten...                          

Really missed the old theme song...but the show is growing and the new theme song works!

Really missed the old theme song...but the show is growing and the new theme song works!

All the funnies and stuff

  • We got to see all the side characters except for the noticeably absent Valencia...and father Brah
  • "you know they don't sell crustless bread at the super market bitch!" Hector was on point the whole episode!!
  • both plugs for Amazon prime were hilarious!!
  • Darryl and White Josh are totes relationship goals!
  • peeled or not those potatoes need to be washed before being servered
  • #saynototightjeans
  • Sexy fashion cactus
  • and I'm just going to leave you with this stick Darry

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