#HouseofCards Season 5, Chapter 53 (5/30/2017)

House of Cards (Season 5, Chapter 53) Rating: 7-8 Enjoyable

The much-anticipated return of House of Cards did not disappoint!  Francis (Frank) and Claire Underwood (Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright), Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), and Leann Harvey (Neve Campbell) are back, and HOC is as fascinating as ever.  The acting and storyline are strong and brilliant!

Just a reminder…there will be SPOILERS!! 

In the opening scene, we see Claire speaking directly to the camera.  The chilling phrase, “If you see something, say something” is uttered by Claire and you get the feeling that something is going on.  Meanwhile, Frank heads to Capitol Hill and tells…no; he demands Congress to declare war on ICO.  ICO is our world’s ISIS.

Governor Will Conway is still in the picture because it is still 2016 on HOC and the election hasn’t happened yet.  So, of course, Gov. Conway is trying to cause trouble by trying to convince some Democrats in Congress to vote Republican and make sure that Frank’s demand of declaring war never gets voted on in Congress.

Frank imposes an immigration ban (gee… don't we have that happening now in real life?  Talk about ‘art imitating life’!)

Tom Yates is back and is still having an affair with Claire.  If you remember from Season 4, this is a Frank-approved affair.  We find Yates going through Claire’s drawer and pocketing something.  He tells Claire, she asks what did he take, he smiles, and she tells him to put it back.  Strange relationship!

Also, if you remember in Season 4 the Millers were kidnapped and the father, Jim Miller, was beheaded by Josh Masterson.  Masterson is still on the run, his two other accomplices were killed, and Frank has vowed that Masterson will be caught and pay for what he did to Mr. Miller.  He and Claire (and the Conways) attend the funeral for Jim Miller.  Mrs. Miller and especially the daughter were not happy that the Underwoods were attending.  As Mrs. Miller speaks at her husband’s funeral, Claire is overcome with emotion and bursts into tears.  The Millers’ daughter interrupts her mother by saying that Frank was responsible for her father’s murder.  She runs towards Frank who pretends to console the grief-stricken teen who whispers to Frank that she hopes he dies so that Claire can become President.

Later Claire speaks with Masterson’s mother who can’t believe that her son is involved with this terrorism.  Claire asks her “Did you even know what was happening in your house?”  She mumbles that phrase to the press and then pleads to her son to turn himself in.  However…SPOILER ALERT…Frank has Masterson locked up!  He’s been worked over, bruises and cuts all over his body and his arm are in a sling.  Frank talks to Masterson, who doesn’t say anything but he does spit at Frank.  Frank looks at Masterson with disgust and orders the counter-terrorism director to kill Masterson and to make sure it is filmed.  Frank contacts Mrs. Miller, who tells Frank to leave her and her daughter alone and not to use her husband’s murder.  She then hangs up on President Underwood.  Doug Stamper gets word that Congress is planning to use the committee Frank asked for to declare war… will be investigating HIM! 

Claire takes Frank to where the people are gathered in front of the White House and tells him to tell the people what they need to hear.  They shake hands with those gathered by the White House fence and Frank says, “You have nothing to be afraid of.”  However, when Frank turns to the camera and utters “You have nothing to be scared” it’ll give you chills!

So what did you think of the first episode of the fifth season?