Gotham: Mad City S3 ep 5 Catch Up - "Anything for You"

Note: This covers the various story lines based on the characters involved. Some of these events overlap.

Mayor Cobblepot

Penguin montage: a parade to celebrate Penguin winning the election, Penguin at a soup kitchen, and Penguin cutting the ribbon at a new business.

Penguin has a statue made of his mother. While he admires it, he and Nygma talk about whether his mother would be proud of him. Nygma believes she would have been. He’s the head of Gotham in more than one way.

When Penguin unveils the statue and gives a speech vowing to keep Gotham safe, what appears to be the Red Hood gang shows up at the steps of City Hall. People panic, and one of the gang members shoots the statue, severing the head.

The Red Hoods return?

The Red Hoods return?

Later on, Penguin holds a meeting with the underbelly of Gotham and demands they find the Red Hoods.


Harvey suspects it’s not the real Red Hood gang, but copycats who have a beef with Penguin.

Nygma shows up at GCPD demanding to be kept in the loop about the investigation. He demands all reports and access to the lab. He threatens that Penguin will appoint a police commissioner who will fire Barnes if he doesn’t cooperate with Penguin’s wishes.

Nygma visits the GCPD lab

After a brief exchange of hostilities with Lucius Fox, Nygma learns that there’s a salt residue on the carpet fibers from the Red Hoods’ van.

Before he leaves, he runs into Lee, who punches him in the jaw (for Kristen Kringle).

Lee nails Nygma right in the jaw.

Lee nails Nygma right in the jaw.

He starts to threaten her but she cuts him off and threatens him instead. Her fiancé is Carmine Falcone’s son. She’s not worried about Penguin.


While Penguin and Nygma try to figure out what the Red Hoods want, Penguin has an outburst and spills some wine on himself. Nygma rushes to help and mentions that he learned something at the lab and that most solvents have as their base--- and on cue, a lightbulb goes off.

“I am the son of water, but if water touches me I die. What am I?” Salt. Potassium salt is in detergents and soaps. He knows where the Red Hoods are.

The Red Hoods

The Red Hoods are playing a round of cards when Butch shows up. They startle, but we quickly learn that he’s calling the shots.

Butch got them suits so they can blend in at the party at The Sirens. However, he’s interrupted by Tabitha and Barbara who figured out he was behind the Hoods and decided to crash his party.

Tabitha and Barbara debate what to do with Butch and he assures them he didn’t plan to hurt Penguin. He wanted to be the hero at The Sirens so he can get back his position by Penguin’s side. He convinces them to let him see his plan through.

And that’s when he gets the call from Penguin letting him know they found the Hoods’ hideout.

He rushes there and tries to get them to leave, but they want their payday. With Penguin and Nygma just outside, he shoots them all takes credit for taking them down.

Nygma doesn’t buy it

Nygma feels like something is off, particularly since he resents Butch. He goes back to the crime scene and wonders why the Hoods didn’t defend themselves when Butch attacked them. He finds the suits that Butch left, tracks them back to his tailor, and learns that Butch purchased them.

Jim and Bruce

Bruce recruits Jim Gordon to ask him to search for Ivy because Selina is worried about Ivy’s safety. Jim thinks is chivalrous that Bruce is doing this for Selina, and asks how long they’ve been a thing. Bruce is quick to protest.

Jim and Bruce go to GCPD where Harvey says that they received a report of a redhead who washed up on shore, but she was in her twenties. They’re confused, because she had Ivy’s sweater.

Jim and Bruce go to lunch at a diner and have a heart to heart. Jim encourages him to tell Selina how he feels because he doesn’t want the chance at love to pass him by. Bruce, observant as he is, asks if Jim is going to do the same with the woman he’s seeing (Valerie). He saw a mug with lipstick when he went to Jim’s place.

Alice’s Blood

Barnes goes to the lab and asks Lee to keep him apprised about the investigation into Alice Tetch’s blood.

She informs him that the lab tested on rats and the rats all showed signs of increased strength and aggression. The study ended when one rat killed all the rest.

Celebration at The Sirens

Nygma corners Butch. He knows he’s behind the Hoods and he has a proposition for him. He doesn’t want to be in Penguin’s shadow. He wants to stage for himself and offers to let Butch help him. He wants Butch to put on the Red Hood and take out Penguin during the party.

If he doesn’t, he’ll out him to Penguin. To convince him, he shows him that the crew has already agreed to support his takeover. Moreover, he has Tabitha and if Butch doesn’t play by his rules, she dies.


Bruce and Alfred go to The Sirens. After some small talk with Mayor Cobblepot, Bruce sees Selina.

Selina runs into Ivy, whom she doesn’t recognize, and who toys with her a bit before sending her on her way.

Bruce finds Selina and asks to speak with her privately.

He explains that he hired Jim Gordon to look for Ivy, but that they didn’t find her yet. Selina gets angry and starts to storm off, but Bruce stops her. He confesses that he likes her as more than a friend. Selina suggests that he only likes her because he doesn’t know any other girls. He insists that there’s something between them.

“Rule one—don’t ever tell me what I have to do.” And she kisses him before walking away.

Selina makes the move.

Selina makes the move.

And back to Butch…

When Penguin is giving a celebration speech, Butch comes out in the Red Hood, shooting in the air. Penguin realizes, by his voice, that it’s Butch. Butch aims at Penguin and fires—but nothing happens. Suddenly he’s shot in the leg and Penguin’s men are on him.

Meanwhile, Tabitha escapes her captors and takes the fight into the main room of the club. Butch takes his chance to knock out some

Jim crashes the party

Earlier in the day, Valerie pressed Jim for information on Jervis Tetch, Alice, and what makes Alice’s blood special. She mentioned that she has a date that night with the hematologist who is analyzing Alice’s blood.

After Bruce’s encouragement to make his own move, Jim tracks Valerie and her date down and invites himself to sit at their table. Her date storms off, leaving the two alone. Jim is willing to tell her what she wants to know, because he knows he can’t keep the women and the reporter separate.

Jim crashes Valerie's "date."

Jim crashes Valerie's "date."

Is Jim really ready to move on? Or is he jumping head first in an attempt to distract himself from Lee’s upcoming wedding.

Penguin and Nygma

Back at Penguin’s, we find Oswald taking care of Nygma, who has bruises on his throat from Butch.

Nygma had admitted that he played Butch, but not that Butch didn’t intend to harm Penguin.

Penguin is so amazed that Nygma would risk his life for him, and they have an intense bonding moment. Nygma was almost killed, and Penguin saved him again. Nygma tells him that he would do anything for him and that Penguin can always count on him.

Penguin is extremely moved, and the two share a very intimate hug (at least on Penguin's part).

There's a lot of emotion there.

There's a lot of emotion there.

Wrapping up

In the last moments, we see Tabitha go after the ambulance that was carrying Butch.

Cut to GCPD and Barnes learns that the ambulance was hijacked and Butch is gone. In his haste to start the search for Butch, he gets up quickly and starts for the door. He comes up short, realizing that he didn’t need his cane—the cane he’s used ever since Azreal (Galavan) attacked him. He feels a surge of strength.

We finally see Jervis again. He has a new girl, dressed up as Alice and tied to a chair at his tea party. He speaks to her as if she were Alice and laments her being dead. He cuts her throat and pledges to have revenge against Jim Gordon.

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