#IntoTheBadland Season 3, Episode 2 “Moon Rises, Raven Seeks” Recap & Review

We start off with the Pilgrim, Cressida and his convoy of acolytes marching into a new land. Nix hinted to Pilgrim about Castor's weakening condition, which has been worsening due to the gift slowly draining his health. Pilgrim tell him that he does not have to prove himself and that he was proud of him.

Outside Pilgrim watches as  Cressida walks through a lavender field to the edge of a cliff. In the water below,  Cresside tells Pilgrim that just as the proficy states “the first temple of Azra,” and they will build their new kingdom.

At the Sanctuary, Nathaniel down the stairs wears a Bowler uniform officially accepting the role as the Widow's new Regent. To Welcome Nathaniel to the family she gives him a gift to complete his new look, it was a mechanical hand with a retractable blade and darts. Nathaniel got to test out his new hand on  M.K. after the Widow asks Nathaniel to "give him a lesson" since M.K. has been skipping his training. Moon throws M.K. a sword telling him “make it a fair fight.” Moon acknowledges M.K.'s talents and M.K.  took the opportunity to tell him he was trained by the best Clipper in the Badlands and taunts him about Sunny taking his hand. Moon was not happy knocks him out.

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At the refugee camp, Sunny is still in shock about Henry possesses the gift. Bajie explains that it's passed down through the blood, and he was sure it was Veil meaning Sunny has it as well. Sunny is in disbelief that he possessed by Lydia told him that it was possible recalling when Waldo found Sunny as a young boy, he was wearing the mark of Azra around his neck. Lydia suggests that Sunny go to see Ankara, also known as the Mad Witch, a former Master who was exiled from the monastery. Lydia gets her father’s old journals because he uses to help track Dark Ones, the journal mention a place named Vulture's Peak. Another place that Bajie knows how to get to, however, Bajie advice Sunny about going because he is worried that it will take them right through the frontlines of the war. Bajie “I need a drink.”

Nathaniel gets his first mission from The Widow. Nathaniel needs to track down Bajie, who was freed by the Iron Rabbit freed. Bajie's seem to be another person that Nathaniel have unfinished business with, just Bajie’s luck. The Widow order is to keep Bajie alive, but she wants the head of the Iron Rabbit. 

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Sunny insists that Bajie give him more information about Ankara. Bajie tells Sunny the story about Ankara,  explaining how she was his first master and she was obsessed with finding Azra until she snapped and was banished from the monastery. Bajie is still mad at himself for ever believing in Azra.

Pilgrim and the acolytes arrive at an abandoned fortress that rests upon an island filled with dinosaur bones and ancient relics “let us give thanks and behold the wonders of our new home” the Pilgrim said, “please go and explore.” After one of the acolytes expresses distrust over the purity of the grounds calling it a tomb, Cressida urges Pilgrim to make an example of the unbelievers. Pilgrim gives a speech and asks the unbelievers to step forward, to make a point Pilgrim blindfolds himself and orders the men to fight him with only blind faith to protect him. After watching Pilgrim killing the first three so quickly with his bare hands, the surviving unbeliever surrenders.

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At the refugee camp, Tilda walks up to Sunny. Sunny quickly puts a knife to her throat, thinking the Widow sent her but learns she doesn't work for the Widow anymore. Bajie offers to take Sunny to Vulture's Peak if he spares Tilda’s life. Nathaniel arrives at the refugee camp and Sunny and Bajie quickly hides, but Lydia still has Henry.

Lydia immediately recognizes Nathaniel from her past, but she pretends to know nothing about the Iron Rabbit's ambush. Tilda changes her clothes and pretends to be an orphaned refugee. Tilda takes Henry from Lydia. Lydia volunteers to ride back with Nathaniel and talk to the Widow personally. Before leaving Lydia warns Tilda not fight and not to follow them.

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After exploring the old gift shop in their new home Nix and Castor finds a View-Master depicting images of the ancient wonders of the old world, including one of Azra. Castor's ear starts to bleed. He begs Nix not to tell Pilgrim and worries he won't live to see Azra. Outside the room, Pilgrim secretly listens to their conversation.

Locked in his chamber, M.K. is going through opiate withdrawal and refuses to eat. The Widow pieces of advice to M.K. was to take care of himself, as she is preparing for Nathaniel to bring Bajie back, as she is convinced that Bajie will help M.K. unlock M.K.'s gift.The Reminded M.K that she was is only way out, and it was the time that M.K. starts accepting it.

Pilgrim admits to Cressida that the fortress is not what he was hoping for, but Cressida ensures him that “catalyst” has sent the signal and they should trust his coordinates. Cressida believes that catalyst will appear when the time is right, but Pilgrim says he needs proof. Pilgrim mentions to Cressida about Castor's dwindling health, and Cressida tells him ìblack-eyed ones do not have long lives and accuses Pilgrim of becoming too attached to him. Cressida tells Pilgrim that there was a full moon, and she makes plans to perform a ritual that will give Pilgrim the confirmation needed to move forward.

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A Butterfly secretly delivers opium to M.K.'s chamber. When he's alone, he heats it up with a spoon and sticks a needle into his arm. M.K. falls into a drug-induced dream and stands before a dark-eyed version of himself. “Suicide is the coward's way,” his dark-self says. M.K is convinced that he was the one that killed his mother based on what was shown to him by the Master. M.K.'s dark tells him that the Master manipulated his memories and orders M.K. to remember what happened to his mother. M.K. transported to memory from of his homeland and learned that his mother was killed by one of Quinn's Clippers and of all the Clippers Sunny was the one who killed his mother. M.K. drops to his knees, and his eyes turn black.

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Lydia and Nathaniel walk up to the Widow's Sanctuary. Lydia said Nathaniel after all these years; she didn’t think that they both would still live in the shadows of Barons. Nathaniel reminded Lydia that he had offered her a way out, and Lydia acknowledges that he did but blames it on her being young and scared. Nathaniel asks her what she was scared of now and she told him nothing.

Lydia confronts the Widow at the Sanctuary and demands peace, as the two disagree about what needs to be done to make a better world. The Widow offers Lydia the role of Viceroy where she will run the poppy fields and inhabit the Fort and have more power to protect the refugees. In return, she wants the Iron Rabbit

Sunny and Bajie prepare to leave. Tilda offers to help Sunny on his next journey. Sunny insists that her help doesn't mean he has or will forgive Tilda “some debts are never paid.”

The Widow walks back in and finds M.K.'s chambers only to see him unconscious on the ground in the hands of one of her Butterfly trying to wake; The Widow orders a Butterfly to get a healer.

During a ritual, Cressida chants in the ancient language of her people and ask Pilgrim to lend her his strength. Pilgrim slices his lip and kissing her, smearing blood on both of their lips. Pilgrim then apologizes and then pierces two meat hooks under Cressida's shoulder blades so she can be hoisted up into the air by iron chains. “Tell me what you see,” Pilgrim says. Cressida looks up towards the moon and replies, “I seeÖeverything.”

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This was another exceptional episode; they are so many questions that I am sure will get answered soon. The Pilgrim and his acolytes are crazy, but as they say, believe kills and believe cure. Crazy does not begin to explain Pilgrim and Cressida. I am also worried that if Lydia takes the Widow up on her offer, she will return to her old ways because once she tasks that kind of power again protecting the refugees will no longer be a priority. As for Bajie, I know he is not a bad guy but he is too flaky, and with Sunny having Henry I would not belive anything Bajie say, I think following him is a big mistake.

I would rate this episode a 10/10.