#IntoTheBadlands S2 Ep 1" Tiger Pushes Mountain" Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 10

“Hell isn't where you go when you die. It's what you become when everything you love has been taken away.”- Sunny

The action-packed TV series returned, and we are Six months into the future, Sunny is enslaved, M.K. is receiving training, Quinn's son, Ryder is now the new Baron, and the window was missing in action for the last six months. Now let’s get into the episode in details.

We see Sunny looking like he been to hell and back, with his hands and neck lock into a piece of wood and chained to other slaves, walking through to meet his new master (The Engineer). The Engineer welcomes them to the Bordo Mines where he tells them that they will dig, sleep, eat, shit and then they are going to die. The Engineer asked them to be de-chained, one of the men seem to be sick, and the master orders him killed. Sunny did not have it, and we see the first fight of the night (at this point my excitement was already through the roof). Sunny was able to kick some ass but not for long, and he’s recaptured why The Engineer’s men, and got knocked out by the Master. 

We then see M.K in training with a young female monk; he had been in training since the monks took him. M.K still seem to be chatty; he seemly keeps asking his trainer to see the master. We get back to Sunny who is having a dream about Veil and his unborn child and him telling her that he will get back to them, and Veil tells him to wake up. Sunny wakes up with his ankles shackled to another man who offers him and drinks and tells him his name is Bajie and gives the 401 on the mine. Bajie kept talking, but as we know, Sunny is a man of few words and finally speaks and ask Bajie if he knew a way out and he told him yes “in a body bag.”

At the temple, M.K is with others who have similar abilities to his and is also in training. Now we all already know how impatient M.K is and he sneaks into the Master room and finds Sunny compass. M.K meets a woman who he asks about the compass and tell hers he was there to see the Master; she throws her broom at M.K telling him to hold it while she goes to gets him. M.K attempts to catch the broom, and a force from the broom thrusts him across the room, making him aware that she was the Master. She offers him a meal, telling him that she has prepared a plate every night since he got there, M.K asks her to teach him how to control his powers because there were people out there who needed his help. The Master seemed to have already know about M.K past and tells him that the temple was his home at least until he could control his 'gift.' M.K tells the Master that if he were up to him, he would leave right away, the Master tells him that he could get past the paper bird with unleashing his gift he was free to go. She then blows the paper bird at M.K which slice him in the face unleashing his powers; he then launched at her with a fist which she stopped with her hands and overthrows him. After M.K leaves we see that her radius bone was broken which she pushed back in and healed herself. 

Bajie learnsSunny secret about him being a Clipper and offers to help him after filling in Sunny on what was happening in the Badlands. Sunny learns of fight night, which of a picker who never met their quota, Bajie tells him that no one has ever made it out alive, Sunny ask Bajie to get him a map.

We see Ryder the new Baron for the first time with his new wife Jade (she was supposed to marry Quinn last season), now heads to the Widow's Oilfields. Ryder feeling uneasy telling Jade that he thought moving to Jacobee’s Mansion would erase the memory of his father but it is still there taunting him, Jade tries to encourage him telling that Quinn is gone and he is never coming back, and the was the Barron now. Jade tells him that everyone thinks Quinn die by his hand, and he controlled three territories and had the respect of all his clippers. One of his Clippers interrupts to tell him that he needs at the Oil Refinery. 

Finally, to my favorite scene of the night, we see Tilda for the first time, and she has not changed much she took out a clipper (blade trough the head) guarding the oilfield.  Ryder learns that the labor is down 30 percent and that he has cogs that are deserting and given sanctuary by the Widow. Jade step up telling Ryder that they need to make a new deal with Barron Chow for fresh Cog, cut back the hours, and up the rations for those who stay below. Tilda causes and explosion and Jade is separated from Ryder after an explosion and is taken to safety by a clipper.  

The Widow attacks and reclaims the Oilfields, after killing most of Ryder's clippers. The Widow is after Jade who is catches after killing a lot of clippers. The Widow tells Jade to give a message to Ryder telling him she had reclaimed her Oldfield and if he must not try to take it back, or more blood will be spilled and most of it will be his blood.

Back to Sunny, Bajie gives him a map of the mines, which he claimed to have got from the oldest picker in mind. Bajie steals an ancient ring from another miner, something of great value to The Engineer, but when he gave it to him the reward was not what he expected, so he tells him of Sunny's secret in exchange for his own freedom. (In the comments tell me if you think it is all part and a plan he and Sunny made?). 

Tilda reports to The Widow that between the stray Cogs and those she rescued from the Oilfields the numbers are swelling, but The Widows is concern that she is not worthy of all the faith people are putting into her

She also has doubts that she is not much of a leader, Tilda tells her that she had faith in her. Tilda attempts to ease The Widow mind by having her speak to some of the people at the food stations. Tilda introduces the Widow to Odessa, a Doll in the Oilfields, telling her that she has killed one of Ryder's clipper during the raid. The Widow tell the people that they are free there and that she wishes that everyone in the Badlands would live as equals. The captured Clippers, learning that they are not hostages and leaves after telling the Widow that they like the current system and that the other Barons will stop her.

M.K. is upset that Eva has shared all the information that he told her in confidence with the Master and lashes out at her, but was interrupted by The Master who appears and takes over M.K.'s future training.

Tilda trails down the group of armadillo Clippers that left into the woods and confronts them for violating the Dolls at the refinery. She shoves a dagger into his throat and signals the Butterflies to kill the others.

 Back at Bordo, the Engineer calls Sunny a celebrated killer and tells him Bajie traded his freedom for his own. Bajie tells Sunny “I saw an opportunity.” Sunny curses him and is dragged off by two Overseers.

At an abandoned barbershop inside a subway station, a man brings a newborn baby over to Veil, who has just given birth. It's turn out to be Quinn, alive and well. “It's a boy,” he says.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode from start to finish I would not change a thing, the fight scenes where episode and the Edward Scissorhands movie from the Widow beautiful I can’t wait for Sunday’s episode. Tilda seems to be even more brutal. M.K though so powerful is still so childlike and innocent. The Master fight scene with M.k was just amazing.