#IntotheBadlands S2 Ep 10 “Wolf’s Breath, Dragon Fire” Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 10

We start the final episode with Sunny making his way to Waldo's Clipper shed. When opening the shed, he took his old motorcycle that bears the armadillo emblem and heads out after Quinn.

At the Widow's Sanctuary, Waldo rebukes the Widow for having declared war on Sunny and Quinn telling her that whichever of them wins will come after her. After seeing the bruises in her Waldo asks about Tilda, the Widow tells him we parted ways, Waldo asks the Widow to say him that Tilda was still alive and she said “of course, what kind of mother do you think I am? With the Widow nonchalant attitude, Waldo tells her that she and Quinn deserve each other. Waldo tells the Widow he was done, spit and wheels his chair away before he was stopped by the Widow who offer him a Baron position. Waldo questions the Widow's plan to get rid of titles in the Badlands; the Widow explains that her vision has not changed, but the people can’t handle it, so they need someone walks them through the transition and insists Waldo join her for what is coming next. 

Quinn inspires his Loyalists to prepare them for Sunny's arrival telling them about the sacrifices that were made. Lydia tries to warn the men about the explosives in the bunker, but the men don't react, and she realizes they're all willing to die. Quinn sees Lydia attempt has an act of corrupting his men and tell her that it was an unforgivable act and tell his men to take Lydia into the woods and make dig her own grave before she's executed.

The Widow and M.K. discuss their powers once again. M.K adamantly tells her that he was not interested in getting it back, but the Widow indicates to him not having a choice. M.K. places a pair of shears up to his throat and demands to know where Bajie is telling the Widow that if she dies, she gets nothing. The Widow has Bajie escorted out, as she reminded him of their plan to use their gifts to help people and how Bajie instead yielded to the Master's will at the Monastery. Bajie tells her he sacrificed his gift to save her, but the Widow is not buying it and tells him that was only back for the Azra book. M.K. begins to question Bajie's true intentions during their mission to save Sunny. M.K. walks out in disappointment, and The Widow orders Bajie to translate the Azra book to determine how to unlock their gift or die to try.

Out in the woods, we see Declan, and another Loyalist guard watches as Lydia digs her grave. Declan hands her a Totemist figure for her journey and takes out his sword. Lydia holds the Totemist and prays for strength, then swiftly uses the shovel to kill Declan and injuring the other. The other Loyalist chases her through the woods, and as he was about to kill her, Sunny appears and throws a sword at his head. Lydia tells Sunny that Quinn knows he's coming and has rigged the entire bunker to explode, but Sunny tells her that it does matter because he is going to get his family back. He hands her a knife telling her it was for whatever comes next and rides off.

At the Widow's Sanctuary, Tilda wakes up in a cell coughing blood and is still in shock that the Widow could ever hurt her. Bajie, locked away in the next cell, introduces himself to her as M.K.'s friend. A guard brings in a tray of food and Tilda requests he brings it closer, telling him that she was injured. The guard walks away, and Bajie laughed and asked her if she taught that would work. Odessa appears with the guard's keys to free Tilda, and Bajie informs Tilda that she was the one who turns them in, but she was unaware of the Widow plans. Odessa admits she's the one that turned M.K. and Bajie in, and Tilda insists she helps her get M.K. back, but Odessa warns Tilda she's in no shape to go against the Widow again, and she knows how dangerous M.K. Tilda frees Bajie and tells him to save M.K. instead.

The Widow and M.K takes a walk, and she expresses her regret that M.K. was betrayed by the people he trusted most, but M.K tells her that he was not buying her sincerity. The Widow cuts the act and threatens to keep him until she gets what she wants. M.K. tells her that if he ever gets his power back she would be the first person he kills and the Widow says she's willing to die and welcomes his attempt.

ITBL 210 6.jpg

Bajie, Tilda, and Odessa disguise themselves as Cogs and try to steal a car to leave the Sanctuary, but a guard stops them. Waldo appears and vouches for them that they were on a mission for the Widow, and he would be reprimanded if he interferes. Tilda takes Waldo's hand and invites him to come with them, but Waldo wishes her well and lets her leave.

Sunny arrives at Quinn's bunker, and when he walks in he is immediately surrounded by Loyalists. Quinn stands among them, holding Henry, and tells Sunny the only way to keep his family safe is to leave peacefully. Sunny tells him that he was not leaving without his family and the Loyalists shoot flaming arrows at Sunny as he charges at them. One of the arrow hits Sunny in the chest, and he drops to his knees with another arrow in his leg. Quinn talks on and shoots an arrow at an explosive wired to the roof near Sunny leaving him buried underneath the wreckage.

Bajie drives Tilda and Odessa out of the Sanctuary, and they are in the woods near Quinn’s bunker and Tilda offer to help, but Bajie promises to rescue M.K. after he rescued Sunny but reminded Tilda that she was in no condition to help and starts out on his own.

Inside Quinn’s Bunker, Veil remains locked in the barbershop. Bajie makes it to Quinn's bunker and pulls Sunny out from beneath the pile of rubble. Sunny ask Bajie for M.K, and he tells him that he couldn’t get him but promises to help save M.K. after Sunny's family is rescued. Sunny thank Bajie for his help and tells him that this was his fight, and he doesn’t need to stay, but Bajie refuses to leave. Sunny uses Moon's ringed sword, and Bajie uses a pair of nunchucks to tear through Quinn's Loyalists, cutting off limbs as they go, leaving a lot of blood behind. 

Sunny comes around the corner and sees Veil and rushes over to barbershop breaking in the door. Sunny and Veil tearfully embrace each other and share a passionate kiss just as a remaining Loyalist, Jenkins, walks in, and Bajie knocks him away from behind. Bajie tells Sunny and Veil to get their boy and tell Sunny that Veil was cute as they walk out to find Quinn.

Bajie closes the door behind them, and he and Jenkins fight inside the barbershop until Bajie throws Jenkins into a shelf. Jenkins recovers and goes after Bajie with a pair of scissors stabbing him in the stomach but not before Bajie uses a shard of glass to cut into Jenkin's throat, killing him. Bajie notices the scissors and jokes “What kind of death is that?” As he walks over to a barber’s chair and sits, he uncovers the compass from his pocket and mumbles “who will save the world now.”

Sunny and Veil finds Quinn in his office holding Henry in his hand, Sunny demands Henry back but Quinn tell him that he was the only father Henry knows and pressing a switch collapsing the Bunker from the successive explosion. Quinn says Sunny again to turn back, but Veil tells Sunny to kill Quinn. Sunny and Quinn both draw their swords and face-off. Sunny and Quinn crashes through the office window and end up on the floor below and continues to fight as Veil makes her way over with Henry. 

Quinn plunges his sai into Sunny, who urges Veil to flee, but before she can leave, Quinn hurls another sai at her leg, and she drops to the ground. The veil is down with Henry and Quinn have a sword in Veil's face, but before he can strike, Sunny throws his ringed sword into Quinn's back and they started to fight again. They chase each other around the bunker until Sunny delivers a final plunge into Quinn's gut and jumps back down to get Veil.

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Sunny looks for Bajie he was not in the barber shop and Veil urges them to leave before the bunker entirely collapses. Veil hand Henry to Sunny and has they starts to walk off Quinn grabs Veil from behind and offers her in exchange for Henry, telling Sunny “You can't have both.” Veil indicates no to Sunny and tells Sunny she loves him and plunges Quinn's sai into her throat and impaling Quinn, killing them both in the process. As Veil takes her last breath, she begs Sunny to teach Henry to "be good." Sunny kiss her as he holds Henry close to him.

Sunny buries Veil and sets off into the woods with Henry in his arms.

Bajie stole Sunny’s motorcycle and rode towards an ancient stone citadel on the edge of a cliff with rusted satellite dishes on top of it. Inside, he staggers towards a control room and opens the Azra book to a page full of symbols matching those on a console's dials. The compass inside the book begins to spin and point towards the written symbols. Bajie adjusts the corresponding dials until the console beeps and comes to life. He smiles and slumps to the floor whispering “Azra.”

That was an excellent season finale; it was bad, sad and entertaining. I am still so upset that Veil is dead, and you all may think I am crazy but it is Sunny’s fault for not taking off Quinn’s head before dropping his sword. I would have thought that he learns from the first time that he thought he killed Quinn but apparently not because he ends up making Veil commit suicide to save him from making a hard decision. Another scenario was that they hand Henry over to Quinn because they know that he would not kill him and he was dying anyway, and they would have found Henry as Quinn had nowhere to go. All in all, they did not have to kill Veil, and that makes me a little furious, but I won’t give up on the show and is looking forward to the 16 episode in season 3.