#IntotheBadlands S2 Ep 2 & 3 “Force of Eagle's Claw” & “Red Sun, Silver Moon” Recap & Review

“Red Sun, Silver Moon”

Episode Grade 9

We pick up where we left on in the season finale and with Sunny Identity revealed, the Engineer sets a battle between Sunny and Mouse (don’t let the name fool you that guy was twice Sunny’s size). Sunny and Bajie are shackled together as punishment for Bajie ratting him out. "You’re going to live or die together,” the Engineer taunts. Sunny and Bajie take some hits but manages to block most of them and prevent Mouse from breaking Bajie's leg. 

Bajie and Sunny manage to escape out of the pit, but Mouse catches up with Sunny and Bajie, and during the fight, Mouse pushes Sunny hazardously close to a giant spinning exhaust fan. Bajie gabs Mouse Machete and lodges it in the fan before it beheads Sunny, then they tried quickly to crawls out in-between the giant blades. Mouse grabs Sunny’s legs before he could get to the other side and Bajie pulls hard, and both Sunny and Mouse came through, and the machete drops out, and the fan started to spin again and Sunny fly-kicks Mouse, sending him into the spinning blades. Mouse’s body splashes on the Engineer's face who witness the entire thing and Sunny and Bajie escape.

The Widow's Sanctuary, Tilda is reprimanded by Waldo (who betrayed Quinn and changed alliances) for slaughtering a group of Clippers in Odessa’s honor after the Widow granted them their freedom. Waldo tells her that they are at war and that she should do away with her emotions, using Sunny as a reference. Tilda asks Waldo if he heard anything from the River King, but Waldo tells her that he thinks Sunny is dead, which made her assume the same is true of M.K.

Meanwhile, at the Totemist compound Lydia new home after being banned from the Fort, the community celebrates a wedding. Lydia thanked them for welcoming her back to the group. In the middle of her speech, a spear impales the groom to a tree, and two Nomads kill another Totemist woman and drag her away as the congregation bows to their knees in silent prayer. One of the Nomads holds a knife to Lydia’s father Penrith throat, but he doesn't react, but Lydia jumps in and stabs the Nomad in the stomach. Lydia fights the second Nomad and manages to kill him. Lydia find out if her father was ok, but to her surprise, he reprimanded her for her violent actions on their land telling her she had no right and they would have rather died that soil the lane with blood (ungrateful much).

Now to M.K at the Monastery, he wakes up from a nightmare to find The Master stands over him with an origami blossom and tells him to follow her and Tate notices. The Master takes M.K. to a room filled with mirrors, and M.K. stares at his reflections, the Master explains to M.K that the mirrors hold memories and then crushes the paper blossom in her hand, turning it to smoke and M.K. inhales it, and it sent him to the cargo hold. M.K is surrounded by bloody bodies, and hooded figure grabs him and then take off the hood revealing to be M.K. in his dark state sending him into a shock landing him back in the mirrored room. M.K. wakes up in the Master's personal chamber and realizes he killed the people on the ship, but The Master tells him that it was not him it was not him but the one who takes control. The Master urges him to claim his gift from his dark self before he can ever leave the Monastery.

Quinn promises redemption to the men who stayed loyal after the Fort was compromised. 

Lydia pays Ryder's a visit at his new mansion formerly belonging to Jacobee, Lydia tells Ryder about the Nomad raid and tells him his help would make a good impression on his own worker Cogs, who are religious. She tells him that she is aware that his Cogs have been abandoning his poppy fields to fight for The Widow and offered Ryder her help but Ryder, defensively grabs her and reminds her of her lack of faith in him. 

Ava tells M.K. that Tate ran away, as She inquiries about M.K.’s training telling him that she has never seen the Master take on a novice. M.K. confides in Ava telling her to think about the worst thing she's ever done. Ava admits they’ve all killed people. After a long talk with Ava, M.K. returns to the Master to face his dark self again. This time he's sent to the woods, where he hears his mother screaming from afar. He runs but is stopped by his dark self, who advises him to go back. The two get into a fight, M.K is badly hurt after getting a gut punch making his mouth fills with blood in the present.  The Master strikes him with chi to bring him back from the mirror vision.

Quinn shares the history of baptisms in the Badlands, mentioning that he had neglected the ritual with Ryder, but fate has presented him with a second chance to baptize the Badlands' newest heir. Quinn caught the Loyalist he observes eyeing Veil and stabs him in the eye with a deer antler as a warning to the men. Veil watches as Quin drinks deer blood and brushes some across Henry's forehead.

Waldo brings The Widow news of Ryder’s invitation for all Barons to meet at a conclave. Telling her that if Ryder convinces the other Barons that she attacked the oil fields violated the Foundation Treaty, Waldo warns they can expect an attack. The Widow suggests gaining the upper hand by killing them all first. Waldo advice against the idea is telling her it was reckless and suggests a diplomatic approach, though he stands by the use of violence if the Barons initiate.

The next day, Quinn shows Veil to a tiny room where sunlight pours in through the ceiling. She smiles.

Sunny and Bajie continue their journey but reaches the top of a hill and looks down at a huge wall that runs the entire length of the Badlands. Bajie tells him that they can go through if you know the right people.

I really enjoyed the episode, the scene with Sunny and Money was very exciting, and although Bajie betrayed Sunny, in the beginning, he is growing on me. I am not sure if he will stay loyal to a Sunny bit if he is smart he would, as for Veil I hate that she saves Quinn even though he serves his purpose now protecting her to some extent. I am more Team Widow now that I know her true motive, but I am not sure if I trust Waldo, he just does strike me the person who want a free living. I said this because the advice Sunny last season about having a normal life.

“Red Sun, Silver Moon”

Episode Grade 9

Sunny and Bajie journey continues through the barren landscapes of the Outlying Territories. Sunny suspects that Bajie has no idea where they are, after bragging that he knows of a shortcut through the wall. Bajie tells Sunny of a smuggler named Nos that they could trade something in exchange for passage through a secret tunnel. Sunny does not like the idea of a smuggler. Naturally, it is how he ended up in this situation.

Sunny and Bajie arrives at a stone bridge and is immediately confronted by a swordsman stands in the middle telling them that they brought trouble with them. He throughs his ringed sword in Sunny’s direction and it passed Sunny's head, killing the attacker who was creeping up behind them. The swordsman informs them that there was a hefty bounty on their heads and that every Stalker with a rusty blade is after them. More men attacked, and both Sunny and the man fight them off together, and Bajie chokes one to death. The man tells Sunny to follow him telling him “Live or die, it's your choice.” On the way, Sunny and Bajie discusses their options, and Bajie mentions to him that the swordsman only saved them so he can kill them and collect the bounties for himself. As they looked over at him, they saw his tattoos which indicated that he was a Clipper. Sunny ignores Bajie's fears, and they continue to follow the swordsman.

We them see M.K. training diligently at the Monastery after which he visits the Master and requests to enter the Mirror Chamber once more, but the Master denies the request saying, “You must learn to stop fighting yourself.” She warns that if he pushes too far, the consequences could be deadly and not only for him.

Now to The Widow's Sanctuary were, Waldo, Tilda and the Widow discuss Ryder’s upcoming conclave where each Baron must arrive unarmed with their second-in-command, while Ryder's Clippers will be patrolling the perimeters for Nomads. In attendance should be six Barons. Therefore, The Widow needs at least two on her side. Waldo urges her to start winning some hearts and minds at the reception beforehand. The Widow told Tilda that she would not be joining her because she needed her there to be in charge of the Sanctuary and instructs her to blow up the oil fields if she doesn't return.

We then see Quinn cradles Henry reading him a story as Veil quickly fetches Quinn to perform an X-ray on him to diagnose the status of his continued headaches. Quinn complains to Veil how he was duped by his young bride, Jade, into thinking Lydia tried to kill her. Telling her “Trust is such a delicate thing.” Veil asks what he's preparing his men for, and he said, “We all pay for our sins, eventually.” Veil develops Quinn's X-ray, and hides the original film, which shows a growing tumor in his head, and shows him one of a healthy brain; they give him an opium-laced concoction to drink. 

Sunny and Bajie, freshens up, sit around a fire while Sunny shaves his face. Sunny and Bajie mentions the Clipper of myths of a legendary Regent named Nathaniel Moon who left the Badlands and now hunted fugitives. Moon admits that it was him, but insists he's not out for their bounty. Moon explains why he left and Sunny mentions a woman waiting for him and Moon advise not going back, for her sake.

Back to Vail, as she was about to cut up the X-ray showing Quinn’s tumor, she is interrupted by Quinn's Loyalist Clippers Edgar, who needs stitches.

While Bajie sleeps, Sunny finds Moon training with his sword, and they had a conversation from which Sunny learns that Moon has 999 kills, and I learned that Sunny’s has 404. Moon tells Sunny why he keeps killing telling him he was waiting for someone good enough to be worthy of his thousandth tattoo. Sunny grabs a sword just as Moon points one at him. Moon admires

Back at the Monastery's M.K. hears a scream and follows the sound which leads him to see three Abbots carrying a trunk to a secret chamber and watches from outside the room as the Abbots haul Tate from the trunk and strap him to a table. Tate promises not to run away again, but one of the Abbots still switches on a control panel. Ava appears and drags M.K. away and explains to him that Tate was being cleansed for not following the rules, telling him that they are treats to the people outside. M.K. ask Ava to leave with him telling her that the Master is a liar because she’s simply afraid of them, but she refuses.

Sunny wakes Bajie to leave, but Moon blocks their way and requests a battle with a worthy opponent in exchange for giving them shelter. Sunny tells Bajie to find Veil if he doesn't make it back to the Badlands and gets into his fighting stance. Moon charges after him and the battle begins they fight until Moon loses sword, Sunny kicks him in the face and Moon fell to his knees with his mouth full of blood and thanks to Sunny for the fight as he prepares for an honorable death, but Sunny refuses and turns away. Moon charges after Sunny with his sword, but Bajie hurls a sword, slicing off Moon's hand. Moon bleeds out while Bajie takes Moon's signature ringed sword telling Sunny that it was their ticket out of here. Moon yell out at Sunny that he would leave a trail of bodies before he makes it back to his family.

The Widow and Waldo arrive at the conclave. Ryder and Jade greet them. The Widow smiled and said, “Let the fun begin.”