#IntotheBadlands S2 Ep 4 “Palm of the Iron Fox” Recap & Review

Episode Grade 8

As Quinn plans to head out on his mission, Veil request access to the ventilation room while Quinn while they are away. Quinn deny her request and tell her that her safety is his priority and tells her he plans to leave Edgar behind. Quinn pulls off his armadillo ring, telling Veil that he had imagined giving to his son, and wants to leave it to Henry in case he doesn’t return. Veil refuses, but he insisted, Quinn motivates his men before their mission telling them to “cleanse this land once and for all.” The men cheer and pledge their willingness to die for Quinn's cause.

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At Ryder's mansion, The Widow and Waldo prepares to go before the conclave. Waldo tells her to be fearless. The Widow enters fearlessly smoothly sashays into the lavish banquet as the other Barons stare. Gabriel (Quinn young Clipper from last week) offers food to Waldo. The Widow Approaches Baron Chau, who says the Widow is lucky to have Waldo since people respect him. She continues “You married a Baron, killed him and took his title.” The Widow emphasizes she defended herself against a “monster.” Waldo interrupts and takes the Widow to the side and tells her the temperature in the room was “chilly,” so she need to get Chau's vote.

At the Widow's sanctuary, Odessa now officially a Butterfly asks Tilda to train her, but Tilda rejects her telling her that it was not part of her duties. Odessa subtly asked why Tilda she was not at the conclave and questions the Widow's motives to empower women and recommends that Tilda should protect the Widow from her own choices.

Now to M.K. at the Abbot Monastery, he sneaks into the Master's chamber and grabs the origami blossom and uses it to go to the Mirror Chamber and sends himself back into his memories. This time M.K. finds his mother covered in blood. She tells him “Everything you've done, I forgive you,” before falling over. M.K.'s dark self-appears, telling him he was responsible, then fly-kicks him in the chest, which made him collapse in the present.

Veil asks Edgar for access to the ventilation room. Once inside, she quietly locks the door and uncovers a grappling hook attached to a rope.

Gabriel runs into Jade and pretends he's a new house Cog. Out in the yard, he ties a message to a dove's foot and sends it flying. The dove lands at Quinn's camp the message brings word that Gabriel was ready to welcome them. 

Veil climbs the wall, with Henry, to escape through the grate in the ventilation room. Edgar bangs on the door and finds it locked. Suspicious, he unlocks it but just finds her nursing. Veil joins Edgar for a meal. While he's distracted, she slips the contents of a vial into his cup and toasts to “new friends.” Before he sips, he shares admiration for Sunny and toasts to him. Veil mentions Henry needs Sunny around as his father. Suddenly, Edgar gets dizzy, and she promises he'll wake up in an hour. 

Quinn's men move in on Ryder’s mansion, while on the outside Ryder's Mansion, the Widow and Chau talk in private. The Widow offers a deal on oil if Chau backs her during the vote, but Chau worries about the Widow’s plans to disrupt the system. The Widow recalls being a Cog herself under Chau and how torture and rape are a way of life for Cogs. Chau notes the Widow is now a Baron and tells her “the strong always rise to the top,” and agrees to support her so long as she doesn't shelter any more runaway Cogs. The Widow agrees to think about it.

Back at Ryder's Mansion, the Widow runs Chau's proposition by Waldo. He assures her that compromise is not weakness, but survival.

Veil takes Henry and attempts to flee through a tunnel, but runs into a locked gate. She realizes Edgar has the key and tries to break the lock with a pipe. Edgar appears and throws her to the ground, saying Quinn would kill him if she escaped. She hits him with a rock and reaches for his key to try the lock, but he grabs her again. She hits him with the pipe in his head then  hurries to the gate, but the key was broken off inside the lock. 

Gabriel smiles as he kills one of Ryder's Clippers guarding an iron gate. He signals Quinn and his men to proceed through the tunnel into the mansion.

At the conclave, the Baron make their decision Barons Ryder, Broadmore, Chau and Hassan light red candles to indicate votes against the Widow, while Rojas lights a blue candle in favor. Broadmore finds the Widow in breach of the Foundation Treaty and strips her of her title and land, giving her 48 hours to leave the Badlands. The Widow declares her land will be taken “over my dead body” and promises all her Butterflies will kill the Barons’ families if she’s killed. The Barons all stand, ready for a fight. Then Quinn's men begin to surround the gathering and Quinn made his grand entrance asking, “Did you miss me?” Ryder, dumbfounded, makes a run for it while Quinn instructs his men to kill everyone. The entire group springs into action as Barons, Regents, and Clippers all slash at each other. The Widow takes on Chau while one of Ryder's Clippers tackles Waldo to the ground. Tilda appears and throws a star to save Waldo. She then throws a sword to the Widow, who decapitates Chau's Regent. Chau runs off. A pile of bloody Clipper bodies lie on the ground in the aftermath.

Quinn finds Jade and condemns her deceit, while Ryder escape through a window and starts running. Jade begs him not to hurt Ryder, but Quinn pursues him. Ryder races through a maze of hedges outside the mansion, and Quinn catches up to him in the garden. As Ryder hesitates to kill his father, Quinn turns the sword around and pushes it into Ryder's chest, and he cradles his dying son as Declan appears and instructs him that they must leave. Jade runs towards Ryder’s body and cries.

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I enjoyed the episode, but it was not the same without seeing Sunny, so I gave it a grade 8. The new Butterfly Odessa I see her being a problem in the future, I think she is going to get greedy and try to take Tilda’s place but will lose her life. I feel so bad for Veil and worried about what Quinn will do to her and how she will explain Edgar’s dead (she has to tell him that he tried to rape of her). Dave by Tilda, I was so excited when I saw her come over the wall, her present was thoroughly need at the time.