#IntotheBadlands S2 Ep 6 “Leopard Stalks in Snow” Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 9

We start where we left off last week with Lydia still down from the explosion, and as she looks around outside Quinn's hideout, mangled armadillo Clipper bodies lie strewn on the ground and Quinn finishes off the surviving Clippers with his sword, then greets Lydia.

Sunny and Bajie drive Portia and Amelia to a healer to treat Portia's wounds from Nos's attack. They make it to a shanty apartment complex where men and women are wearing masks. Sunny is don’t like the place and ask Bajie what was wrong with them and he says “they’re Gaspers smoking the poor man's opium,” Sunny meets Doc Cloud, who knows Portia and ask him for help and he allows them in.

Veil continues running through the woods, away from Quinn’s bunker. Declan and some of Quinn’s men are following her trail. The men hear Henry's cries, and it leads them to the spot they were hiding, but as the people move closer.  A Cog finds Veil and covers her mouth to quiet her and take her away and by the time they got to the spot she and Henry were gone. 

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Lydia is in Quinn's office, and she tells Quinn that she came to avenge her son’s death, Quinn admits Ryder's death hurt him more than anyone. Declan tells Quinn that they still can’t find Veil and Lydia hears and taunts him about another pretty young thing abandoning him and his fall from power. Quinn passes Lydia a dagger and tells her to kill and not to hesitate as Ryder did, but before she can stab him, he grabs her hand so she can only pierce him. He wipes his blood on her lips, then passionately kisses her.

Doc Cloud thank Sunny for bringing Portia to him and offer Sunny anything she wants and asks for fuel and a route to the wall in return, but Doc says no one gets through the wall unless they're in chains. He offers Sunny and Bajie fuel and tells them to stay the night instead. Sunny blames himself for what happened to Portia. Doc Cloud tells Sunny that he knows a lot of bad men and he isn't a bad man.

At The Widow's Sanctuary, Odessa expresses her disapproval of the Widow’s alliance with Quinn to Tilda. Odessa considers the Widow just as dangerous as any other Baron and challenges her way of protecting her girls. Tilda disagrees with her and tells her about her childhood as a house Cog working for the Widow's husband, who sexually violated Tilda multiple times. Tilda recounts that before she could end her life, the Widow killed her husband to protect Tilda. Odessa agrees to stay and leans in to kiss Tilda. Tilda initially showed hesitations, but returns the gesture but interrupted by Waldo who came to get Tilda for the Widow.

Tilda attempts to explain her actions to Waldo, but he cuts her off and warns her again about letting her emotions cloud her judgment using Sunny as an example. A truck arrives with more runaways. Tilda sees Veil and Henry among the group and asks if Sunny and M.K. are with her, but Veil sadly tells her no and asks to see the Widow.

M.K. continues his journey away from the Monastery and finds a camp. The camp owner finds M.K. stealing a carrot and smashes his head into a glass panel. M.K. notices he's cut and worries about summoning his power, but nothing happens. Before the camper can kill M.K., a hatchet is thrown into the camper's head by Ava. 

Waldo promises Veil that she’s safe at the Sanctuary. Veil notes Waldo was supposed to help her and Sunny out of the Badlands and he apologizes for it not working out too well. The Widow offers to help find Sunny if Veil agrees to give up the location of Quinn's hideout so she can make sure he doesn't hurt anyone else. Tilda and Waldo leave so the Widow can speak to Veil in private. The Widow has Veil fetch the Azra book that M.K. stole from her. Veil claims she didn't know it belonged to her and said she wasn't able to translate the hieroglyphic text, but the Widow orders her to try again telling it was important, and It might even help them win this war.

M.K. and Ava find an old hotel, but Ava tells him that it would be best if they kept moving because the Abbots have a device to track their gifts. Ava suggests the Mirror Chamber might have affected M.K.’s gift and ask him what exactly happened in the Mirror Chamber and what he had seen, but M.K. offers nothing.

At Doc Cloud's apartment, Bajie enjoys a gas mask while looking at a racy magazine from the old world. He sees a truck pull up. Sunny watches over Portia and Amelia sleep until Bajie rushes in and warns Sunny that they need to leave immediately.

We then see three Abbots outside the complex, with their tracking device, Bajie comes across a bathtub filled with floating trash and hides in the water while wearing a mask. The Abbots are led to the bathroom where Bajie is, but they lose their tracking signal after picking up a new signal coming from elsewhere.

After they left Sunny confronts Bajie, and he admits that he has encountered the Abbots before, and Sunny ask him for his help telling him that the Abbots have M.K., but Bajie warns they're dangerous, but Bajie doesn’t give up details. Sunny insists on not leaving M.K. behind, but Bajie is adamant that he is not going after them, Sunny grabs the car keys and drives off, leaving Bajie.

The Widow send Quinn a message outside of his hideout, in the form of a crossbow in the tree trunk. The note invites Quin to the Widow Sanctuary unarmed and alone, Quinn tells Declan to put a team together.

M.K. and Ava finds an abandoned ski lodge; Ava struggles with her decision to leave the Monastery and says she doesn't remember her birth parents. M.K. says there are worse things than not remembering and finally talks about his experience in the Mirror Chamber and the vision that he killed his mother. Ava encourages him and tells him that the visions can't always be trusted, but M.K. is convinced that it was real.

Quinn's and his men arrive and the Widow Sanctuary and kill one of the Widow's guards. The Widow appears, and Tilda throws a star into the head of one of Quinn’s Loyalist to make things even. Quinn and Waldo exchange words and Waldo advocates Quinn that he wouldn’t be living like a roach in a hole if he had listened to him. Quinn warns the Widow about Waldo’s loyalty and The Widow tells Quinn she wants to make an alliance to kill the other Barons. Quinn requests a moment alone with the Widow and demands she return Veil and Henry before he’ll agree to the plan. The Widow refuses, and Quinn recommends reconsidering before the other Barons come for her Butterflies.

The Abbots arrived at the lodge, where M.K. finds an old magazine that features Azra's skyline on its cover and shows it to Ava as proof the Master has been lying to them. The Abbots use their tracker as Ava and M.K. try to escape from the lodge. In the lobby, a hand grabs M.K.’s mouth, but It's Sunny we tell him that they needed to go, but before they can all make it out, the Abbots find them. 

Sunny draws Moon's ringed sword and rushes Cyan, the Abbot who defeated him in the Badlands, while M.K. and Ava fight the other two. Sunny tells M.K. to cut himself, but M.K. tells him that his power doesn't work anymore and Ave said her did and summon her power and so did the other Abbots. They battle with enhanced power. Ava is caught between all three Abbots. She tries to keep up, but Cyan hits her with a powerful chi blast that impales her on a spike and with final strength in her body she killed one of the Abbots who was trying to kill M.K., by pushing her fingers through the Abbot’s throat, then collapses. The Abbots’ truck crashes into the lodge and Bajie steps; Cyan greets Bajie as his brother. Bajie admits to Sunny he was an Abbot in another life and goes after Cyan, who notes that Bajie has lost his own gift. Bajie hits Cyan with a pressure-point strike, shutting down his power but he still manages to hit five points on Sunny's chest before Sunny slices Cyan’s face in half.

At the Sanctuary, Veil tells the Widow she hasn’t translated the Azra book. The Widow confronts Veil with the bottle of poison she gave to Tilda trying to turn Tilda against her. The Widow says she can't find a reason to forgive Veil, but her conscience was clear. The Widow tells her that if she can’t trust her the, she will give her to someone who will protect her and Henry and Quinn appears at the top of the stairs, ready to take Veil and Henry back home.

At the lodge, M.K. watches as Ava dies. He cries over her body. Suddenly, Sunny clutches his chest and collapses.

This was another fantastic episode; my heart raced, I was dancing then I was mad again. I was disappointed that Lydia was so weak and went there with Quinn then again you love who you love, so I got over it. I was such relief that Veil was safe at the Widow Sanctuary, but then The Widow broken my heart into pieces when she hands over Veil and Henry over to Quinn, I am no long a fan of the Widow she is worst. I think Odessa is on to something, but I am not feeling her with Tilda. I am very happy that Sumy and M.K. are reunited, but sad to see Ava die, a shock to find out that Bajie was an Abbot.