#IntotheBadlands S2 Ep 9 “Nightingale Sings No More” Recap & Review

Episode Grade: 8

We start with a little bit of Bajie and The Widow’s back story, in a flashback, Bajie is dressed an Abbot at the Monastery talking/training his Novice, Flea, who is locked in a trunk. Bajie uncovers a butterfly engraved leather sheath in her belongings, but the blade is missing. Suddenly Flea bursts out of the trunk, her eyes black from cutting herself with the blade to unleash her power. She grabs two swords and attacks Bajie, who manages to shut her down with a finger technique and bring her back to normal.

After the fight, Bajie finds a book in Flea's backpack it's the Azra book. Bajie says the book will stay with them and tells her that he thinks Mother Fate brought them together. She tells him her name Minerva and they shake hands.

In the present, at the Sanctuary, the Widow tells Sunny to change his clothes in case her guards mistook her for one of Chau’s clippers. The Widow explains to Sunny that her alliance with Quinn was temporary and a necessary evil, telling Sunny that he needed her help to go up against Quinn. Sunny tells her he is going to his family and asks the Widow to protect M.K., especially because he no longer have power and bleeds like the rest of like anyone else when they are cut. 

Outside the Sanctuary, Bajie dirties his face and inflicts bruises on his face to appear like a battered runaway Cog. But The guards at the gate were not buying is runaway act, but he cries and claims he is willing to swear allegiance to the Widow. After he pretends to be willing to give up his life the guard let him in the Sanctuary.

Tilda shows M.K. to his quarters at the Sanctuary, and ask him about losing his power, but he made it clear to her that he hopes it doesn't come back because without it he feels free. He shows her the magazine cover of Azra that he found and asks her to go with him on his journey to find Azra. Tilda declines his offer telling M.K. that she's met someone who makes her happy. Odessa interrupts their conversation to tell Tilda that the Widow want to see her, Tilda introduces Odessa to M.K., but Odessa looked at him with fear and rushed off.

Tilda follows Odessa, who explain to Tilda that M.K.'s was dangerous telling her the story of how M.K. slaughtered a Cog shipment she was traveling amongst on the ship. Tilda was surprised to know that she knew about M.K.’s power but try to explain that when he was in that state, he has no control or memory of what he did. Odessa tells Tilda that she doubts his dark side is truly gone and because from the look he had in his eye he enjoyed killing those Cogs and warns her to stay away.

At Quinn's bunker, Gabriel tries ice cream for the first time, and Quinn tells him he's one of only two of his men who’ve ever tasted ice cream. Quinn later hands Gabriel a duffel bag for a special mission.

Quinn questions Veil on why she has been so quiet since hearing about Sunny; Veil responded why to waste my words on a dead man. Quinn tells Veil that he was her husband now and her husband forever and forces a kiss. Veil slaps him hard in the face, and Quinn returns a hard slap to her face, then taunts her telling her you have always been drawn to men of violence. He has her sent to the ventilation room and whispers to Henry about the possibility of Henry growing up without his mother.

Waldo sees Sunny and greets him he is alive but to seem to have found a new way to die, and he is making is emotion make the decision. Sunny tells him that he would do anything to save his family and his emotions have kept him alive thus far. Waldo advises Sunny to rely on his training instead of trusting the Widow, telling Sunny to stop by his old Clipper shed for supplies. Waldo tells Sunny that was his farewell gift.

At Quinn's bunker, Quinn eats the dinner Lydia prepares for him and uses the opportunity to tell her that he is aware of the conspiring with Veil to kill him. Lydia plays innocent and listens in on Quinn tell one of his men to lock down the bunker and proceed with the final step.

M.K. watches Tilda train a Butterfly through the window from the room in his staying in he waves at her, but she doesn't return it. The Widow who sat behind M.K. tells M.K. his return has been a welcome surprise and Tilda missed him very much. The Widow assure M.K. that her intentions for him have always been pure. The Widow tell M.K. that she might now of a way to reactivate both her and M.K.'s powers showing him the Azra book, but M.K. refuses telling her that he has no interest in his power returning. The Widow encourages him to consider her proposal.

Sunny prepares to leave the Widow sanctuary, but question the Widow on what happens after Quinn is dead. She assures they can simply go their separate ways, but Sunny doubts it. They hear a noise outside it was Gabriel who arrives in a truck of refugees, he yells, demanding to see the Widow.

Outside, Gabriel holds a Butterfly hostage and when the Widow demand he let her go Gabriel slits her throat and tell her that he has brought a message from Veil to Sunny. Gabriel tells Sunny that Veil wants him to know that she is married to Quinn now and baby Henry recognizes Quinn as his father. Sunny refuses to believe that, and he warns Sunny that he will march to his death beside the woman who traded Veil to Quinn. The Widow throws a butterfly star at Gabriel right before he opens his coat and reveals explosives. Gabriel blows himself up, sending everyone around him flying. Sunny locks eyes with the Widow, who throws a butterfly star that grazes his cheek. He runs off and takes out a group of The Widow guards along the way.

Sunny is outside the walls, and Bajie appears and kills the last guard that was attacking Sunny, Bajie and Sunny hug. Sunny tells Bajie to find M.K. and meet him at the Fort telling him that M.K. knows where it is and he is going find Quinn and get his family.

At the Sanctuary, the wounded guards and Butterflies receive medical attention. Bajie see M.K. who ask him for Sunny, and she tells him that Sunny sent him for him, but he requested that they find to get the Azra book first. M.K. Tells him that he knows exactly where it is but it won’t make a difference because they don’t have Sunny’s compass and Bajie revealed that he had taken the compass from the Master's chambers. Bajie says she’s the same old Flea, and M.K. realizes Bajie trained the Widow. Bajie said the same thing he told me to Flee when she was young “Mother Fate bringing them together.” Odessa secretly listens to the conversation.

At Quinn's bunker, Henry continues to cry while Quinn tries to comfort him, and Lydia tells him that Henry needed his mother, and he shouldn’t punish her Henry because of his anger to Veil. Quinn hands Henry to Lydia and have her escorted to Veil, then takes a pull off his pipe.

At the Sanctuary, M.K. and Bajie search for the Azra book, but it's missing. The Widow walks in after Odessa “are you looking for this, I have eyes everywhere.” She reprimands M.K. for betraying her after she hosted him and warned that Bajie would abandon him just like he did to her. Bajie tells the Widow that he refuses to leave without the book, she tells him to get it and a swarm of Butterflies outnumbers him. The Widow recalls Bajie's promise to help her decipher the book and insists he deciphers it now.

At Quinn's bunker, as Lydia walks to the ventilation room, she sees one of Quinn's men assembling bundles of explosives fastening them to the tunnel's walls. She tells Veil that Quinn has rigged the entire bunker and he was willing to kill everyone before he lets anyone take Henry and tells her that they can no longer wait for Sunny but find their way.

Tilda approaches the Widow asking for M.K. as she could not find him, the Widow casts doubts on Tilda’s genuine attempt and notes her behavior has changed ever since saw Veil at the Sanctuary. Tilda admits she no longer knows who the Widow is expressing that Power's has changed her. Tilda admits she should have poisoned her when she had the chance. The Widow tears up and backhands Tilda hard, and Tilda retaliates with a kick.

The two go at it with full force until the Widow grabs two swords and tosses one to Tilda. They continue fighting, and the Widow kicks Tilda down a flight of stairs and cuts down a glass chandelier, so it lands on top of her. Tilda tells the Widow to finish her off, repeating what she said earlier “don’t start what you can’t finish” the Widow hits her with a spinning back kick. Tilda crumples to the ground.

Overall, this was another great episode and I was really proud of Veil for slapping Quinn acrros the face, I love how everyone step up on the episode. Tilda and Veil my pave gotten they ass kicked and slap in the face but they face there evil and that is good enough for me because I know they will get back up in the end.