#IntotheBadlands S2 Ep8 “Sting of the Scorpion’s Tail” Recap & Review

We start this week at Baron Hassan's cotton mill, where is he attacked and beheaded by the Widow and her Butterflies. 

Sunny, M.K. and Bajie arrive at the Wall. Bajie strikes a deal with a smuggler and offers Nos's car in exchange for passage through the secret tunnel under the wall. Sunny and M.K.  is uneasy about the situation, but Bajie tells them that this was their only option now if they want to get back to the people they love. An old-school bus arrives and the trio piles on, along with other refugees.

The bus made through what the refugees think is the tunnel, and after the bus stops, they are ordered off the bus. Sunny look through the bus window and see Baron Chau's Clippers, and Bajie realizes the smugglers are selling the refugees to double their profits. Sunny advisers were that they stayed on the bus, but Jair the Clippers in charge orders his men to attack, and they’re caught unarmed, he went on the bus welcomed them to the Badlands.

The Widow and her Butterflies arrive at Quinn's bunker. Tilda a little anxious, but the Widow assures her that if anything goes down, Waldo will give up Quinn's location and send the Butterflies to attack. Quinn welcomes the Widow and presents Baron Broadmore's head as a gift, and The Widow unveils Hassan's head. He tells her he killed Broadmore's wives and children, too. The Widow protests, saying that wasn’t part of their deal. Tilda whips out her knife, but the Widow stops her and takes Quinn’s hand to talk business.

Chau's Cog imprisons Sunny, M.K., and Bajie, and Sunny argues with Bajie for his failed strategy and plans to take matters into his hands and talk to Baron Chau. Sunny gets the attention of a Clipper on guard and shows him his Clipper tattoos and orders him "Take me to your Baron now, she’s going to want to see me."

At Chau's mansion, Sunny fingers through a book and finds a metal bookmark. Chau enters and praises Sunny for surviving the Outlying Territories and tell, but it was not better in the Badlands because it has become just as treacherous. Chau explains that Quinn and the Widow have aligned and are on the warpath information she learned from one of Quinn's Loyalists. Chau offers Sunny a position as Regent and Sunny makes a counter offer to use M.K. to lure the Widow into the open, take her down and stop Quinn. In exchange, Sunny wants freedom.

While waiting for the Widow in Quinn’s bunker, Tilda spots Veil and Lydia. She approaches Veil and apologizes for the circumstances, but Veil rebuffs her. Veil tells Tilda that they both made a mistake when she had a chance to poison the Widow, and she could have let Quinn die, but declares neither of them had the strength.

Sunny, dressed in white Regent uniform, returns to the Cog pens, and them to take out M.K. and explains that the Widow wants him because she thinks when he is cut he unleashes a dark power. Sunny cuts M.K. to demonstrate how nothing happens. Sunny walks over to Bajie, who's not a part of the deal. Bajie, furious, scolds Sunny telling him that he'll always be a killer. Sunny used the opportunity to secretly drops the metal bookmark he stole into Bajie's pocket.

Chau and Sunny go over the plan in the mansion. Sunny instructs Jair to tell the Widow that Chau is trading M.K. to the River King. 

Quinn, Lydia, and Veil sit down for food and wine. Quinn toasts to his impending demise and takes a jab at Veil's phony treatments, as well as her murder of Edgar. He says Veil's actions made him realize that "our boy" is safest by Quinn’s side and proposes marriage to make Henry his rightful heir. Lydia and Veil recoil, but Quinn emphasizes they will all raise Henry together.

In his cell, Bajie curses Sunny's name and swears never to help anyone again. Just then, he finds the bookmark. Bajie uses it to pick the lock and escape and steals a motorcycle and follows behind Chau's truck that Sunny and M.K. are in.

At the Sanctuary, Tilda confronts the Widow about Veil, but she admits she wanted to punish Veil for trying to pit Tilda against her and that she sacrifices her so other could live. Tilda is not pleased, but their conversation is interrupted by Odessa, who has caught Jair who pretended that he was deserting Chau's claiming that Chau has desperate and is starting to trade refugee including a young man named M.K. to the River King in exchange for weapons. Both the Widow and Tilda react to the new that M.K. was still alive.

Veil reluctantly prepares for her wedding and confides in Lydia about wanting to kill Quinn and her refusal to consummate a marriage to the man who killed her parents.  Lydia reminds her that Quinn's Loyalists won't hesitate to avenge Quinn's death, and Lydia promises to get them both out if she follows along for now.

M.K. express his disappointment in Sunny but Sunny whispers to M.K. to play along for Chau’s Clippers. M.K. asks about Bajie, and Sunny assure M.K that he was long gone. Meanwhile, Bajie continues to follow the truck.

Lydia officiates the wedding as Quinn's Loyalists watch. Quinn slices his palm so they can join bloodlines and hands, Veil, the dagger to do the same. Veil cuts her palm and Lydia hurriedly grabs the knife away from her. After the ceremony, Veil hands Henry to Lydia and asks her to take care of him no matter what happens.

Sunny, M.K. and Chau’s Clippers arrive at a warehouse, for M.K. bogus sale. Jair's corpse is thrown from above, and the Butterflies swoop in to surround the group. The Widow immediately steps in to protect M.K. just as Sunny points Moon's ringed sword at her throat. The Widow tells Sunny she knows where Veil and Henry are, but Chau's Clippers expect Sunny to kill her as planned. Sunny turns against Chau's Clippers and stands with the Widow. Bajie watches the subsequent rumble from outside. Before one of Chau's Clippers can hurt M.K., Tilda throws a Butterfly star to save him. They smile at each other. Meanwhile, Sunny and the Widow ruthlessly finish off Chau's Clippers. The Widow promises to keep her word about Veil and tell him where Quinn.

In Quinn's private quarters, Veil prepares to consummate their marriage. As he kisses her, she reaches for a razor she's hidden in her garter belt. Lydia paces with Henry in her hand and then decide to escape with Henry, but is quickly caught by a Loyalist, thankfully Gabriel came over with valuable information about Sunny's ambush and a new alliance with the Widow. Lydia grabs the opportunity to stop Veil from killing Quinn and insists Quinn be told immediately.

Just as Veil is about to cut Quinn’s neck, Lydia barges in, carrying Henry, and interruptions Quinn and Veil by telling Quinn that Sunny and the Widow have aligned and is coming for him. Veil to release the razor in her hand as Quinn walks out. Veil holds Henry and tears up over the news that Sunny is alive. “He is alive; He is alive?”