#IntoTheBadlands S3 EP1 “Enter the Phoenix” Recap & Review

Season 3 started with The Widow's voice “I promised my people freedom, and I will settle for nothing less,” The Widow looks at a strategy map of the Badlands. The Widow continue to voiceover “Now, six Barons are dead, only Chau refuses to yield. No surrender until every last one of her Clippers lies dead on the battlefield..."

We then see hundreds of the Widow's Butterflies and Bowler Hats fight on a battlefield against a massive army of Chau's Clippers, leaving bloodbath.


Next, we see someone riding on a horse towards an abandoned tower at the edge of a seaside cliff, The Widow reveals her face and tells someone to come out, and it was Nathaniel Moon (the guy from last season who Sunny cut off his hand). The Widow said to him "You're a hard man to find, Nathaniel," Moon referred to the graves instigating that everyone who comes to visit him is laid to rest. The Widow introduced herself and gave Moon a brief history of who she was and why she came to visit. The Widow tells Moon that she was there to recruit him as a Regent who will fight "for an honorable cause." Moon refuse telling The Widow that he was retired, and his honor was "stolen" After Sunny refused to kill him after their last fight. The two starts to battle as The Widow does not plan to leave there without Moon by her side and Moon doesn’t plan to leave there at all. The two fights until Widow saves Moon after she heel kick to the head almost sends Moon flying off the tower. She promises to help him track down Sunny if Moon agrees to be her Regent.

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Our first time this season seeing Sunny (I was screaming). Sunny is walking through the woods with baby Henry on his back and Moon's black sword at his side. He spots a doe and prepares to shoot it with an arrow and stopped when he sees the doe's fawn. As baby Henry mumbles, Sunny said to him “I am hungry too.” Sunny stop by a stream to wash up and wash his clothes. (Baby Henry is so cute). 

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Two trucks with the butterfly symbol are driving through the woods presumably on its way to the Sanctuary. A masked Tilda jumps down from the trees along with two of her fighters, including Odessa. They viciously killed and the Bowler Hats and took control of the trucks. In the back of one of the trucks, Tilda finds Bajie “we must stop meeting like this,” he said, Tilda “What are you doing here?” Bajie tells her that he was a prisoner again and Tilda says to him that she was a thief.

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It seems that The Widow has taken over Quinn poppy field and inside the sanctuary we see a gated chambers and women laying on a bed, and a man standing at the window a man smoking, when he turns around it was M.K (oh how much he has grown). The Widow open the gate and enter the chamber ordering the two butterflies out, then reprimands M.K. for wasting his potential. M.K. is discouraged that all the training he has done, and his gift still have not returned. M.K however, hold out hope that Sunny will return for him, but The Widow tells M.K that she was his only hope and that it has been six months and Sunny have returned. M.K take a jab right back at her reminding her that Tilda and Waldo both abandoned her.

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It is night time, and Sunny is camping in an old RV feeding and reads a book to Henry. Later, he takes a drink from his flask and apologizes aloud to Veil. "It should have been me," he cries.

The morning day, Sunny wakes up to Henry crying uncontrollably and goes over and notices that Henry have a fever. Sunny hears a sound outside and slide a protective metal grate over the top of Henry's crib, sealing him safely inside. Three stalkers crash through the RV. Sunny kills the first two, then reveals a row of spikes alongside Henry's crib to impale the head of the third. Sunny finds a wanted poster in one of the stalker's pockets that shows his face along with the Widow's butterfly seal.

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Lydia who we see for the first time this season is now running a Totemist camp where she's housing war refugees, Lydia talks to Vitania, who is worried about space limitations at the refugee camp. One of the refugees tells Lydia that the Iron Rabbit has returned with a truck. Tilda is the Iron Rabbit, Tilda introduces Bajie to Lydia telling her that she found him along with the suppliers. Bajie mockingly refers to Lydia as a "Baroness" and cites her history with Quinn as evidence for why Tilda shouldn't trust her. Lydia pulled Tilda and thanked her for all she has done but is asking her and the other Iron Rabbit to leave because she doesn’t want to draw attention from the Widow. Tilda suggests attacking the Widow first, but Lydia warns not to let her anger allow her to make the same mistake as her son. Tilda tries to enlist Bajie, reminding him that M.K. is still waiting, but he refuses. Bajie Lydia and Tilda that he'll leave in the morning.

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Sunny takes Henry to a farmhouse, where another woman had a young child. However, she told Sunny that he could not help Henry but refer him to the refugee camp, which is not far from their home and had a healer and medicine. When the woman leaves the room with her baby, the husband suggested that Sunny doesn’t visit again. Sunny suspected that he was the one who sends the stalkers and was about to kill him, but turns around and sees his son and tells the man that he only decided not to kill him because he believes that his kids needed a father.

Sunny arrives at the refugee camp. Vitania tells him that there was no more bed, but Sunny tells her that it was his son, when she looks at Henry she tells Sunny to follow her. After seeing Henry's condition see tell Sunny that she must run some test and tells Sunny to leave and get some food. Outside, Sunny sees his old Clipper motorcycle and makes his way towards it.

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Outside Bajie is drunk as always and is cheating at the game he is playing; the men suspect and searches his pockets for their money and find Sunny's Azra compass. Sunny appears behind them and Sunny fights off one of the men for the compass. Sunny shows Moon's sword as a warning to anyone else. 

At the Sanctuary, the Widow stands before a row of caskets. The mother of a slain Butterfly cries and blames the Widow for her daughter's death. The Widow hugs her, and Nathaniel nods at her from afar.

Vitania draws blood from Henry and is shocked at what she sees. Sunny and Bajie catch up over drinks Sunny informs Bajie of Veil's death and says, "Moon was right. She died because of me." Lydia walks over to scolding Bajie and sees Sunny, just as Vitania comes to fetch Sunny.

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In the healer's tent, Sunny sees that Henry's eyes have turned black from Vitania drawing blood he touches his head and tell him that he was there, and Henry's eyes return to normal. Bajie tells Sunny that Henry possesses the dark gift and it was the first time seeing it manifest in someone so young. Sunny wants to search for Azra to find answers, but Bajie tells him that Azra was a  fairytale and that he is waiting months for his signal to Azra to be answered.

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Pilgrim leads a mile-long caravan of vehicles through the outlying territories. Pilgrim pulls out a compass like one Sunny have and point it towards the Badlands wall and announces they've reached the "promised land." Two of Chau's clippers hiding nearby run off to alert the guards manning the checkpoint before the wall.

Flags emblazoned with Chau's insignia wave from the top of two massive watchtowers. Chau's Clippers see Pilgrim approaching with two of his Acolytes, Nix and Castor. Pilgrim coolly explains he's here to offer the Clippers salvation should they submit to him. The Clippers get ready to attack. Nix and Castor cut themselves, activating their dark power, and mercilessly destroy all the Clippers but one. Nix notices Castor's eyes temporarily return to normal during the fight. Pilgrim leaves the lone Clipper alive to pass along a message: "Tell your people what you saw here today. Tell them the reckoning has come. Join us or die."

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This was an action pack episode from start to finish; I am looking forward to what this season will bring, I give tonight episode a 9.5/10.