#IntotheBadlands Season 3, Episode 3 “Leopard Snares Rabbit” Recap & Review

The episode starts with Tilda's fighters training at their camp, then a carrier pigeon lands nearby and one of the fighters take the message to Tilda where she and Odessa were making plans for their next raid against the Widow. Odessa suggests focusing on their people. The message reads “Get out now,” but by the time Tilda could finish her sentence a crossbow bolt thrusts through the young fighter's chest.

Butterflies and bowlers surround the camp, surprised to learn that Tilda is the Iron Rabbit. Tilda kills all the of them in her sights but them Nathaniel appears behind her “impressive when you are up against children.” Tilda and Nathaniel fight until Tilda got a chance to run into the woods, but Nathaniel trail her, and they continue to fight until Tilda distract him and goes to back to the camp. Tilda from the roof look down at her fighter and Nathaniel find her, and they start to fight again until Nathaniel pushes Tilda off the roof and Tilda falls unconscious. Odessa steps in and tells the fighter to take Tilda out of the camp, then goes to fight Nathaniel. Nathaniel easily overpowers her and demands to know where the fighters took the Iron Rabbit, but she keeps quiet. Nathaniel knocks her out.

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Sunny and Bajie are driving through the bleak frontlines of the war in the truck that Tilda stole from the Widow's supply convoy with the intent to pose as part of the Widow's army. They arrive with Henry at the Widow's base camp and is welcomed by a bowler named Arthur; Sunny tell him that Henry was important to the Widow and must be taken to a healer on the other side of the lines. Arthur explains that Chau's archers control the only choke point nearby and offer to show them what was going on. With only Henry on his mind, Sunny left him with the medic and went to see what they were up against.

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At the Sanctuary, Lydia shakes hands with the Widow after officially accepting the position of Viceroy, only to look over and see Odessa in chain escorted by Nathaniel, seeing this Lydia tells the Widow that she hopes that this is not a decision she lived to regret.

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Arthur shows Sunny and Bajie to Sniper Alley, telling them that is where Chau's archers have been killing anyone who tries to get through to the other side of the lines.  Arthur explains that it “one way in, one way out.” Sunny ask how many shooters there were, and Arthur told him he believes there are about three, they use Bajie’s hat as target practice. Sunny tells Arthur that they will return later to attack the archers pretending he's the Widow's new regent.

At the Sanctuary, Oddess in is a cage, and The Widow tells her that she knows that Tilda was the Iron Rabbit and she was only doing it to get acknowledgment from her because she was Tilda’s mother and Odessa was an inconsequential fling. The Widow wants to know who sent them the warning message, but Odessa doesn't reply. The Widow order the bowlers to torture Odessa until she tells them who the message was from, but “keep her pretty, I don’t want to want to break my daughter's heart when she returns home.” The Widow give Nathaniel the not ordering him to find the spy. 

Lydia moves into Ryder's old mansion. A servant named Maryanne greets her warmly as “Baroness,” but Lydia tells her that she was a Viceroy now and Maryanne tells Lydia that she will always be a Baroness to them. Maryanne shows Lydia a folder of designs for a new insignia sent over by the Widow, proposing a horse as Lydia's new symbol. Maryanne believes horses with servitude, but Lydia explains that before the Barons, horses ran wild in the Badlands and served no master. Lydia tells Maryanne that while they may serve at the Widows please they are no servants.

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At the Sanctuary, M.K. is tied down to his bed by two bowlers, the Widow asks if there were any changes, but was told that he goes in and out of consciousness but mostly out. The Widow cuts him, but nothing happens. She asks M.K if he had experienced anything when he overdosed, but M.K. tell her some crap story and not about his vision and the Widow said to him he was waste and left him tied to the bed.

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At Lydia’s mansion, MaryAnne tells Lydia that Nathaniel was there, Lydia offers Nathaniel a drink reciting exactly how he liked it. Nathaniel tells her that it was funny the little things you remember after all these years, referencing to Lydia’s handwriting. Nathaniel shows Lydia the note telling her that knows she's the one that tipped off Tilda and warns her about playing both sides, but Lydia is confident he won't say anything to the Widow. Lydia asks why he's even back in the Badlands. Nathaniel says he's after Sunny and Bajie for dishonoring him, then asks what Lydia's end goal is. Lydia tells him that she can do much more there than at the refugee camp, elaborating that people like the Widow and Quinn aren't built to last. Nathaniel confesses to Lydia and leans in for a kiss, but Lydia stops him. Lydia tells him “Mercy isn't an asset in a Regent, nor is love,” telling him to ask Sunny. Nathaniel burns the warning message in a candle flame telling her that he might ask Sunny before killing him.

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At the Widow's base camp, Sunny and Bajie get ready to launch their attack in Sniper Alley with help from Arthur and another bowler named Wren. Sunny and the group rushes through the alley, dodging constant arrows. Wren gets shot in the process, and Sunny determined based on the arrow trajectories, there's only one shooter. Sunny hotwire a truck nearby avoiding fire, and drive Wren back to the base camp.

The medic Nadia dresses Bajie scratch calling him a bigger baby than Henry, telling Bajie that he was luckier than Wren, Bajie walks over to Wren hits some of Wren's pressure points using his chi power to alleviate her pain. Nadia says Wren's leg is already infected and predicts she won't make it through the night.

At Lydia’s mansion, Tilda sneaks in and puts a knife to Lydia's throat. Tilda told Lydia that she knows that Lydia sold her out. Tilda can’t understand Lydia, but Lydia tells her that she can do much more there than the refugee camp. Lydia tells Tilda that she could be a great leader, but she will need to learn how to "play the game."

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Sunny practices with a longbow and tells Arthur it was the first weapon he learned to use, Sunny is planning to use it against Chau's sniper.

Nathaniel arrives back at the Sanctuary and yells at them to open the gates, one of the Widow's trucks pull up behind Nathaniel. Nathaniel ask why they were pull up to the wall so late at night and it was against regulation, the bowler in the truck explains that he's was instructed by the Widow's regent to retrieve essential supplies. Nathaniel tells him that he was the regent and asks the Bowler to describe the regent and quickly realizes it's Sunny.

Bajie and Wren share a drink, Bajie uses his chi to ease her pain and tells her that it was something he picks up on his journey and asks about Wren’s story. Wren explains that she used to be one of Baron Hassan's Cogs and that she switches side after the Widow flip him. Wren asks if she's dying, but Bajie doesn't respond. She thanks him for his honesty and goes back to sleep. Bajie urges Nadia for help, but Nadia can only think of cutting off Wren's infected leg, and Bajie promises to get Wren sedated. 

In the night, Sunny had a group of bowlers launch flaming arrows at Chau's sniper to confusing his night-vision goggles. Sunny races down Sniper Alley and makes his way into the building where the sniper is hiding.  Bajie keeps Wren sedated and tries to control her pain as Nadia saws off her leg.

Sunny closes in on the sniper and tell him that it was not his fight, and he was only trying to help a baby get through the other side. The archer launches arrows at him, and Sunny realizes the sniper will not negotiate, he launches an arrow into a fire extinguisher, which explodes into the white fog, and uses the temporary cover to move in the two fights. The two continues to fight until Sunny triggers the sniper's revolver which was being used to launch multiple arrows in the alley and the sniper is struck in the shoulder with his weapon.

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The sniper tells Sunny he was only acting out of duty to Chau, and Sunny tells him that he knows all about duty. Arthur approaches, and Sunny tells him that the Archer was a prisoner of war and he should not be harmed. Arthur pretends to listen to Sunny to get close enough to slice the Archer's throat. Sunny reaches for a knife to teach Arthur a lesson but decides to walk away.

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In the morning, Sunny checks on Henry as they get ready to leave; Sunny overhears Arthur recounts the previous night with some of his companions, gloating in his killing. Sunny tells Bajie that there are kids on both sides of the lines fighting the Baron's war without asking why. Sunny refers to them as “Proud killers just like I was.” Wren awakens to see her leg has been cut off and is mad at Bajie because she can’t fight anymore and she is of no use to anyone and will only be sold as a one-legged dog. Wren tells Bajie that there is no future, but Bajie tells her that there must be. However, Wren disagrees and tells Bajie to leave.

Tilda marched up to the door of the Sanctuary to see the Widow and proposes a deal: if the Widow releases Odessa, Tilda will stop raiding the Widow's trucks. The Widow agrees to let Odessa go and provide sanctuary for refugees, but only if Tilda decides to come back and fight for her cause again. Tilda agrees to the deal if M.K. is let go.

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Meanwhile, two bowlers force a feeding tube down M.K.'s throat and pour opioids down. M.K. summons his dark power and breaks free from his constraints. M.K sends the bowlers flying through a window, then jump down in front of the Widow, who was still talking to Tilda. Powered by his gift, he kicks the Widow across the room, with the intent to kill her, but Tilda steps in and stops him. M.K.'s eyes return to normal, and he walks out of the Sanctuary, with Tilda and Odessa following him. The Widow staggers to her feet as they leave.

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This was another great episode, I know that you all may not agree, but I feel a little sad for the Widow because no one wants to stay by her side. I am intrigued to see what M.K will do now that he got his power back and his vision say that Sunny killed his mother. Will Sunny be able to get out of the bleak frontlines before Nathaniel Arrive? M.K got cut after Tilda stop him and he didn’t turn does that mean M.K can control his power or was it temporary?

I would give this episode 8.5/10,